Bruce Reginald Williams
United States Air Force
Detroit, Michigan
April 12, 1930 to April 26, 1967
BRUCE R WILLIAMS is on the Wall at Panel 18E, Line 99

Bruce R Williams
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In tribute to his father, Major Bruce Williams' son Charles requested photos and associated information be posted on his father's memorial page.

-- September 8, 2012

In a May 3, 1967 news article, the names of seven Texas service men killed in Vietnam were announced:

They names listed were PFC Donnie R. Dehart, husband of Mrs. Jo Ann Dehart, 1819 Demilo Lane, Houston; CPL Clifford G. Davis, son of Mr and Mrs Ralph G Davis, 2700 Van Buren, Amarillo; Lance Cpl Augustine Resendez, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patricio Resendez, 1039 West - San Antonio; Lance Cpl Walter R Robinson son of Mr. and Mrs. John (Neoma) Maner, La Pryor, Texas [Father, Walter R Robinson (deceased)]; Major Burnett Neal, husband of Mrs. Nancy J. Neal, 3046 Rotan Lane, Dallas and son of Mr. Burnett Neal, Belton Texas; Major Bruce R Williams, husband of Mrs. Jane G Williams, 3101 Live Oak, Waco Texas; and Airman Michael J. Stephens, son of Mr Norman D. Stephens, General Delivery, Schertz Texas.

Accident Details for Aircraft AC-47D Spooky, Serial Number 43-48921.

The converted C-47 Transport gunship was also known as a "Spooky" or "Puff... the Magic Dragon". This Puff was on military patrol when it was lost. It was a Douglas-built aircraft; it had been delivered to the Air Force in February 1944, but Air International had overhauled and modified it under an Air Force contract in 1966, replacing both elevators and removing, repairing and replacing the wings. The work was done - and the negligence occurred or the defect arose - in Florida. The craft was assigned to Vietnam duty on January 13, 1967, and, after the crash, some three months later, investigation indicated that the right elevator had failed, and that its failure had caused the right wing to separate from the aircraft. Originally, it was believed the aircraft went down due to a flare exploding inside the aircraft.

The photo was taken in flight approximately April 13, 1967. Shown left to right: Co-pilot believed to be either Major Burnette Neal, Jr. (Age 37) or 1st Lieutenant Clifford C Barnett, Jr. (Age 29). Gunner believed to be Airman 1st Class Michael Jeff Stephens (Age 21 by a few days). Flight Engineer (Mechanic) confirmed to be TSGT Donald E. Schoknecht, AKA "Snake". Navigator confirmed to be MAJ Bruce Reginald Williams (Age 37).

The next day, the regularly assigned Flight Engineer, Thomas Alfred Preaux, "Whitey", resumed his duties with his crew. Within 48 hours, the aircraft went down taking with it, the souls of seven brave men. Photo courtesy of Donald E. Schoknecht ("Snake") via Charles Williams, son of Major Bruce R. Williams.

The men lost on that flight were on a mission to drop flares and provide air cover for U.S. ground forces. Lost crewman not shown in the photo was SSGT Robert Wendell Davis,


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