James Augustine St Cyr
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Lawrence, Massachusetts
February 08, 1947 to March 26, 1966
JAMES A ST CYR is on the Wall at Panel 6E, Line 52

Combat Action Ribbon
James A St Cyr
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James A St Cyr



Please post the photos and newspaper clipping in honor of this fallen soldier. May he rest in peace

-- Fellow Marine, Mike Lopez, 12-12-2012

All morning long, Company L encountered Viet Cong resistance in their patrolling of the area: 0800 hours, 2 rounds of small arms fire from unknown VC position; A little later, the company apprehended one VC; At 0830, apprehended another VC; and at 1000 hours, received light small arms fire from grid AT 948555. Company returned fire with 18 rounds of 60mm mortars. Firing from that direction ceased.

At 1230 hours, they observed 2 armed VC and fired 20 rounds of small arms resulting in the killing of 1 VC and possibly wounding the other Viet Cong. At 1300 hours, they encountered and killed another VC. No further incidents until 2:35 p.m.

At that time, Company L were at grid AT 949561 when they received small arms fire from estimated 15 VC in fortified hamlets of Phu Tay (2) and Phu Tay (3) at AT 95455. They returned heavy small arms fire and called in fixed wing aircraft air strike of 8 500 pound general purpose bomb, 8 500 pound Napalm bombs, and 20 mm strafing runs. The attacking aircraft received heavy small arms fire on their initial runs. Possibly, the 15 VC were killed because it was unconfirmed.

During this day's last contact, L Company had three men killed in action. They were

-- The Virtual Wall

Notice of Casualties in Vietnam,
Page 8, Portsmouth-Herald, March 31, 03-31-1966


The men mentioned above are:

Obituary from 1966 (Provided by Mike Lopez, 12-12-2012)


Fast forward to September 2007 when the Gold Star Mother Marion St. Cyr and daughter-in-law and Gold Star Wife, Nancy Salois, helped dedicate the North Andover Fallen Heroes Memorial located at the North Andover high school track and field. The 7-by-4-foot blue-gray granite monument is a tribute to six local residents who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War or succumbed to wounds received. LCPL James St. Cyr, son, husband and father, was one of six local men to die during the Vietnam War.

In the photo and full article that can be seen here, standing with James' mother and wife is Master Chief Petty Officer John Ratka, who served as director of the Northeast Veterans Outreach Center.

THe names of the men from North Andover, Massachusetts that are engraved on the wall in their honor are:

James A St Cyr's name is included on the
Vietnam Memorial for Lawrence Massachusetts' Fallen Heroes


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