Gary Frederick Schuler
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Syracuse, New York
July 27, 1945 to March 31, 1967
GARY F SCHULER is on the Wall at Panel 17E, Line 81

Gary F Schuler
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"Photo's courtesy of Ron Dedenbach". "We're still trying to find his family." (The immediate family has been located today - Oct 6 - The Virtual Wall)

-- Denis McDonough, September 23, 2012.

The entry from the Army's Report of Casualty states: "Individual was passenger in armored personnel carrier on combat operation when hit by hostile recoiless rifle fire." Denis and the 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry Regiment (Bobcats) Association provided the following additional information about the contact that took the life of Gary Schuler: "On March 31, 1967, Companies A, B, and C conducted Search and Destroy (S&D) operations to the west of the battalion base. The Recon Platoon remained in reserve with the battalion command group. Company A made a brief contact at 0830 hours, exchanging small arms fire with negative results.

At 1034 hours, Company B had one Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) struck by an RPG-2 round at grid XT 229973. The fire was received from a trench line less than 1,000 meters south of the Cambodian Border. At 1052 hours while searching the area, Company B received more RPG-2 fire with negative hits. The area was taken under fire with 81mm mortars and organic weapons fire. At 1059 hours, 2 Company B APCs were hit by RPG-2 rounds. At 1125 hours, another APC was hit by RPG fire. Contact was broken at 1140 hours. At 1345 hours, Company B made contact in the same general area. One APC was hit by RPG fire, and contact was immediately broken.

In all, four Bobcats from Company B were killed and 16 were wounded. The killed were:

At the time of his death, his mother, Mrs. Gertrude Schuler, Oakwood Avenue, Syracuse, New York was notified by the Army. Gertrude L. Schuler Granzow, Gary's "Gold Star" mother passed away June 15, 2012, in Baldwinsville and had 3 surviving sons, Gary's brothers: Jerry Schuler of Virginia, Larry (Linda) Schuler of Lysander and Kenneth Granzow of Baldwinsville. Read more details here

Schuler relaxing in basecamp Reading Mail.


Schuler Covered in Dust with Tracks in background.


Unit in background between the two men and a helicopter providing cover can be seen overhead.


-- The Virtual Wall

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