Norman Paul Williams

Army of the United States
11 July 1947 - 06 December 1967
Maddock, North Dakota
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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06 Dec 2005

Cpl Norman Paul Williams was the middle son of Clarence and Hazel Williams. He grew up on a farmstead along with his older brother Rodger, younger brother Donald, and younger sister in a simple, but loving family. He was killed in Binh Dihn province in Vietnam about six months into his deployment and just before Tet.

I never knew my uncle; he was killed before I was even born. But it's strange how a man you've never met can affect your life. Norman's service to his country, along with his brother's service (my Dad) resonated deep in me and are a big reason why I chose to answer the call as well. I've been in the Air Force for nearly 14 years now, and thankful every day for the example of those who went before us.

Paul Williams

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On 06 December 1967 a reconnaissance helicopter of the 1st Bn, 9th Cavalry spotted a radio antenna sticking out of a hut near the village of Dai Dong (2), about 12 miles from Qui Nhon. "A" Troop, 1/9 Cav, sent an infantry platoon to investigate. At 1630 hours, as the infantrymen approaching the village, the platoon came under intense automatic and small arms fire and was pinned down. The Weapons Platoon of the 1/9 was sent in to help and they also were pinned down and unable to move. The two platoons had stumbled on a large element of the 22nd NVA Regiment and were in considerable danger of being overrun and destroyed. Additional troops from 1/9 Cavalry, 1/8 Cavalry, and 1/50 Infantry were inserted in order to extricate the two endangered platoons. Although the combined force encountered stiff resistance the 1/50's armored personnel carriers provided the necessary edge and the 1/9 platoons were extracted by 2100. Four US soldiers were killed in the fight:
  • 1LT Vincent V. Hauser, San Diego, CA, D Trp, 1st Sqdn, 9th Cavalry
  • 2LT Walter R. Boettcher, Concord, CA, B Co, 1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
  • CPL Frank Brackett, Decatur, IL, B Co, 1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
  • CPL Norman P. Williams, Maddock, ND, A Trp, 1st Sqdn, 9th Cavalry
This engagement was the beginning of the Battle of Tam Quan, a running battle which continued until 20 December and which resulted in the destruction of the 22nd NVA Regiment as a fighting force - but which also cost the lives of several dozen Americans and an unknown number of ARVN troops.

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