Howard Sadler, Jr
Army of the United States
Valley Mills, Texas
April 11, 1947 to February 03, 1968
HOWARD SADLER Jr is on the Wall at Panel 37E, Line 13

Howard Sadler
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 03 Feb 1968 B Company, 4th Bn, 23rd Infantry, engaged an enemy force in Binh Duong Province northwest of Saigon. Seven Americans died in the engagement and one disappeared. Many were wounded. Those who were killed or died later from wounds: PFC Marion Wilson was driving an armored personnel carrier which was hit by a rocket propelled grenade, caught fire, and suffered internal explosions from on-board ammunition. His body could not be extracted from the vehicle before the intense fire and explosions gutted it, nor could identifiable remains be recovered from the wreckage. He was classified as Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered.

PFC Vernon Johns was last seen standing in the gunner's hatch of his personnel carrier, firing his .50 caliber machinegun at the enemy, but could not be located following the engagement. He was classed as Missing in Action but later was reclassified as captured. He did not return in 1973 with the other released POWs and was declared dead on 05 July 1978. Promoted while in MIA/POW status, Sergeant First Class Johns's remains were repatriated in 1989 and positively identified on 16 April 1991.

SPC Charles J. Sabatier, Company B, was wounded in action when a bullet severed his spinal cord as he crossed the battelfield to help another soldier. He spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He made it his life's work to be an advocate for veterans and persons with disabilities. He loved his work and his family and was married 28 years. He passed away on June 11, 2009 and after DoD approval of his death being a result of his wounds, his name was added to The Wall in May 2011 .

"Doc" John Wood, a member of Company C, related in his 2011 email to The Virtual Wall: I remember the day of February 3, 1968 well. We were behind Bravo Company and they went right into a 3 sided ambush. The Commmanding Officer, Captain Eugene Korecki of Bravo was shot and killed and our Charlie CO, Captain Michael Connors was also shot in the chest and seriously wounded but lived. It was a "Hell of a day" and I would guess that Mr. Sabatier was in Bravo Company as they took the most casualties that day, both KIA and WIA's. We medevaced a bunch of people that day.

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