Richard Testa

Private First Class
Army of the United States
28 June 1946 - 15 November 1965
New York, New York
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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3 May 2002


My young BROTHER from the neigborhood.....

You are not forgotten.

Sgt. Sleeis

A memorial initiated by his brother in arms,
Ron Sleeis

Richard Testa
died in the fighting in the
Ia Drang Valley
November 1965.

Visit the
Landing Zone X-Ray site

and The Virtual Wall's
Ia Drang Memorial

4 Sep 2002

This is possibly a blood relative of mine that I never knew,
but no matter what, he will always be
a brother of mine.

From a possible cousin,
Teresa Roberts
Mississippi, 2002
1484 CR 73, Myrtle, MS 38650

08 Jan 2003

I did not know Richard. I flew A-6's over NVN in 72, the consequences of which are supreme guilt that my brethren, those like Richard, endured such hardships and frightful circumstances I knew nothing of at the time. I could only imagine, and that falls far short of knowing the courage and valor displayed by all of those who fought and died on the ground in this terrible war.

From a relatively comfortable cockpit, how little did I or we know or understand the sacrifices of men like Richard. How little any of us knew at that time.

What can be said? It is for us, the living, to try and understand. Yet, we can only imagine.

From a Comrade in Arms (USN A-6's), USN (Retired)
E-mail address is not available.

02 Mar 2006

Richard, I was never allowed the privilege of meeting you and unfortunately never will. I have no idea if we are related. I have exhausted all avenues in my search to find you. Maybe one day I will get to know you.

Be assured I will never give up my search to discover the comrade-in-arms behind the name Richard Testa or who and what you meant, your dreams, hopes and fears.

I too was a soldier and though I served in a country thousands of miles away from you we share the same name. I too swore never to leave a friend behind and I swore to always remember.

You are remembered.

From another soldier at arms,
Andrea M Testa
Cpl, 7th South African Infantry

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