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Sunday, February 21, 1965
LAWRENCE W JORDAN, Capt, Age 32, Rolla, MO
Sunday, March 14, 1965
ROBERT J ACHAS, LCpl, Age 22, Springfield, IL
LOUIE S PARHAM, Cpl, Age 21, Novice, TX
Saturday, March 20, 1965
JACK W KLEIN SR, SSgt, Age 36, Wheeling, WV
Saturday, June 5, 1965
RONALD H MC NEES, Pfc, Age 21, Sunland, CA
ROBERT L SHOEMAKER, HM2, Age 28, Mehoopany, PA
Friday, June 18, 1965
LEROY A BOURGEOIS, Pfc, Age 22, Houston, TX
Monday, July 12, 1965
DAVID D MC KENZIE, LCpl, Age 20, Ann Arbor, MI
KENNETH L REMMERS, Cpl, Age 20, Kenedy, TX
ELGIN L STIRLING, Pfc, Age 18, San Bernardino, CA
Tuesday, July 13, 1965
ELIAS BELL, Cpl, Age 19, Detroit, MI
Sunday, August 1, 1965
HERMAN W SILVEE, Pfc, Age 19, Galveston, TX
Wednesday, August 11, 1965
RICHARD J REGAN, 2ndLt, Age 24, New Haven, CT
GEORGE L SHOOK JR, Pfc, Age 18, Hermosa Beach, CA
Tuesday, August 17, 1965
JAMES T CLARK, Pvt, Age 19, Detroit, MI
Wednesday, August 18, 1965
CURLEY SHERELS JR, Cpl, Age 18, Indianapolis, IN
Saturday, August 21, 1965
ANTONIO D PADILLA, Cpl, Age 21, Wilmington, CA
Monday, August 23, 1965
RICHARD E CRONK, Pfc, Age 19, Northville, MI
JUSTIN R WHITING, Pfc, Age 22, Short Hills, NJ
WALTER J ZIMMER, Pfc, Age 19, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, August 25, 1965
ANTHONY P CHRISTOPHER, LCpl, Age 18, Los Angeles, CA
Monday, August 30, 1965
TERRY J NEUMEIER, Cpl, Age 21, Kewaunee, WI
Tuesday, August 31, 1965
TED W QUALLS, LCpl, Age 20, Dallas, TX
Wednesday, September 1, 1965
ALVIN C FORNEY, Cpl, Age 22, Indianapolis, IN
MICHAEL G HOYER, Pfc, Age 18, Reading, PA
JERRY L ROBERTS, Cpl, Age 20, Mount Clemens, MI
LOUIS D ROYSTON JR, Pfc, Age 20, Wichita, KS
NELSON E WILSON, Pfc, Age 19, Hamilton, OH
Friday, September 3, 1965
TONY G ABEYTA, LCpl, Age 21, Saguache, CO
Monday, September 6, 1965
MICHAEL T BADSING, LCpl, Age 20, Chicago, IL
LARRY A LINDSEY, Pfc, Age 19, Portland, OR
Thursday, September 9, 1965
BARNEY E BOYER, Cpl, Age 20, Pleasant Hill, CA
JAMES W MAHLER, Pfc, Age 20, Marshfield, MA
Friday, September 10, 1965
CHARLES M IOPA, Cpl, Age 19, Hilo, HI
Saturday, September 11, 1965
ANDREW J HINDERMAN, Pfc, Age 21, Columbus, OH
Sunday, September 12, 1965
GEORGE S BALAZY, Pfc, Age 20, Rochester, NY
Tuesday, September 14, 1965
DONALD L BENNETT, LCpl, Age 22, Fairfield, CA
Thursday, September 16, 1965
DONALD J TANNER, LCpl, Age 21, Fort Worth, TX
FRANCIS I TOOPS, Cpl, Age 22, Logan, OH
Monday, September 27, 1965
LUGENE J CLARK, Pvt, Age 17, Lansing, MI
Wednesday, September 29, 1965
JAMES WHEATON, LCpl, Age 19, New York, NY
Thursday, September 30, 1965
EMIL R ZISS, Sgt, Age 22, Concord, CA
Saturday, October 2, 1965
RONALD K ASH, LCpl, Age 19, Laurelville, OH
Sunday, October 3, 1965
ROBERT W ALLEN, Pfc, Age 17, Birmingham, AL
ROSCOE AMMERMAN, SSgt, Age 37, Madison, WI
NELTON R BRYANT, Sgt, Age 26, Tylertown, MS
EUGENE L ELLWOOD, Cpl, Age 19, Hamilton, OH
LOUIE G FRITTS, Pfc, Age 19, Tacoma, WA
MICHAEL R FULK, Pfc, Age 18, Oakley, IL
PAUL HAMILTON JR, Sgt, Age 27, Saginaw, MI
LARRY D HARVEY, Cpl, Age 21, Oklahoma City, OK
LEON P LAMPLEY, Pfc, Age 20, Hamilton, OH
BERNARD J MASNY, Pfc, Age 19, Chicago, IL
REGINALD P NICHOLAS, Sgt, Age 29, Auburn, ME
ADAM E SIMPSON JR, 1stLt, Age 26, Port Arthur, TX
JAMES E THOMAS, Pfc, Age 19, Fort Worth, TX
Wednesday, October 13, 1965
WILLIAM J GALLAGHER, Pfc, Age 19, Covington, KY
DUANE C SMITH, Pfc, Age 21, Windsor, CO
WILLIAM G WHEATLEY, Pfc, Age 18, San Francisco, CA
Thursday, October 14, 1965
DAVID G BROWN, Cpl, Age 20, Whiting, IN
DONNY R STEVENS, Cpl, Age 19, Lake Charles, LA
Sunday, October 24, 1965
ROBERT E SWANSON, Pfc, Age 18, Grand Forks, ND
Wednesday, October 27, 1965
ALMA J STUMPP, Pfc, Age 18, Afton, WY
Thursday, October 28, 1965
KENT D JORDAN, LCpl, Age 21, Plainfield, NJ
JIMMIE R ORR, Pfc, Age 19, Miston, TN
Friday, November 5, 1965
JOHN P DUCHNOWSKI, LCpl, Age 20, Cleveland, OH
LARRY A RAYSKI, Pfc, Age 18, St Louis, MO
Wednesday, November 10, 1965
LARRY D BELL, Cpl, Age 22, Rockford, IL
Tuesday, November 16, 1965
MICHAEL C DE LACY, Cpl, Age 21, Los Altos, CA
REAVIS A MONTREY JR, Pfc, Age 19, Ferguson, MO
RICHARD W SCHWENDLER, Cpl, Age 21, Milwaukee, WI
Wednesday, November 17, 1965
RUDOLPH J GALARZA, Cpl, Age 22, Chicago, IL
Thursday, November 25, 1965
WILLIAM M SAVOREN, LCpl, Age 19, Minneapolis, MN
Monday, November 29, 1965
MORRIS L BARGY, Cpl, Age 21, Columbus, OH
RALPH G HAMLIN JR, Pfc, Age 20, Abington, MA
MICHAEL G MC MANUS, LCpl, Age 19, Bridgeport, MI
GEORGE L STOLTZMAN, Cpl, Age 19, Mankato, Blue Earth Cty, MN
Monday, December 6, 1965
WILLIAM M MEGLIO JR, Pfc, Age 20, New Haven, CT
Tuesday, December 7, 1965
THOMAS P LAVIN, LCpl, Age 21, Chicago, IL
Thursday, December 9, 1965
ROBERT J REILLY JR, LCpl, Age 20, Walnut Creek, CA
Sunday, December 12, 1965
ROBERT M BROWN JR, Pfc, Age 21, Salisbury, NC
Wednesday, December 15, 1965
GERARD G SCHNITGER, Pfc, Age 20, New Orleans, LA
Saturday, December 18, 1965
PAUL L GORMLEY, Capt, Age 31, Dracut, MA
ROBERT J WILKINS, LCpl, Age 20, St Charles, MO
Monday, December 27, 1965
WILLIAM F BROWN, Pfc, Age 19, Seattle, WA
JOSEPH L DREW, Pfc, Age 18, Woburn, MA
DAVID A KOVAC, LCpl, Age 19, Morgantown, WV
Sunday, January 2, 1966
MICHAEL J MC KINSON, Cpl, Age 21, Pecatonica, IL
Friday, January 7, 1966
DAVID V BILLINGS, LCpl, Age 19, Lake City, PA
JOHN J HORNYAK, LCpl, Age 27, Kendell, NY
Saturday, January 8, 1966
JOHN L ROBINSON, Pfc, Age 19, Prichard, AL
Tuesday, January 11, 1966
JAMES V BIGTREE, Cpl, Age 25, Syracuse, NY
DAVID J BYSTEDT, LCpl, Age 19, Portland, OR
Saturday, January 15, 1966
LLOYD D LAKE, Pfc, Age 20, Salina, KS
Monday, January 17, 1966
DANNY C SCHULTZ, Pfc, Age 18, Hinsdale, MT
JOSEPH G SERCOVICH, Cpl, Age 22, Buras, LA
Friday, January 21, 1966
DAVID R BURGESS, Sgt, Age 23, Kew Gardens, NY
PETER MARTINEZ, Sgt, Age 25, Arkansas City, KS
Tuesday, January 25, 1966
DAVID L GALAN, Pfc, Age 19, Huntington Park, CA
ROBERT A KOWALSKI, Cpl, Age 22, Saginaw, MI
JOHN M MYERS, HN, Age 19, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Wednesday, January 26, 1966
ALBERT D MENTON, Cpl, Age 42, Ennis, TX
ARTHUR REGO, Cpl, Age 21, Nutley, NJ
Sunday, January 30, 1966
TERRANCE D ADAMS, Cpl, Age 24, Waco, TX
SAMMIE L BEDWELL, Pfc, Age 20, Friendship, TN
LARRY O BOOTY, Cpl, Age 21, Greenwell Springs, LA
DAVID J BUDKA, Cpl, Age 20, Baltimore, MD
Monday, January 31, 1966
ROBERT F GUTHRIE, HM3, Age 21, Cheyenne, WY
Tuesday, February 1, 1966
RUSSELL O HATTON, Cpl, Age 19, Detroit, MI
Thursday, February 3, 1966
RICHARD C STEWART, LCpl, Age 19, Manasquan, NJ
Friday, February 4, 1966
ROBERT R ROY, Cpl, Age 20, Winslow, ME
Sunday, February 6, 1966
DAVID R VELASQUEZ, Pfc, Age 19, Gardner, KS
Monday, February 7, 1966
WALTER T GUERIN, Sgt, Age 23, Cairo, IL
Tuesday, February 8, 1966
LESLIE C COUCH, Pfc, Age 21, East Bangor, PA
Wednesday, February 9, 1966
ROBERTO PEREZ, Cpl, Age 22, Weslaco, TX
Saturday, February 12, 1966
STEPHEN G LORD, LCpl, Age 20, Fair Haven, MI
Monday, February 14, 1966
AITKEN L MATTHEWS JR, Pfc, Age 19, Miami, FL
Tuesday, February 15, 1966
JIMMY GONZALES, Cpl, Age 22, Madera, CA
Friday, February 18, 1966
DONALD M SHAFER II, Pfc, Age 19, Dayton, OH
Saturday, February 19, 1966
PAUL A GILBERT, Pfc, Age 20, Jenner Township, PA
JOHN M HOELSCHER, Pfc, Age 18, Houston, TX
Friday, February 25, 1966
PHILLIP A LOTTA, Pfc, Age 18, Sacramento, CA
NICHOLES SOCHACKI, Pfc, Age 21, Rochester, NY
Thursday, March 3, 1966
CHARLES F COINER, Pfc, Age 21, Salem, NJ
ROBERT F FIELDER, Pfc, Age 21, Moretown, VT
CHARLES W RADER, LCpl, Age 20, Chester, IL
DENNIS L TALKINGTON, LCpl, Age 19, Haltom City, TX
Saturday, March 5, 1966
EDWARD L ROARK, Pfc, Age 18, Lancaster, OH
Tuesday, March 8, 1966
RICHARD W BOND, Cpl, Age 21, Winchester, MA
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
JON I CLIFFORD, Pvt, Age 24, Hallowell, ME
Friday, March 11, 1966
SAMMY L HARTZELL, Pfc, Age 22, Arlington Heights, IL
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
RAYMOND A RANELLUCCI, Pfc, Age 19, Rensselaer, NY
Friday, March 18, 1966
FRANCIS W CLARK, Pfc, Age 18, Denver, CO
GASTON D GODFREY, Cpl, Age 24, Forest City, NC
THOMAS F HORNBY, Cpl, Age 21, Kearny, NJ
RAYMOND C MARTIN, Sgt, Age 28, Pomona, CA
Monday, March 21, 1966
RUSSELL L BISHOP, Sgt, Age 35, Santa Ana, CA
Wednesday, March 23, 1966
SAMUEL E HEWITT, SSgt, Age 27, Walkerton, IN
Friday, March 25, 1966
WILLIAM E COPELAND, LCpl, Age 19, Eskridge, KS
RICHARD A ECKVALL, Sgt, Age 29, Englewood, CO
THOMAS K KING, Pfc, Age 19, Commerce, TX
MICHAEL D LAUX, Cpl, Age 20, Appleton, WI
GERALD A LETENDRE, LCpl, Age 23, East Longmeadow, MA
CLYDE D MC DONALD, Pfc, Age 18, Santa Ana, CA
SAMUEL M RAMIREZ, Pfc, Age 19, Artesia, NM
CHARLES N RUDD, LCpl, Age 22, Aberdeen, MD
Saturday, March 26, 1966
DAVID A SIEMANOWSKI, Pfc, Age 19, Milwaukee, WI
JAMES A ST CYR, LCpl, Age 19, Lawrence, MA
JOHN W WILT JR, LCpl, Age 19, La Marque, TX
Tuesday, March 29, 1966
MARK S BLACK, Pfc, Age 18, Richland, WA
THOMAS E MILES, Pfc, Age 19, Hamilton, OH
Wednesday, March 30, 1966
RICHARD A BLANCHFIELD, Pfc, Age 19, Perry Hall, MD
Thursday, March 31, 1966
PAUL R CAPUANO, Pfc, Age 20, Worcester, MA
Saturday, April 2, 1966
MICHAEL D COOK, Pvt, Age 18, Rubidoux, CA
EUGENE E FULLER, Pfc, Age 19, Minneapolis, MN
Monday, April 4, 1966
JOE F LISERIO, Pfc, Age 20, Houston, TX
Wednesday, April 13, 1966
JOSEPH W BROWN III, Cpl, Age 21, Roanoke, VA
Saturday, April 16, 1966
ANTHONY J BATTISTA, 2ndLt, Age 23, Dunmore, PA
VICTOR E CHASE, LCpl, Age 20, Pensacola, FL
TOMMIE M CRIPE, Cpl, Age 23, Russiaville, IN
TONY H HUGHES, Pfc, Age 20, Woodstown, NJ
JAMES H KURDELSKI, LCpl, Age 20, Indianapolis, IN
THOMAS N YAGLE, LCpl, Age 22, Traverse City, MI
Sunday, April 17, 1966
WILLIAM H JOHNSON, Cpl, Age 22, Ann Arbor, MI
FRANKLIN H QUINTANA, Pfc, Age 18, San Luis, CO
Monday, April 18, 1966
DARRELL Z MAGRUDER, Pfc, Age 21, New Enterprise, PA
Tuesday, April 19, 1966
BENNETT H OWENS JR, Sgt, Age 26, Jacksonville, FL
Sunday, April 24, 1966
SHERWIN C SCHOPPE, Pfc, Age 20, San Antonio, TX
Monday, April 25, 1966
WILLIAM C MEEK, Pfc, Age 22, Marion, VA
Thursday, April 28, 1966
HERMAN BROWN JR, Cpl, Age 22, Bayou Goula, LA
Friday, April 29, 1966
RALPH BASILIERE, Pfc, Age 19, Haverhill, MA
JOSEPH A CRUZ, Pfc, Age 20, Merizo, GU
EDWARD R LUFF, Pvt, Age 23, Pittsburgh, PA
DAVID STEVENS, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 30, 1966
CARL M GEBHART JR, Cpl, Age 21, Rialto, CA
Sunday, May 1, 1966
WILLIAM L BAUER, Pfc, Age 18, Creswell, OR
MERLE A KINNEY, LCpl, Age 21, Chicago, IL
Monday, May 2, 1966
JACOB H FOWNER, Pfc, Age 19, Albuquerque, NM
KENNETH L FREITAG, HN, Age 22, New Iberia, LA
Tuesday, May 3, 1966
EDDIE R DERRITT, Cpl, Age 20, Leavenworth, KS
RICHARD G ENGELMAN, Pfc, Age 19, Nogales, AZ
JOHN M PHILLIPS, Pfc, Age 18, Orange, CA
BERNARD J RODZEN, Cpl, Age 21, Warren, OH
WILLIAM E TUCKER JR, LCpl, Age 21, Annapolis, MD
Wednesday, May 4, 1966
MELVIN E HART, Pvt, Age 20, Minneapolis, MN
CHARLES W WOOLIVER, LCpl, Age 21, Knoxville, TN
Thursday, May 5, 1966
JIMMY D JORDAN, Pfc, Age 19, Riverbank, CA
Friday, May 6, 1966
JOAQUIN DE JESUS, Pfc, Age 20, Miami, FL
JOSEPH C MISSAR JR, 2ndLt, Age 22, Towson, MD
RAYMOND P SCHWESINGER, Pfc, Age 20, Seelyville, PA
Sunday, May 8, 1966
TIMOTHY RAY, Pfc, Age 19, Dayton, OH
Monday, May 9, 1966
AUSTIN M CORBIERE, LCpl, Age 23, Little Current, ON
DENNIS D KAISER, Cpl, Age 21, Latrobe, PA
FERNANDO O MESQUITA, Pfc, Age 20, Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday, May 10, 1966
TOM L AUSTIN, LCpl, Age 22, West Carrollton, OH
LEROY W WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 21, Indianapolis, IN
Wednesday, May 11, 1966
JAMES R HAUSS, Sgt, Age 26, Hammondsport, NY
DANNY L JONES, Pfc, Age 19, Greenville, MI
GARRY H LINDER, LCpl, Age 21, Los Angeles, CA
ROGER M MATHEWSON, Sgt, Age 24, Dayton, OH
MARK L ROSENSTOCK, LCpl, Age 21, Phoenix, AZ
Thursday, May 12, 1966
EDGARDO CACERES, LCpl, Age 21, Tacoma, WA
JOHN B CAPEL, 2ndLt, Age 23, Glen Ellyn, IL
NEAL A DENNING, Pfc, Age 19, Willow Springs, NC
RALPH G ERDELY, LCpl, Age 21, Springfield, MA
JAMES R HOWELL, Cpl, Age 22, Tucson, AZ
RICHARD W HUNTOON, LCpl, Age 19, Leicester, MA
ROBERT E JONES, Pfc, Age 18, Corona, CA
RONALD H JUSTIS, Pfc, Age 19, Selma, IN
JAMES P LACLEAR, Pfc, Age 19, East Lansing, MI
PEDRO MUNOZ, HN, Age 22, El Paso, TX
WALLACE S PERKINS, Pfc, Age 21, Dallas, TX
MICHAEL R POPPAW, Pfc, Age 19, Dayton, OH
JOHN J SCHULTZ JR, Pfc, Age 19, Harper Woods, MI
TOMMY R WHITE, Pfc, Age 18, Kennett, MO
DALLAS C YOUNG JR, Sgt, Age 24, Salem, IL
Saturday, May 14, 1966
MICHAEL C D'ARCY, LCpl, Age 18, Colton, CA
JOHN S DAVIS, Pfc, Age 21, San Antonio, TX
ALBERT DEAN, Pfc, Age 20, Milwaukee, WI
BOBBY J JACOBS, Pfc, Age 19, Henderson, TX
STANLEY J KOPCINSKI, LCpl, Age 19, Bayonne, NJ
JOSEPH E LILLEY, Pfc, Age 21, Mobile, AL
GEORGE J MACK, Pfc, Age 21, Cranston, RI
JAMES F SMALLWOOD, LCpl, Age 23, Lanham, MD
CURTIS L WATSON, Cpl, Age 20, Richmond Heights, MO
Monday, May 16, 1966
WILLIAM F WILBER, LCpl, Age 18, Champlin, MN
Wednesday, May 18, 1966
MICHAEL G MERRIMAN, LCpl, Age 21, Millfield, OH
Saturday, May 21, 1966
JAMES J BROPHY, Cpl, Age 19, Jackson Heights, NY
ROBERT L CLOUTIER, Pfc, Age 18, Somerset, WI
BARRY W DUFF, Cpl, Age 21, Baltimore, MD
LAWRENCE E FOSTER, Pvt, Age 18, Pacifica, CA
JOHN R GODERRE, Pfc, Age 20, Union, ME
BRUCE F GRIFFIN, Pfc, Age 18, Goshen, OH
ANTONIO P MACIMINIO, LCpl, Age 20, Pawtucket, RI
DAVID P MANNERS, Pfc, Age 19, Durant, OK
PETER F MEAD, HM3, Age 19, Paterson, NJ
PETER R NIEMCZUK, Pfc, Age 18, Chicago, IL
MARSHAL J O'NEAL, Cpl, Age 21, Essex, MO
JOHN D SMITH, LCpl, Age 21, Hundred, WV
CLEVELAND VINES, Cpl, Age 26, Newport News, VA
Monday, May 23, 1966
GARY L CALDWELL, Pfc, Age 19, Logan, OH
Thursday, May 26, 1966
JAMES FERRO, LCpl, Age 19, Acushnet, MA
GORDON E GULLETT, Pfc, Age 19, Brownsville, TX
WILLIAM R REILLY, LCpl, Age 20, New York, NY
Saturday, May 28, 1966
MICHAEL W MULICK, Pfc, Age 19, Poway, CA
Sunday, May 29, 1966
NOEL D MARR, LCpl, Age 26, Ada, OK
JEFFREY G TYNE, HM3, Age 21, Gloucester, MA
Monday, May 30, 1966
DANIEL S BRITTAIN, 2ndLt, Age 23, Frederick, MD
GARY A HADNOTT, Pfc, Age 19, Houston, TX
LEONARD J KROSHUS, Pfc, Age 19, Seattle, WA
CARL D VIOLA, LCpl, Age 18, West Monroe, LA
Tuesday, May 31, 1966
LEWIS C ROLLINS, Pfc, Age 20, Beckley, WV
Wednesday, June 1, 1966
EDWARD S KOPIK, Pfc, Age 18, Amsterdam, NY
CHESTER A LUTGEN, Sgt, Age 25, Lowell, IN
FRANK A RAZO, Pfc, Age 21, Cottonwood, AZ
Thursday, June 2, 1966
ROBERT E GAREY, Cpl, Age 22, Las Vegas, NV
HOWARD A MESOYEDZ, GySgt, Age 37, Tacoma, WA
HAROLD B NELSON, LCpl, Age 21, Medford, MA
LEROY P PRAIRIE, Pfc, Age 20, Momence, IL
Friday, June 3, 1966
Saturday, June 4, 1966
EDGAR B BURCHELL III, Cpl, Age 26, Mamaroneck, NY
JEROME W LITKE, Pfc, Age 18, Milwaukee, WI
GARY N NELSON, Cpl, Age 21, Glendale, CA
JACK A SCHNEIDER, Pfc, Age 21, Elmhurst, IL
RICHARD T TRUJILLO, Cpl, Age 21, Kearns, UT
Sunday, June 5, 1966
ALLEN F SCRANTON JR, Pfc, Age 18, Kent, WA
TERENCE R TANGEN, Pvt, Age 20, Mount Clemens, MI
Tuesday, June 7, 1966
DAVID BASHAW, Pfc, Age 18, Elizabeth, NJ
Thursday, June 9, 1966
RALPH G WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Hines, OR
Friday, June 10, 1966
GEROLD SCHAEFFER, Pfc, Age 21, West Bend, WI
LARRY M WIGINTON, Pfc, Age 18, Detroit, MI
TERRY L WILES, Pfc, Age 19, Richmond, IN
Saturday, June 11, 1966
HAROLD T COOKE, LCpl, Age 27, San Diego, CA
OLIVER JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 18, Chicago, IL
STANLEY L MOORE, Cpl, Age 21, Troy, MI
Sunday, June 12, 1966
PAUL M HASLINGER, LCpl, Age 20, Portland, OR
RONALD C LOVETT, Pfc, Age 19, Greensboro, NC
Monday, June 13, 1966
GEORGE F LAZAR, Pfc, Age 20, San Francisco, CA
JONATHAN C ROKER, Pfc, Age 20, Hallandale, FL
Tuesday, June 14, 1966
PETER J BRANCATO JR, LCpl, Age 19, North Lindenhurst, NY
WILLIAM G DUTCHES, LCpl, Age 21, Hawthorne, NJ
Wednesday, June 15, 1966
MICHAEL A NAJARIAN, HN, Age 21, La Crescenta, CA
LAWRENCE W SHAY JR, LCpl, Age 24, Portland, ME
NORBERT G SIMMONS, Sgt, Age 24, Davenport, IA
Thursday, June 16, 1966
GEORGE W COTTRILL, HM3, Age 20, Chillicothe, OH
PHILIP VILONE JR, Pfc, Age 19, Fairmont, WV
MICHAEL WATERS, Pfc, Age 20, Chicago, IL
Friday, June 17, 1966
THOMAS J EVANS, Pvt, Age 18, Minneapolis, MN
EDWIN T O'CONNOR JR, LCpl, Age 19, Ludlow, VT
Saturday, June 18, 1966
FRANK B PARISH, LCpl, Age 19, Riverside, CA
WILLIAM K STOLL JR, Pfc, Age 22, Lexington, KY
Monday, June 20, 1966
GABRIEL GALLEGOS, Pfc, Age 19, San Bernardino, CA
Wednesday, June 22, 1966
EDMUND D BRENT JR, SSgt, Age 31, Baltimore, MD
ERVELL M GUEVARA, Pvt, Age 22, Gardena, CA
SYLVESTER A SCHAEFER, Pfc, Age 21, Richmond, MN
Wednesday, June 29, 1966
LELAND W ALBURY JR, LCpl, Age 22, Key West, FL
Thursday, June 30, 1966
JAMES D BOWERS, Pfc, Age 19, Edinboro, PA
JERALD D FRITZ, Pfc, Age 21, Bay City, MI
Saturday, July 2, 1966
RAYMOND C GRIFFITHS, Pfc, Age 19, San Francisco, CA
Monday, July 4, 1966
ESTEBAN M ALVAREZ, LCpl, Age 19, Tucson, AZ
JOHNIE L BLOUNT JR, Cpl, Age 21, Groton, CT
MAXWELL S FRANTZ, HN, Age 23, East Aurora, NY
MICHAEL E HOPKINS, Pfc, Age 21, Norfolk, VA
GLENN E SPRATLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Houston, TX
HOMERO E TIJERINA, LCpl, Age 20, Edinburg, TX
RAYMOND WIDMANN, LCpl, Age 18, Lindenhurst, NY
Tuesday, July 5, 1966
PAUL H PHILLIPS, Pvt, Age 19, Torrington, CT
Wednesday, July 6, 1966
WILLIAM F HEWITT, Sgt, Age 20, Drumright, OK
Tuesday, July 12, 1966
BRAD W MORAND, Pfc, Age 20, Riverside, CA
Friday, July 15, 1966
RALPH V RENAULD, Pfc, Age 19, Worcester, MA
Saturday, July 16, 1966
RONALD F HOCK, Cpl, Age 21, New Baltimore, NY
Sunday, July 17, 1966
DANIEL L MORT, LCpl, Age 19, Kansas City, MO
JAMES D NEWCOMB, LCpl, Age 18, Mobile, AL
Tuesday, July 19, 1966
JAMES BESCHEN, Cpl, Age 21, Wildwood, NJ
Wednesday, July 20, 1966
BRENT I GRIGGS, Pfc, Age 22, Beaumont, TX
Friday, July 22, 1966
ROY F MENO, LCpl, Age 18, Schofield Barracks, HI
Saturday, July 23, 1966
FRED O BAUGH JR, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
ROBERT J LYSAGHT, LCpl, Age 19, New Rochelle, NY
Sunday, July 24, 1966
DENNIS C KNUTSON, Pfc, Age 20, Sioux Falls, SD
Monday, July 25, 1966
DAN W BEARGEON, Cpl, Age 20, Seattle, WA
BENNY SENA, Pfc, Age 19, Albuquerque, NM
PAUL P VANOVER, LCpl, Age 24, Castro Valley, CA
Tuesday, July 26, 1966
JOSEPH L VALLEE, Pfc, Age 21, Lowell, MA
Wednesday, July 27, 1966
BARRY L MOTT, Cpl, Age 19, Savage, MN
Friday, July 29, 1966
DOMINIC A CORONA, Pfc, Age 19, Fontana, CA
GALE H FELVER, HM2, Age 20, Rahway, NJ
ROBERT O GARANT, Cpl, Age 21, Murfreesboro, TN
RODNEY C UPCHURCH, Pfc, Age 19, Palo Alto, CA
Saturday, July 30, 1966
LARRY T NELSON, Pvt, Age 21, St Louis, MO
Monday, August 1, 1966
ARTHUR H FIKE, SSgt, Age 24, Fort Lauderdale, FL
BYRON D ORR, Sgt, Age 22, Salt Lake City, UT
Wednesday, August 3, 1966
ROBERT M HOWELL, LCpl, Age 20, Mesquite, TX
FRANK W SELDEN, HM3, Age 19, Seattle, WA
Thursday, August 4, 1966
DAVID L MANNING, LCpl, Age 27, Arvada, CO
Friday, August 5, 1966
JOHNNY W LLEWELLYN, SSgt, Age 32, Florence, SC
Saturday, August 6, 1966
CARL F MEIER, Pfc, Age 21, Frontenac, MO
Sunday, August 7, 1966
GARY L WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Glenwood, IA
Tuesday, August 9, 1966
ALLEN J KAKUK, Pfc, Age 18, Two Rivers, WI
Friday, August 19, 1966
DALE L CLARK, LCpl, Age 19, Jefferson City, MO
RONALD E HUMPHRIES, Pfc, Age 18, Charleston, SC
LAWRENCE D WATKINS JR, Pfc, Age 19, Meadowview, VA
Saturday, August 20, 1966
PAUL J KAPPMEYER, Sgt, Age 22, Indianapolis, IN
THOMAS R KYLE JR, Pfc, Age 19, Park Ridge, NJ
DANIEL E MORRIS, LCpl, Age 19, North Arlington, NJ
WILLIAM J SCHULTZ, Pfc, Age 19, Stone Park, IL
JOSEPH H WALTON, Pvt, Age 18, Chicago, IL
Thursday, August 25, 1966
RICHARD W BILLINGSLEY, Pfc, Age 22, Glendale, CA
JAMES E DOZIER, LCpl, Age 19, Flint, MI
ROBERT F MONTEITH II, Pfc, Age 21, Jerome, PA
Thursday, September 1, 1966
TIMOTHY J MEEKER, Cpl, Age 19, Redmond, OR
Friday, September 2, 1966
JOSEPH Q CONWAY, Pfc, Age 22, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, September 3, 1966
DAVID C DE WITT, Pvt, Age 19, Clinton, IA
LORENZA GAYLES, Cpl, Age 19, Middlesboro, KY
PATRICK J HANNON, LCpl, Age 20, Littleton, CO
GUY M HODGKINS, SSgt, Age 30, Los Alamos, NM
JOHN F O'CONNOR, Pfc, Age 20, Chicago, IL
Monday, September 5, 1966
DON E ALLEY, Pfc, Age 19, Church Hill, TN
WILLIE E BUNTE, Pfc, Age 19, Austin, TX
MANUEL LOPEZ, Pfc, Age 19, San Antonio, TX
WALTER S MOONEY, LCpl, Age 19, Worcester, MA
Wednesday, September 7, 1966
JAMES W BRYANT, Pfc, Age 20, Okanogan, WA
JOSE A LOPEZ, LCpl, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, September 11, 1966
CHARLES W DEPP, Sgt, Age 23, Indianapolis, IN
LARRY R LAMBERT, Pfc, Age 20, Winston-salem, NC
GLENN R PHILLIPS JR, HM3, Age 20, Seattle, WA
Monday, September 12, 1966
DAVID R FAULCONER, Pfc, Age 19, Yakima, WA
Tuesday, September 13, 1966
JAMES L PALMER, Pfc, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
NEIL E RILEY, Pfc, Age 20, Gibsonia, PA
WILLIAM E TEER, LCpl, Age 20, West Columbia, SC
Saturday, September 17, 1966
ERVIN J EMERSON, Pfc, Age 19, Clarksburg, WV
Monday, September 19, 1966
RONALD L ENGLAND, LCpl, Age 20, Lynwood, CA
CHESTER S HUGHES, Pfc, Age 18, Bristol, TN
MATIAS T RODRIGUEZ JR, Pfc, Age 19, Eagle Pass, TX
Thursday, September 22, 1966
BILLY B KING, Sgt, Age 27, Elizabethtown, KY
Saturday, September 24, 1966
HENRY MC DONALD, LCpl, Age 20, Flushing, NY
Monday, September 26, 1966
GARY R PARSONS, Pfc, Age 18, Topeka, KS
Wednesday, October 5, 1966
DAVID J BOHN, LCpl, Age 19, North Delta, UT
ROBERT G DAVIDSON, LCpl, Age 19, Glen Burnie, MD
RODNEY G THORNTON, Sgt, Age 25, Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday, October 8, 1966
THOMAS D CONGIARDO, Pfc, Age 21, Murphysboro, IL
Monday, October 10, 1966
BRIAN D CLARK, Sgt, Age 21, Cleveland Heights, OH
Wednesday, October 19, 1966
THOMAS R TEMPLE, 2ndLt, Age 22, Devon, PA
Wednesday, October 26, 1966
JOHN E HARDIN, SSgt, Age 26, North Tazewell, VA
THOMAS M JOYCE, Pfc, Age 20, Springfield, IL
MICHAEL J MONAHAN, Pfc, Age 18, Dracut, MA
HOWARD D STRAUSS, LCpl, Age 18, Monaca, PA
Thursday, November 3, 1966
WILLIAM D MONFORE, Pfc, Age 23, Remsen, IA
Monday, November 7, 1966
JOHN W MEDLIN, LCpl, Age 22, Houston, TX
EDWARD R STANTON II, Cpl, Age 20, Detroit, MI
Wednesday, November 9, 1966
WILLIAM A DERKSEMA, Pfc, Age 19, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, November 16, 1966
PETER LITTLE, LCpl, Age 20, Monroe, LA
HILBERT M SINGLETARY, Pfc, Age 19, Summerville, SC
ROBERT E STRAHM, Pfc, Age 18, Kenton, OH
Thursday, November 17, 1966
NORMAN E GUILLAUME, Pfc, Age 19, Louisville, KY
Friday, November 18, 1966
WALTER L HAMMERSCHLAG, Pfc, Age 20, New Rochelle, NY
Saturday, November 19, 1966
ALVIN E JACKSON, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
A W TRIPPLETT, Pfc, Age 19, Rockford, IL
Saturday, November 26, 1966
STANLEY R GLEISINGER, Cpl, Age 22, Mansfield, OH
Wednesday, December 14, 1966
JAMES R BRINK, Cpl, Age 22, Sacramento, CA
Saturday, December 17, 1966
ROBERT G DAVISON, Sgt, Age 18, Muskegon, MI
Saturday, January 7, 1967
JOHN J MURPHY, LCpl, Age 21, Philadelphia, PA
DONALD F RHODES, Pvt, Age 19, Raleigh, NC
Monday, January 9, 1967
DONALD R ROBERSON, Pfc, Age 20, Walker, LA
Tuesday, January 10, 1967
ROGER E COOPER, LCpl, Age 20, Berkley, WV
MORRIS C WHEELER, LCpl, Age 19, Muncie, KS
ROBERT W WHITE, LCpl, Age 19, Grant, AL
Tuesday, February 21, 1967
THOMAS E BADAVAS, Pfc, Age 20, Garwood, NJ
HAROLD GOMEZ, Cpl, Age 20, East Chicago, IN
GLENN A HARRIS, LCpl, Age 18, Chicago, IL
JAMES R WALKER, Pfc, Age 20, Pittsburgh, PA
WALTER WEISS, LCpl, Age 20, Middlesex, NJ
Friday, February 24, 1967
JOSEPH B LUCIDO, LCpl, Age 22, El Granada, CA
Saturday, February 25, 1967
ROBERT A CHAPP, Sgt, Age 28, Santa Ana, CA
KENDELL D CUTBIRTH, SSgt, Age 23, Midland, TX
ROBERT J WADE, SSgt, Age 27, Stratford, NJ
Thursday, March 2, 1967
WILLIAM SHORTT, LCpl, Age 20, Edison, NJ
Friday, March 3, 1967
EDWARD D DISON, Cpl, Age 19, Clinton, TN
THOMAS J MALLON, Cpl, Age 20, Park Ridge, NJ
Saturday, March 4, 1967
ROBERT E BUCKLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Theodore, AL
ROBERT N CLARK JR, 2ndLt, Age 24, Indianapolis, IN
Sunday, March 5, 1967
DEWEY H BROWN JR, Pfc, Age 19, Houston, TX
REFUGIO J CANTU, Sgt, Age 25, San Antonio, TX
PEDRO LEON JR, Sgt, Age 29, Kansas City, MO
CARL F MOWERY, Pfc, Age 21, Springfield, OH
HARLAN C NELSON, Pfc, Age 21, Dalhart, TX
ANTHONY M ORLANDO, LCpl, Age 22, Selden, NY
EDWARD G RAY, Pfc, Age 20, Detroit, MI
ROY A SCHAEFER JR, Pfc, Age 19, Fond Du Lac, WI
MAGDALENO TARANGO, LCpl, Age 20, Lordsburg, NM
DAVID A TAYLOR, Pfc, Age 18, Thomaston, GA
JOE A WHITBY, Sgt, Age 22, Pasco, WA
RONALD A WILLIAMS, Cpl, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
Monday, March 6, 1967
JAMES P BYRNE, Sgt, Age 22, Sheffield Lake, OH
BURGESS A LOVE, Pfc, Age 18, Philadelphia, PA
VIRGUS F RAMSEY JR, Pfc, Age 20, Little Rock, AR
THOMAS M SANDS, Pfc, Age 21, Monrovia, CA
CAROLD R WAITE, 2ndLt, Age 36, Shelbyville, MO
Thursday, March 16, 1967
FRANCIS A BENOIT, HM3, Age 22, Red Lake Falls, MN
NORMAN R CATLIN, Pvt, Age 20, Chicago, IL
JOHN H CHEEKS, Cpl, Age 21, Penns Grove, NJ
MICHAEL J DALEY, Pfc, Age 18, Union, NJ
JAMES G GOETZ, LCpl, Age 20, De Soto, MO
CHARLEY E GUNN, LCpl, Age 20, Dallas, TX
DONALD E HARPER JR, Sgt, Age 24, Michigan City, IN
RONALD J IMPERIALE, LCpl, Age 20, St Louis, MO
GEORGE D JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 19, Naples, FL
LLOYD N KURTZ, Pfc, Age 21, Washington, DC
WILLIAM C LAMON, LCpl, Age 20, North Cape May, NJ
SYLVESTER LAND, Sgt, Age 23, Roselle, NJ
JULIAN A MC KEE, LCpl, Age 20, Webb City, MO
DANNY E NICKLOW, Pfc, Age 20, Friendsville, MD
JAMES E PERRY, Pfc, Age 21, Huntsville, AL
ALFRED PINO, LCpl, Age 20, Clifton, NJ
DAVID RHOADES, Pvt, Age 18, Bergholz, OH
JOE L SCHROEDER, Pfc, Age 18, Houston, TX
RICHARD J VEDDER, Sgt, Age 23, Duluth, MN
TED WILLIAMS, LCpl, Age 20, Detroit, MI
Friday, March 17, 1967
ANDREW A ALDERMAN, HM3, Age 22, Coffeyville, KS
ROBERT G NALLY, HN, Age 20, Walla Walla, WA
Sunday, March 19, 1967
DAVID BAKER, LCpl, Age 21, Philadelphia, PA
WINSTON G HOLLENSHEAD, Sgt, Age 23, Haynesville, LA
THOMAS F MASTROIANNI, Pfc, Age 20, Steubenville, OH
JOSEPH A SANTONE, Pvt, Age 20, Erie, PA
FRANK TUNSTILL JR, LCpl, Age 22, Los Angeles, CA
MARK A VASQUEZ, Cpl, Age 20, City Of Commerce, CA
Thursday, March 23, 1967
JERRY A PHILLIPS, LCpl, Age 20, Easley, SC
Friday, March 24, 1967
RICHARD D ADAY, Pfc, Age 20, Portland, OR
SAMUEL GALLMAN III, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
FRANK R HOLLAND, Cpl, Age 21, Bethlehem, PA
LEIGH W HUNT, LCpl, Age 20, Tempe, AZ
PERRY D JAMES, LCpl, Age 20, Baltimore, MD
LOUIS E PERRY, Cpl, Age 20, Asbury Park, NJ
FREDERICK J SHUH, Pfc, Age 20, Ste Genevieve, MO
WALTER K SINGLETON, Sgt, Age 22, Memphis, TN
REID W STOLTENBERG, LCpl, Age 24, Bettendorf, IA
Sunday, March 26, 1967
RALPH J SMITH, Cpl, Age 19, Baltimore, MD
Thursday, March 30, 1967
ALBERT G ANTER, Pfc, Age 18, Central Falls, RI
RUBEN M ARMENTA, Pfc, Age 18, Pico Rivera, CA
JAMES E BLEVINS, LCpl, Age 19, Empire, OH
JOHN P BOBO, 2ndLt, Age 24, Niagara Falls, NY
EDWARD E CANNON, Pfc, Age 18, Avon Park, FL
LARRY H CRUMBAKER, LCpl, Age 21, Salem, OH
JERRY W CURRIN, LCpl, Age 21, Sanford, NC
MICHAEL P GETLIN, Capt, Age 27, La Grange, IL
DONALD W KRICK JR, Pfc, Age 20, Cleveland, OH
JOHN L LOWERANITIS, Cpl, Age 22, Du Bois, PA
ROBERT W MITCHELL, Pfc, Age 18, Terryville, CT
WALTER J NERAD JR, Cpl, Age 22, Maple Heights, OH
DAVID A SIEMON, Cpl, Age 21, Springdale, PA
FRANK H THOMAS JR, Pfc, Age 20, Pompano Beach, FL
WALLACE WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, New York, NY
Friday, March 31, 1967
ROMAN R VILLAMOR JR, LCpl, Age 19, Warren, MI
Saturday, April 1, 1967
ALTON SMITH, Pfc, Age 20, Hamtramck, MI
Sunday, April 2, 1967
BARRY W BRICKEY, LCpl, Age 21, Roanoke, VA
Wednesday, April 5, 1967
WILLARD BROOKENS JR, LCpl, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
HAROLD L CARVER, Pfc, Age 19, Joplin, MO
THOMAS E COMBS, LCpl, Age 21, Dayton, OH
LEONARD W ELIE, Pfc, Age 18, Alexandria, LA
JAMES H FOWLER, Pfc, Age 19, Ponca City, OK
PAUL L HARRISON, Pfc, Age 21, Hyattsville, MD
MARION R HUTCHINS, Pfc, Age 21, Jacksonville, AR
ALFRED G LIRA, Pfc, Age 18, San Antonio, TX
JERRY W MANNING, Pfc, Age 19, Lamont, CA
ROGER E MATHIS, Pfc, Age 18, Jesup, GA
DANIEL G PATRICK, Pfc, Age 19, Salem, WI
ROBERT H PETTIT, Cpl, Age 22, Charlotte, NC
ROBERT W REED, Major, Age 34, San Francisco, CA
CHESTER E ROWE JR, Cpl, Age 20, Lancaster, PA
CHARLES L SALTER, Cpl, Age 21, Birmingham, AL
JAMES A SLAGEL, Pvt, Age 19, Joliet, IL
Saturday, April 8, 1967
JERRY D HATCHER, LCpl, Age 23, Humboldt, IA
BENNIE L HOUSTON, LCpl, Age 25, Chicago, IL
EUGENE E WEST, Pfc, Age 19, Savannah, GA
Monday, April 10, 1967
JOSE M FLORES, Pfc, Age 19, Harlingen, TX
Wednesday, April 19, 1967
GREGORY L MARTIN, Pfc, Age 19, Simi, CA
Friday, April 21, 1967
LARRY W GREER, Pfc, Age 19, Altoona, AL
EDWARD J TICE III, Cpl, Age 20, Williamsport, PA
Monday, April 24, 1967
RONALD L BARBER, LCpl, Age 20, Umatilla, OR
WAYNE R BARTH, LCpl, Age 20, Lodi, CA
RALPH W CARTER, Pfc, Age 18, Chicago, IL
RAUL CASAREZ, Pfc, Age 18, Malinta, OH
DOUGLAS B HAMILTON, Pfc, Age 20, Springfield, MO
DANIEL J HEFFERNAN, Pfc, Age 21, Chicago, IL
KENT A LEONARD, Pfc, Age 18, Mesilla Park, NM
DANIEL T PEREZ, LCpl, Age 24, New York, NY
JAMES G POMERLEAU, Cpl, Age 20, Waterville, ME
LLOYD V ROBERTS, Pfc, Age 21, Hemingway, SC
JACK L SUTTON, LCpl, Age 19, Crossville, TN
RAYMOND L TWOMEY, Pfc, Age 22, Miami, FL
ROBERT M WAINZ, LCpl, Age 20, Freeport, NY
Wednesday, April 26, 1967
DONALD L BERNARD, Pfc, Age 21, Midwest City, OK
DANA C DARNELL, LCpl, Age 19, Greenville, SC
SHELLY EGLY, Pfc, Age 20, Fort Wayne, IN
LARRY F GEIGER, Pfc, Age 18, Milwaukee, WI
ISAAC JONES, LCpl, Age 20, Lilbourn, MO
EVERT R MAHARG, Pfc, Age 20, Flint, MI
KENNETH W ORTON JR, Sgt, Age 26, Kenmore, NY
TROY D PAYNE JR, Cpl, Age 19, Smyrna, GA
FRANK J RIPORTELLA JR, LCpl, Age 19, Norfolk, VA
Thursday, April 27, 1967
DAVID C GRIJALVA, LCpl, Age 20, Santa Rita, NM
Friday, April 28, 1967
PAUL J BRAUN, LCpl, Age 18, Milford, CT
JERRY DELPH, SSgt, Age 32, Norfolk, VA
WILLIAM L HARRIS, LCpl, Age 24, Seattle, WA
JOHN H HOLLAND, LCpl, Age 22, Windsor, VT
GEORGE F SMITH, Sgt, Age 20, Berryville, AR
Saturday, April 29, 1967
LEWIS E CANTRELL, LCpl, Age 22, Centre, AL
DOUGLAS D WALLACE, Pfc, Age 18, Charlottesville, VA
Sunday, April 30, 1967
EDWIN APONTE, LCpl, Age 22, Newark, NJ
JOHN B APPLETON, LCpl, Age 20, Louisville, KY
WILLIAM R BELLER JR, Pfc, Age 20, Salina, KS
DANNY R BROTZ, LCpl, Age 20, Detroit, MI
GEORGE A CERVANTES, LCpl, Age 18, Redlands, CA
ROBIN L CHILVERE, HM3, Age 19, Wyoming, MI
THOMAS G GRAFF, Cpl, Age 20, North Olmsted, OH
RICHARD HERNANDEZ, Pfc, Age 21, San Antonio, TX
TIMOTHY J IVES, Cpl, Age 20, Colorado Springs, CO
ANTONIO MENDOZA, Cpl, Age 20, Biola, CA
JOSEPH MIECZKOWSKI, Cpl, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
ALEXANDRO NEVAREZ, LCpl, Age 19, Stockton, CA
FREDDIE R PITTS, LCpl, Age 20, Fort Walton Beach, FL
JAMES E PRIEBE, LCpl, Age 20, Cleveland, OH
GORDON E STOUDT, LCpl, Age 19, Allentown, PA
JOHN B WOODALL, 1stLt, Age 23, East Alton, IL
WAYNE H WOODARD, Cpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, May 2, 1967
STEPHEN T HEPNER, 2ndLt, Age 27, Glendale, AZ
Wednesday, May 3, 1967
JON M FARNER, LCpl, Age 21, De Soto, IL
Sunday, May 7, 1967
ROBERT A METTERT, Cpl, Age 20, Vancouver, WA
Monday, May 8, 1967
CLINTON A FIELDS, Pfc, Age 18, Baltimore, MD
WALTER D HORNER, LCpl, Age 21, Waretown, NJ
GREGORY P KELLY, LCpl, Age 22, La Crescenta, CA
DANIEL L KIRSTEIN, HM3, Age 21, Pasadena, CA
JOHN D SLESH, Pfc, Age 21, Washington, PA
KURT C STAAB, Pfc, Age 20, El Centro, CA
MELVIN A WADE, Pfc, Age 20, Lewis, NY
Saturday, May 13, 1967
MICHAEL J AMATO, LCpl, Age 20, Peekskill, NY
JOHN M AVILA, LCpl, Age 22, Los Angeles, CA
MICHAEL F BUCKLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Islip, NY
GLEN G BURT, Cpl, Age 24, Reno, NV
JAMES L GALES, HN, Age 20, Bynum, NC
JERRY E GORNEY, 1stLt, Age 24, Hudson, OH
KENNETH L HIRST JR, LCpl, Age 22, Briarcliff, NY
LEROY C HOWE, Cpl, Age 19, Holland Patent, NY
JAMES R PAGE, Pfc, Age 19, Genoa, IL
RICHARD T SARAKAS, Pfc, Age 19, St Louis, MO
MICHAEL E STEWART, LCpl, Age 18, Culpepper, VA
JAMES H WALLER, Sgt, Age 22, Lakeland, FL
JAMES D WEST, LCpl, Age 18, West Milton, OH
Sunday, May 14, 1967
NEIL W ALDRIDGE, Pfc, Age 19, Grant Park, IL
THOMAS ALLEN, Pfc, Age 19, Delta, OH
STEVEN A BROQUIST, 2ndLt, Age 22, Champaign, IL
CHARLES C BURNETT JR, SSgt, Age 27, St Joseph, MO
DONALD K HALVORSEN, Pfc, Age 19, Eatontown, NJ
KENNETH L HEARN, LCpl, Age 20, Indianapolis, IN
JOSEPH A JIMENEZ, Pfc, Age 21, Houston, TX
ELDON E LAMBERT, LCpl, Age 20, Mount Pleasant, NC
JOHNNIE L MC DANIEL, Pfc, Age 18, Agency, MO
DALE A PULLIAM, LCpl, Age 20, Wichita, KS
FORREST M STAFFORD, HMC, Age 31, Sneads Ferry, NC
JAMES T WILLIAMS, LCpl, Age 21, Fairburn, GA
MILLIGAN R WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Atlanta, GA
Monday, May 15, 1967
JAMES E CHADWICK, Pfc, Age 20, Upper Sandusky, OH
RAYMOND M CHASSER, Pfc, Age 20, Euclid, OH
EARL G GRUBB, LCpl, Age 20, Silver City, NM
JOSEPH T KEESEE, LCpl, Age 19, Vinton, VA
DANIEL T KELLEY, LCpl, Age 20, Fort Worth, TX
EDWARD K MEYER, Pfc, Age 19, Normal, IL
CHARLES R MILTON, Pfc, Age 19, Columbia, SC
Tuesday, May 16, 1967
THOMAS W CHAFFIN, Cpl, Age 21, Clark Lake, MI
CLYDE CLARK JR, SSgt, Age 25, Macon, GA
GEORGE R LINDER, Sgt, Age 28, Gardena, CA
REUBEN J NEAL, Cpl, Age 26, Wheatland, PA
Wednesday, May 17, 1967
BENNY L BUTLER, Pfc, Age 20, Humboldt, IL
EDWARD A PAINE, HM3, Age 23, Redondo Beach, CA
Thursday, May 18, 1967
OTTO C GRABOW, Pfc, Age 20, Bethpage, NY
JAMES C OFFLEY, Pfc, Age 21, New Bedford, MA
Friday, May 19, 1967
PETER ALBERT, Pfc, Age 19, Danvers, MA
ROBERT J BRADY, Pfc, Age 19, Elizabeth, NJ
WILLIAM J CORBIN, Pfc, Age 18, Joppa, MD
DENNIS H FAIRFIELD, LCpl, Age 21, Modesto, IL
RICHARD K GILLINGHAM, Cpl, Age 20, Valatie, NY
RAMON GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ, Pfc, Age 20, Villa Palmeras, PR
JOSEPH M GRANTHAM, Pfc, Age 20, Goldsboro, NC
WAYNE C HARMON, Cpl, Age 21, Downey, CA
PHILLIP M HINES, HM3, Age 21, Dodge City, KS
GREGORY P MOSER, Pfc, Age 18, Edmonds, WA
WALTER A PAIRAN, Cpl, Age 24, Cincinnati, OH
ALAN T READ, Pfc, Age 20, Bloomington, IN
HAROLD D SHELTON, LCpl, Age 20, Baltimore, MD
JOE P WOODEN, LCpl, Age 21, Columbus, OH
Saturday, May 20, 1967
DAVID G BENDORF, LCpl, Age 20, Livingston, WI
FRANK H BERAN III, LCpl, Age 20, Galveston, TX
ROBERT T BOYKIN, Pfc, Age 19, Virginia Beach, VA
THOMAS BROWN, Pfc, Age 20, New York, NY
WILLIAM J BROWN, Sgt, Age 22, Philadelphia, PA
VERNON E DEPEW, LCpl, Age 21, Forks, WA
JAMES T DOBISH, Pfc, Age 20, Oshkosh, WI
JOHN A GRAVIL, LCpl, Age 20, Cheshire, CT
DAVID E HARTSOE, Pfc, Age 20, Coatesville, PA
JEFFREY R HUGHES, Sgt, Age 21, Pensacola, FL
LOUIS J INFERRERA, Pfc, Age 18, Vineland, NJ
AUSTIN R JOSEPH, LCpl, Age 21, New York, NY
DOUGLAS O KEEFE, Pfc, Age 22, Columbia, SC
THOMAS L LESTER, Pfc, Age 19, Springfield, IL
JONATHAN F LOWMAN, Pfc, Age 20, Franklin, OH
BRUCE A MANTON, HM2, Age 21, Youngstown, OH
WESLEY R MC KEE, HM3, Age 20, Porum, OK
ROBERT W MEISS JR, Cpl, Age 21, Yardley, PA
RONALD B MOS, Cpl, Age 20, Lamont, CA
DOUGLAS W MURPHEY, LCpl, Age 21, Springfield, TN
ROBERT E PAYNE, LCpl, Age 23, Geuda Springs, KS
THOMAS W POORE, LCpl, Age 20, Summerville, SC
BARRY C PRICE, Pfc, Age 19, Chester, PA
LUIS E SEGARRA JR, LCpl, Age 20, New York, NY
CANDIDO SERRANO-GIRAL, LCpl, Age 21, Barceloneta, PR
GALEN E WARREN, HN, Age 21, Seattle, WA
WALTER J WASHUT, Cpl, Age 19, Sheridan, WY
LARRY L WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Louisville, KY
Sunday, May 21, 1967
SERGIO E ALBERT, Sgt, Age 25, New York, NY
HAAKON W ANDRESEN, LCpl, Age 19, Salt Lake City, UT
CLEVELAND BATISTE JR, LCpl, Age 18, New Orleans, LA
EDWARD J BOHANNON, Cpl, Age 21, Phoenix, AZ
DAVID H HOLLAND, Pfc, Age 18, Springtown, PA
JOHNNY M JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 20, Huntington, WV
ROBERT KATAVOLOS, Cpl, Age 19, New York, NY
PETER E MILLAR, Cpl, Age 19, Paramus, NJ
JOSE M VASQUEZ, Pfc, Age 20, Coolidge, AZ
Monday, May 22, 1967
MICHAEL F CONLEY, Cpl, Age 19, Plattsburgh, NY
ALFRED R GREGORY, LCpl, Age 20, Denver, CO
Thursday, May 25, 1967
PAUL J CAMIRE, LCpl, Age 20, Exeter, NH
THOMAS R IKE, Pfc, Age 20, Millington, NJ
WALTER L QUEEN, Cpl, Age 22, Newark, NJ
Friday, May 26, 1967
JOHN F DUGAN, Pfc, Age 20, Merrick, NY
THOMAS W GOODRICH, LCpl, Age 19, Cortland, NY
WILLIE B SKRINE JR, Cpl, Age 21, Mayfield, GA
Saturday, May 27, 1967
GARRY D KLEIN, Pfc, Age 19, Mott, ND
Sunday, May 28, 1967
LLOYD M ADKINS JR, Pfc, Age 18, Cleveland, OH
JOHN W AVELLEYRA, Pfc, Age 18, Mount Rainier, MD
RICHARD BROWN, Sgt, Age 27, Rockville Centre, NY
ROBERT E MONAHON, LCpl, Age 20, Swedesboro, NJ
GEORGE M WALKINSHAW, Cpl, Age 20, Long Beach, CA
Tuesday, May 30, 1967
GERALD A VIZER, Pfc, Age 18, Eau Claire, WI
Wednesday, May 31, 1967
GARY P STEFFUS, Pfc, Age 20, Gary, IN
Thursday, June 1, 1967
JAMES W ASHBY, HM3, Age 23, Park Rapids, MN
GARY C CUPPLES, Cpl, Age 21, Marion, AR
ISAAC A DIEZ JR, LCpl, Age 20, Gonzales, LA
LAWRENCE D DUNLAP JR, Pvt, Age 18, Chicago, IL
WILLIAM B ESSLINGER, Pfc, Age 21, Cheyenne, WY
FRANK J GALLANT, SSgt, Age 29, Beverly, MA
FRANK J KILKENNY, LCpl, Age 24, New York, NY
LARRY W KNIGHT, HN, Age 22, Rockford, IL
FRED V LEE, LCpl, Age 22, Chesapeake, VA
ROBERT S MATERN, Sgt, Age 25, Worcester, MA
ROBERT W MAZZA, LCpl, Age 19, Baltimore, MD
MICHAEL L PARISH, Pfc, Age 18, Perris, CA
WILLIAM T PARKER III, Pfc, Age 19, Salisbury, MD
ROGER L WHINERY, HN, Age 22, Fredonia, KS
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
LARRY D MC KINNON, LCpl, Age 19, Sacramento, CA
Wednesday, June 7, 1967
JAMES D CARTER JR, 2ndLt, Age 24, Baytown, TX
RICHARD KNAPP, LCpl, Age 21, Port Lavaca, TX
Monday, June 12, 1967
BILLY CUNNINGHAM, Pfc, Age 18, Wrightsville, AR
Wednesday, June 14, 1967
BERRY J BRIDGES, Pfc, Age 19, Bellflower, CA
JOHN R VAN NORMAN III, LCpl, Age 21, Bradenton, FL
HERBERT A WARNER JR, Pfc, Age 20, Long Beach, CA
Thursday, June 15, 1967
MICHAEL O CROSSEN, LCpl, Age 19, Bloomington, CA
JOHN C SHAMEL, LCpl, Age 19, Thousand Oaks, CA
Friday, June 16, 1967
CHARLES E GRADOVILLE, LCpl, Age 19, Cedar Rapids, IA
Saturday, June 17, 1967
RAYMOND G HAHN JR, LCpl, Age 20, Youngstown, OH
Wednesday, June 21, 1967
FLETCHER SEEBER JR, Sgt, Age 21, Oliver Springs, TN
KENNETH R WRIGHT, LCpl, Age 21, Paducah, KY
Saturday, June 24, 1967
WILLIAM C ALLEN, Pvt, Age 19, Sparta, TN
Sunday, June 25, 1967
JAMES S MC ARTHUR, LCpl, Age 20, Darien, CT
Tuesday, June 27, 1967
JOHN P GANNON, LCpl, Age 20, Plymouth, WI
ALLAN R HOFFMAN, LCpl, Age 24, New Ulm, MN
ROBERT W WALLER, 2ndLt, Age 22, Marianna, FL
Wednesday, June 28, 1967
CHARLES R MULLAN JR, HN, Age 20, Berkeley, CA
Thursday, June 29, 1967
GAYLON D DAVOULT, LCpl, Age 20, Oklahoma City, OK
GARY L DUVALL, LCpl, Age 19, Mount Dora, FL
CHARLES E SULLIVAN JR, Cpl, Age 21, Bangor, ME
Friday, June 30, 1967
RICHARD H FREUDENTHAL, LCpl, Age 18, Alexandria, VA
THOMAS A GODDEAU, Cpl, Age 22, Morrisonville, NY
CHRISTOPHER P JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 18, Wyandotte, MI
NOEL S NELSON, HN, Age 21, St Paul, MN
Saturday, July 1, 1967
HARLAN T BILDEN, Cpl, Age 20, Elgin, IA
Sunday, July 2, 1967
ROGER D ADAMS, LCpl, Age 21, Ashland, OH
JOHN M AINSWORTH JR, Pfc, Age 22, Stonington, CT
JOHN P ANDERSON, LCpl, Age 20, Iron River, MI
THOMAS E BAILEY, Cpl, Age 20, Columbia, PA
GARY M BARNARD, LCpl, Age 20, Highland, CA
GILBERTO BARRERA, Pfc, Age 20, Alice, TX
MICHAEL L BEASLEY, Pfc, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
LEON E BELL, Cpl, Age 21, Newark, NJ
RONALD BOSTON, Cpl, Age 20, New York, NY
CHARLES W BOWERSOX JR, LCpl, Age 20, Harrisburg, PA
DAVID M BRADLEY, LCpl, Age 22, Pullman, WA
DANIEL W BRADY, LCpl, Age 20, Norristown, PA
WALTER H BROOKS JR, LCpl, Age 19, Attica, NY
CESAR E CARVALLO, LCpl, Age 23, Rego Park, NY
RONALD CHARLES, LCpl, Age 21, Struthers, OH
MEDFORD A CHRYSLER, Pfc, Age 20, Pacifica, CA
KENNETH R CLOPTON, Sgt, Age 23, Columbus, MS
STERLING K COATES, Capt, Age 29, Plymouth, PA
GEORGE COUTRAKIS, Pfc, Age 19, Ripon, CA
FRANK DAVILA, Cpl, Age 19, New York, NY
ARTHUR E DEMERS JR, Cpl, Age 20, Penacook, NH
ALAN L DIEDRICKSEN, Cpl, Age 23, Darien, CT
MICHAEL R DOTSON, HM3, Age 20, Lansing, MI
PAUL G FORBES JR, Pfc, Age 20, San Diego, CA
HECTOR FUENTES, HN, Age 19, Riverside, CA
MARGARITO GARZA, Cpl, Age 23, Bishop, TX
PAUL J GOLEMBSKI, Pfc, Age 19, Camden, NJ
WARREN H GRANT JR, Pfc, Age 21, Oakland, CA
MICHAEL L GRAVES, LCpl, Age 20, Heath Springs, SC
ROBERT L HAINES, Cpl, Age 21, Stoystown, PA
STEPHEN W HARSHMAN, LCpl, Age 21, North Lima, OH
JEFFREY S HATISON, LCpl, Age 19, Martinsburg, WV
WILLIAM E HILLIARD, Sgt, Age 23, Houston, TX
TERRI L HINES, Pfc, Age 21, Richmond, IN
GARY A HOLSCLAW, LCpl, Age 19, Loomis, CA
STEPHEN J HONNOLD, LCpl, Age 20, Kansas City, MO
CHARLES E HUMPHREY, Cpl, Age 22, Anahuac, TX
JAMES D IMERESE, LCpl, Age 20, Buffalo, NY
GENERAL F JAMES JR, Sgt, Age 25, Newport News, VA
ROBERT J JAMRO, LCpl, Age 21, Scotia, NY
DEE R JARVIS, LCpl, Age 18, Pleasant Grove, UT
CHARLES E JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 20, Newark, NJ
DARRYL R JUEL, LCpl, Age 20, Scobey, MT
WARREN O KENEIPP JR, Capt, Age 25, Oak Lawn, IL
THOMAS G KING, 2ndLt, Age 23, Penfield, NY
JOE C LEUTENEGGER, Pfc, Age 20, Granite City, IL
HARRY J LOCKHART, Pfc, Age 20, Kilgore, TX
FRANK T LOPINTO, LCpl, Age 19, Lyndhurst, NJ
EDWARD R LOZANO, HN, Age 20, Youngstown, OH
GARY D LYONS, LCpl, Age 20, Cardington, OH
ANTHONY MARACZI, Pfc, Age 19, Jennings, MO
STEVEN F MATHIAS, LCpl, Age 18, Bountiful, UT
JAMES L MC BRIDE, LCpl, Age 19, Anadarko, OK
JAMES G MC COY, Pfc, Age 19, Buffalo, NY
EDWARD J MC CUNE, LCpl, Age 21, New York, NY
JOHN T MC GARRY, LCpl, Age 20, New York, NY
THOMAS W MC MAHON JR, LCpl, Age 20, Kansas City, MO
STEPHEN A MENSHEK, HN, Age 20, Minneapolis, MN
JERRY L MILLER, SSgt, Age 27, Midway Park, SC
MAURICE K MOCK, Pfc, Age 18, Vancouver, WA
STEPHEN P MULLER, 2ndLt, Age 25, Indianapolis, IN
RICHARD A NICHOLS, Pfc, Age 20, Dayton, WA
BENNY F NIMOX, Cpl, Age 18, Highland Park, MI
TEX D PATRICK, SSgt, Age 27, Reynoldsville, WV
STEVEN J POWERS, Pvt, Age 19, Lansing, MI
TERRY L QUIGLEY, LCpl, Age 20, Columbia, SC
ALEX L QUIROGA, HM2, Age 23, San Jose, CA
DELMA L REED, Cpl, Age 22, Trent, TX
ALFREDO V REYES, SSgt, Age 25, El Paso, TX
JACK R RUSH, LCpl, Age 20, Algoma, WI
STANLEY SANDERS, Sgt, Age 21, Baltimore, MD
JONATHAN A SAWYER, HN, Age 18, Boothbay Harbor, ME
MICHAEL D SMITH, LCpl, Age 20, New Britain, CT
MARSHALL G STEFFANS, Pvt, Age 19, Buffalo, NY
WILLIAM L STEVENSON, Pfc, Age 21, Leitchfield, KY
WILLIAM J SUTTON, LCpl, Age 19, Falls Church, VA
PETER G TALMON III, LCpl, Age 19, Los Angeles, CA
THOMAS M THOMPSON, Cpl, Age 21, Norfolk, VA
WILLIAM H TOOMBS, LCpl, Age 20, Atlanta, GA
STEVEN R WAGSTAFF, LCpl, Age 21, Murrayville, IL
SHERMAN R WAITES, Pfc, Age 20, Marlin, TX
TOMMIE V WHITE, Pfc, Age 25, Garland, TX
WAYNE V WILSON, SSgt, Age 28, Thomasville, NC
HERBERT C WRIGHT JR, LCpl, Age 19, Black Mountain, NC
BRUCE A YODER, Pfc, Age 19, Kokomo, IN
ROBERT E ZIMBERLIN JR, Cpl, Age 22, San Diego, CA
Tuesday, July 4, 1967
CLINTON H ANDERSON JR, 2ndLt, Age 22, El Segundo, CA
CALVIN BELTON, Pfc, Age 20, New Haven, CT
FRANK J BOWLES, Cpl, Age 23, Bassett, VA
DANIEL R COX, LCpl, Age 20, Litchfield, IL
WILLIAM O EDMONDS, Pfc, Age 24, Tulsa, OK
EDWARD F FEE JR, HN, Age 21, El Campo, TX
GILBERT FELICIANO, Pfc, Age 20, Cleveland, OH
DAVID A HEDBLUM, Pfc, Age 20, Seattle, WA
FREDDIE JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 20, Frogmore, LA
THOMAS J JONES, LCpl, Age 20, Portland, OR
ROGER K NORTON, Pfc, Age 19, Auburn, IL
ROBERT J OVERMYER, LCpl, Age 20, Mattoon, IL
FRANK M PIETRAS, LCpl, Age 21, Springfield, NY
STANLEY H SULLIVAN, Pfc, Age 23, Fayetteville, TN
ROBERT W SWIGART, Capt, Age 34, State College, PA
THEODORE E WESTBROOK, Pfc, Age 20, Pierson, MI
KAY W WRIGHT, Cpl, Age 20, Salisbury, NC
Wednesday, July 5, 1967
DAVID A ACTON, HN, Age 22, Bedford, IN
JOHN W GRANAHAN, LCpl, Age 19, Quincy, MA
FRANK B WESTERFIELD, 2ndLt, Age 37, Pasadena, TX
Thursday, July 6, 1967
JOSEPH W BARILLO, Cpl, Age 20, Hornell, NY
EDWARD M BRADY, LCpl, Age 20, Utica, NY
JERRY M CASH, Pvt, Age 20, Memphis, TN
ROGER D CECIL, LCpl, Age 21, Alma, AR
CHARLES E MANNS, LCpl, Age 20, Ridgeway, VA
JETTIE RIVERS JR, 2ndLt, Age 34, Nashville, TN
FRANK I RIVIERE, Sgt, Age 21, New Orleans, LA
RICHARD J SASEK, Capt, Age 30, Topeka, KS
DARRYL E SAUNDERS, LCpl, Age 20, Chicago, IL
DANIEL J SULLIVAN, Sgt, Age 28, New York, NY
JOHN J VAN VLECK, HM2, Age 38, Clearwater, FL
Friday, July 7, 1967
ROBERT C DAMBECK, MSgt, Age 37, Altoona, PA
RICHARD R DAVIS, LCpl, Age 20, Nahant, MA
WILLIAM W DAVIS JR, Pfc, Age 19, Boston, MA
JOHN H FERRIL II, LCpl, Age 21, Rockville Centre, NY
GATLIN J HOWELL, 1stLt, Age 31, Colma, CA
KENNETH B KOOSER, Cpl, Age 20, Connellsville, PA
RICHARD H LOPEZ, LCpl, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
PETER MOSKOS, Cpl, Age 20, East Bridgewater, MA
GLENN R OGBURN, Cpl, Age 21, Shreveport, LA
ANDREW C RABAIOTTI, LCpl, Age 21, East Boston, MA
JOSEPH R RIEBLI, LCpl, Age 20, Port Orchard, WA
MICHAEL B SMITH, Cpl, Age 22, Fairfield, CA
THOMAS R WALSH, Pfc, Age 20, Baldwinsville, NY
GLENDON L WATERS, SSgt, Age 38, Dallas, TX
JOEL WILLIAMS JR, Sgt, Age 29, Little Rock, AR
Saturday, July 8, 1967
JIMMY O BARNES, LCpl, Age 21, Lansing, MI
TYRONE DARRETT, Pfc, Age 20, Houston, TX
PERRY K JONES, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
DONALD H KITO, LCpl, Age 25, Petersburg, AK
Friday, July 28, 1967
KERMIT H LA BELLE JR, Pfc, Age 18, Fairbanks, AK
Saturday, July 29, 1967
STEVEN H BENNEFELD, Pfc, Age 19, Girard, KS
HENRY W BERNARD, LCpl, Age 19, Willimantic, CT
DENNIS E BROWN, Pfc, Age 21, The Dalles, OR
JOHN M DUDLEY, Pfc, Age 20, Glen Rock, PA
ROBERT L ELLISON, Cpl, Age 20, Charlotte, MI
MICHAEL F GAFFNEY, LCpl, Age 20, Chicago, IL
ALFRED J GASPAR, Cpl, Age 20, Fall River, MA
WALTER C GIBSON, LCpl, Age 21, Denver, CO
PHILLIP JACOB, LCpl, Age 20, Toledo, OH
RICHARD H JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 18, Wolcott, NY
LARRY V KINARD, LCpl, Age 21, Philadelphia, PA
ROBERT A KISCH, 2ndLt, Age 23, Garden City, NY
RICHARD L LA FLAIR, Cpl, Age 19, Brownville, NY
ANTHONY M LEACH, LCpl, Age 18, Lynwood, WA
JAMES G MC GOVERN, LCpl, Age 19, Riverdale, MD
RONALD L MC JUNKIN, LCpl, Age 20, Sciotoville, OH
CARL J OLSON, LCpl, Age 20, Davenport, IA
STANLEY K PATRICK, LCpl, Age 19, Grifton, NC
DAVID S PRENTICE, GySgt, Age 43, Anchorage, AK
JAMES P PROCTOR, LCpl, Age 21, Tampa, FL
RICKY W RICHARDSON, Pvt, Age 20, Kailua, HI
EDDIE L ROBERTS, Pfc, Age 18, Hope, AR
WILLIAM F SEVENEY, Pfc, Age 20, Ware, MA
LEE R TAYLOR, Cpl, Age 21, Coalgood, KY
ALLEN J WHITE, LCpl, Age 20, Delhi, IA
ROBERT W WILFONG, LCpl, Age 20, South Whitley, IN
Sunday, July 30, 1967
FLOYD G TREAT, Pfc, Age 20, Kaw City, OK
Monday, July 31, 1967
BOBBY D SMITH, Pfc, Age 19, Manilla, IN
Friday, August 4, 1967
DAVID A ECHOLS, Pfc, Age 20, Cincinnati, OH
Friday, August 11, 1967
RICHARD L MORSE, Cpl, Age 21, Coeymans Hollow, NY
ALAN R SCHULTZ, LCpl, Age 20, Levittown, PA
Saturday, August 12, 1967
Friday, August 18, 1967
RONALD E GERWIG, LCpl, Age 22, Harmony, PA
Saturday, August 19, 1967
CHARLES W NEISZ JR, Pfc, Age 19, Richmond, VA
Tuesday, August 22, 1967
RANDALL R FREEBERG, LCpl, Age 21, Minneapolis, MN
ROBERT A HEISER, Pfc, Age 19, Rib Lake, WI
Thursday, August 24, 1967
DUANE R BENTLEY, Pfc, Age 21, Portland, OR
JOSEPH B COMEAUX, Cpl, Age 21, Winnie, TX
JIMIE D DUTCHER, Pfc, Age 20, Sidney, NY
WILLIAM H GOEDEKER, Pfc, Age 21, Beaver Falls, PA
ROLAND I JEFFERSON, Cpl, Age 26, Baltimore, MD
MICHAEL E JONES, Cpl, Age 20, Baltimore, MD
JOE L LEE, Pfc, Age 19, Jacksonville, FL
WILLIAM E RODKEY, Cpl, Age 20, Northumberland, PA
MANUEL G YBARRA, Pfc, Age 19, Superior, AZ
Friday, August 25, 1967
GASPER A VOILES, Pfc, Age 19, Armathwaite, TN
Tuesday, August 29, 1967
GEORGE E CAHILL, SSgt, Age 29, Rochester, NH
RUTILIO P CORDOVA, Sgt, Age 22, Denver, CO
Friday, September 1, 1967
JAMES H COOLS, Pvt, Age 20, Detroit, MI
GEORGE L HAHNER JR, LCpl, Age 19, Chicago, IL
DENNIS W LUGAR, Sgt, Age 21, Detroit, MI
Saturday, September 2, 1967
BILLY J BENNETT, Pfc, Age 19, Chattanooga, TN
Monday, September 4, 1967
JAMES S PEREZ, Pfc, Age 20, Dallas, TX
HERMAN R PHELPS, Pfc, Age 20, Houston, TX
Wednesday, September 6, 1967
DONALD R HENRY, LCpl, Age 19, Dillsboro, IN
DANNY J HUDDY, LCpl, Age 21, Nelsonville, OH
JOHN P KLABUNDE, LCpl, Age 21, Omaha, NE
DAVID B LE FEVER, Cpl, Age 21, Norristown, PA
ROBERT MASON, LCpl, Age 21, Greeneville, TN
MACK P MOHAMED, Cpl, Age 22, New York, NY
ALLISON L THOMAS, LCpl, Age 23, Atlanta, GA
MICHAEL J TOMASEK, LCpl, Age 20, New York, NY
DONALD R WARD, Sgt, Age 24, Silver Spring, MD
Friday, September 8, 1967
DAVID A LE BEAU, Pfc, Age 20, Canton, OH
Sunday, September 10, 1967
LEE IRVING, Pfc, Age 20, Heath, OH
JOHNIE B MACHAU, LCpl, Age 21, Redmond, OR
DONALD R PETERSEN JR, Pfc, Age 20, Chicago, IL
RICHARD A WARDROBE, Pfc, Age 18, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tuesday, September 12, 1967
ROBERT F BIGELOW, Pfc, Age 20, Lowell, MA
HERMAN ELLIS JR, LCpl, Age 19, Indianapolis, IN
CHESTER K HUTCHISON, Pfc, Age 19, Fort Lauderdale, FL
ROY J JUERS, Cpl, Age 22, East Norwich, NY
BRUCE A KERN, Pfc, Age 19, Orlando, FL
ROBERT K MATTSON, Pfc, Age 18, Mount Jackson, VA
MARLIN L PRICE, LCpl, Age 20, Mulga, AL
WILLIS L WOOD, Pfc, Age 20, Brunswick, GA
Wednesday, September 13, 1967
MICHAEL L MULCAHY, Pfc, Age 18, Stoughton, WI
BILLY R SALYER, LCpl, Age 19, Silver Lake, IN
MICHAEL S WILSFORD, LCpl, Age 20, Muncie, IN
WILLIAM G YOUNG, Pfc, Age 19, Sapulpa, OK
Thursday, September 14, 1967
KEITH E GERHARDT, LCpl, Age 20, Cincinnati, OH
RONALD L WILSON, Cpl, Age 20, Alton, IL
Saturday, September 16, 1967
WILLIAM G ANDRUS, HM3, Age 21, Milwaukee, WI
Monday, September 18, 1967
ROBERT P BREEDEN, LCpl, Age 22, Raleigh, NC
AMOS R OSBORNE, Cpl, Age 20, Winston, OR
Tuesday, September 19, 1967
ROBERT E FOLSOM, LCpl, Age 18, San Bruno, CA
Wednesday, September 20, 1967
RONALD E PENE, LCpl, Age 19, Hacienda Heights, CA
Thursday, September 21, 1967
RAYMOND CLAY, Pfc, Age 20, Oklahoma City, OK
TROY W COKLEY, Pfc, Age 19, Savannah, GA
GLENN W FOSTER JR, LCpl, Age 20, Salt Lake City, UT
CHARLES M GOFF, Pvt, Age 19, Indianapolis, IN
EDGAR J GUIN, Pfc, Age 19, Fayetteville, NC
JOHN E KLETT, HN, Age 20, Birmingham, MI
WILLIAM G PILCHER, Pvt, Age 20, Golden City, MO
DONALD J RICHARDS, LCpl, Age 20, Medford Station, NY
ROBERT C ROPER, GySgt, Age 33, Rule, TX
WILLIAM H UPCHURCH JR, Sgt, Age 24, Durham, NC
Friday, September 22, 1967
THOMAS H BENTON, LCpl, Age 19, Sonora, CA
EUGENE F CORMIER, Pvt, Age 20, Milford, MA
JOEL CROCKETT, Pfc, Age 18, Osceola, AR
PAUL G GIROIR, Cpl, Age 20, New Orleans, LA
DAVID A KRISAN, Pfc, Age 19, Chicago, IL
LEON L LOCHTHOWE, Pfc, Age 22, Minot, ND
BRUCE E SAGERIAN, LCpl, Age 20, Worcester, MA
FRANK M STREEKS JR, Pfc, Age 20, Silver Spring, MD
Saturday, September 23, 1967
PAUL L PRICE, Cpl, Age 19, Owensboro, KY
CLAUDE A SMITH, LCpl, Age 21, Chadds Ford, PA
Sunday, September 24, 1967
WILLIAM D CASS, Sgt, Age 21, Syracuse, NY
JOHN F PENDER, HN, Age 21, District Heights, MD
GARY L ROBERTS, Pfc, Age 18, Newark, NJ
Monday, September 25, 1967
WILLIAM C JOHNSON JR, Cpl, Age 21, Augusta, GA
Tuesday, September 26, 1967
MICHAEL S GOZDAN, 2ndLt, Age 24, Easton, PA
Wednesday, September 27, 1967
JOHN W HOSE JR, LCpl, Age 18, Decatur, AL
TOMMY E OSBON, Cpl, Age 22, Amarillo, TX
ROBERT TAYLOR, LCpl, Age 21, Niagara Falls, NY
Thursday, September 28, 1967
JOHN P BURGESS, Pvt, Age 19, Stow, OH
Friday, September 29, 1967
ROGER V KELLEY, LCpl, Age 21, La Mesa, CA
Wednesday, October 4, 1967
JOHN F DE WALD, Pvt, Age 19, Buffalo, NY
MARION M HOPKINS, Cpl, Age 20, New Brunswick, NJ
JAMES T LANE, Pfc, Age 20, Niagara Falls, NY
PETER A SPARKS, HN, Age 19, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, October 5, 1967
DANNY E REID, Cpl, Age 19, Macon, GA
Saturday, October 7, 1967
DALE C BREWER, LCpl, Age 19, De Kalb, IL
Tuesday, October 10, 1967
HENRY E OATES, LCpl, Age 18, Winston-salem, NC
DONALD J RYAN, Cpl, Age 19, Auburn, NY
Thursday, October 12, 1967
JAMES E CANIDATE, Pfc, Age 19, Montgomery, AL
TED H CHRISTIAN, 2ndLt, Age 23, Gauley Bridge, WV
JOHN A RYAN JR, Capt, Age 33, New York, NY
RICHARD V SMITH, HM3, Age 21, Dundee, NY
Friday, October 13, 1967
HERMAN B GAILLIARD, Pfc, Age 22, Charleston, SC
RICHARD W MIDDLETON, Pfc, Age 21, Ironton, MO
GEORGE E SHADE, HM3, Age 22, Lansdale, PA
Saturday, October 14, 1967
CORNELIUS C LACKS, LCpl, Age 18, Richmond, VA
Monday, October 16, 1967
Wednesday, October 18, 1967
JERRY R HALL, Cpl, Age 20, Pensacola, FL
Sunday, October 22, 1967
JOHN J RHODES, LCpl, Age 20, Auburn, NY
WAYNE F WHITEMAN, LCpl, Age 20, Cedar Rapids, IA
Monday, October 23, 1967
MICHAEL C ETTZ, Cpl, Age 20, Lodi, NJ
Monday, October 30, 1967
JAMES H WILSON JR, Sgt, Age 24, Jacksonville, NC
Thursday, November 2, 1967
JOHN B HEADLEY, Cpl, Age 20, Warwick, RI
Tuesday, November 7, 1967
RONALD J MAYBERRY, Cpl, Age 20, Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, November 9, 1967
ROBERT R GONNEVILLE, Cpl, Age 19, New Bedford, MA
Thursday, November 30, 1967
ROBERT T ABINA, Pfc, Age 20, San Leandro, CA
LARRY G BUFORD, Cpl, Age 20, Franklin, TN
THOMAS J EKWELL, LCpl, Age 19, Rochester, NY
DONALD W GEBHART, LCpl, Age 19, Bridgeton, NJ
GARY L GROW, LCpl, Age 21, Lyndhurst, OH
THOMAS J MC ELYNN, LCpl, Age 20, Laurelton, NY
NELSON W MC KENNA, Pfc, Age 19, Poughkeepsie, NY
JAMES K OXLEY, HN, Age 21, Bradford, PA
LARRY T PARKER, Pfc, Age 18, Fresno, CA
DALE C PEHRSON, Cpl, Age 22, Redding, CA
CLIFTON B SMITH, LCpl, Age 21, Midland City, AL
JAMES D STOKES, Pvt, Age 20, Springfield, MO
LAFFEY F STRAIT, Pfc, Age 19, Doniphan, MO
HARRY C VANDERKLOOT, Pfc, Age 20, Antioch, IL
JIMMY L WARD, Pfc, Age 20, Nampa, ID
SAM D WARLICK, 2ndLt, Age 22, Raeford, NC
Wednesday, December 6, 1967
LANCE N JENKINS, LCpl, Age 18, Vineland, NJ
RICHARD J LIS, LCpl, Age 19, Chicago, IL
GARLAND R MANN, LCpl, Age 20, Biscoe, AR
JERRY MARKUS, Cpl, Age 19, Bridgeport, CT
JACKIE R PERRY, LCpl, Age 19, Dallas, TX
FREDRICK W TODD, Pfc, Age 22, Dallas, TX
RICHARD W VAUGHN, 2ndLt, Age 23, San Luis Obispo, CA
LEON ZUNIGA JR, Pfc, Age 20, Imperial Beach, CA
Friday, December 15, 1967
LAWRENCE STEWART, LCpl, Age 18, Buffalo, NY
Saturday, December 16, 1967
JAMES M THOMAS, LCpl, Age 19, Winnsboro, SC
Tuesday, December 19, 1967
ROGER D EVANS, LCpl, Age 20, Freeman, WV
THOMAS S HENSHAW, LCpl, Age 22, Pacific Palisades, CA
RANDALL B PURDY, LCpl, Age 21, Briarcliff, NY
Wednesday, December 27, 1967
GENE R PHIPPS, Sgt, Age 21, Greensboro, NC
Saturday, December 30, 1967
JOSEPH BUSUTTIL, Pfc, Age 20, Detroit, MI
WALTER M KEENE, Pfc, Age 19, Millington, MI
Monday, January 8, 1968
ISHMELL EADDY, Pfc, Age 20, Bridgeport, CT
DAVID D NICHOLSON, Cpl, Age 20, Rockford, IL
Saturday, January 13, 1968
RUDOLPH J BIELEK JR, Pfc, Age 18, North Braddock, PA
ARTHUR BUSTAMANTE, LCpl, Age 21, San Fernando, CA
MICHAEL T GEORGE, 2ndLt, Age 23, Erie, PA
GERALD A HIUKKA, Pfc, Age 20, Albany, OR
ERNEST HOWARD, Pfc, Age 19, Memphis, TN
ROBERT A JACKSON, Cpl, Age 21, Providence, RI
MARK A LAMPRECHT, Pfc, Age 18, Douglas, AZ
EUGENE LAW, Pfc, Age 19, Linden, NJ
JACKIE R MC ELWEE, LCpl, Age 19, Sidney, IL
BRUCE A MORRISON, Pfc, Age 19, Proctor, VT
LEWIS J PARKER, Cpl, Age 21, Gates, NC
DENNIS K RICE, HN, Age 19, Phoenix, AZ
ALFRED B RUSS, 1stLt, Age 24, Peterborough, NH
EDWARD SANCHEZ JR, LCpl, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
WILLIAM O SAUNDERS JR, Pfc, Age 19, Tulare, CA
HAROLD L SCHRECKENGOST, Pfc, Age 20, Rural Valley, PA
Tuesday, January 16, 1968
DOUGLAS D HOLLAND, Pfc, Age 21, Inwood, IA
Saturday, January 20, 1968
THOMAS R PEARSON, 2ndLt, Age 22, San Diego, CA
Wednesday, January 24, 1968
GILBERT AYALA, Pfc, Age 19, Fresno, CA
CLAYTON M HOLLAND, Pfc, Age 18, Altoona, PA
JOHN H NEAL, Cpl, Age 21, Jersey City, NJ
Saturday, January 27, 1968
MICHAEL J COLEMAN, LCpl, Age 20, Bensenville, IL
JOSEPH T HUNT, Cpl, Age 20, Scituate, MA
DONALD E WEED, Cpl, Age 19, Port Hueneme, CA
Sunday, January 28, 1968
JAMES C RILES, Pfc, Age 19, Fordyce, AR
Thursday, February 1, 1968
GERALD W ROBERTSON, Pfc, Age 21, North Little Rock, AR
Friday, February 2, 1968
JOSEPH C APPLEGATE, Pfc, Age 20, Monticello, IN
ALFRED L MC NABB, Pfc, Age 19, Chicago, IL
LARRY L MITCHELL, Pfc, Age 18, Bald Knob, AR
BILLY W WILSON, LCpl, Age 19, Trenton, TX
CHARLES E ZUNIGA, LCpl, Age 19, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, February 3, 1968
RUDOLPH V CISTARO, Pvt, Age 18, Chicago, IL
BOBBY A TAYLOR, Cpl, Age 19, Silver City, NM
Monday, February 5, 1968
SHULER A HOFFMAN, LCpl, Age 20, Springfield, SC
MARK M LANGSTON, LCpl, Age 18, Portland, OR
JERRY D MALLORY, Pfc, Age 21, Linden, MI
ANTHONY J SCHNELLER, Pfc, Age 20, Dolton, IL
Thursday, February 8, 1968
MICHAEL B BARRETT, HN, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
JERRY C BURKHEAD, Cpl, Age 21, Lee Mont, VA
GERALD R CLEMSON, Pfc, Age 20, Geneva, OH
WILLIAM K COLEGATE, Pfc, Age 23, Red Bud, IL
THOMAS R CRAIG JR, Pfc, Age 19, Atlanta, GA
GUY D DICKIE, Pvt, Age 19, Pittsburgh, PA
KENNETH C FORDHAM, Pfc, Age 20, Macon, GA
WILLIAM L GLASPER, LCpl, Age 20, Baton Rouge, LA
ANTHONY W HANDLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Hot Springs, AR
LEONARD JACKSON JR, Pfc, Age 23, Chicago, IL
THOMAS C LEWER, Cpl, Age 20, Bemidji, MN
ROY D MC DANIEL, Cpl, Age 20, Kansas City, MO
ALLEN MC KINLEY, Pvt, Age 18, Gary, IN
ROBERT N MORDEN, Pfc, Age 18, Greensboro, NC
PATRICK M MURPHY, Pfc, Age 18, Merrill, MI
RONALD L PEMBLETON, Pfc, Age 22, Nicholasville, KY
JOHN C PONDOFF, Pfc, Age 19, East St Louis, IL
JAMES P RIZZO, LCpl, Age 20, Bratenahl, OH
TERENCE R ROACH JR, 2ndLt, Age 25, Birmingham, MI
RONALD C ROUNTREE, LCpl, Age 20, Sherman Oaks, CA
JAMES F SCOTT, LCpl, Age 20, Mobile, AL
ARVID B SKUZA, LCpl, Age 21, Ada, MN
TOMMY L STEWART, Pfc, Age 19, Washington, DC
MANUEL P TORRES, Cpl, Age 22, Piru, CA
JEFFREY M WALSH, LCpl, Age 19, Bethel Park, PA
HENRY YORK, Cpl, Age 19, North Babylon, NY
Friday, February 9, 1968
DAVID L BOYD, LCpl, Age 19, Newark, NJ
MICHAEL L LOVATO, Pfc, Age 20, Belen, NM
THOMAS M PINATELLI, Pfc, Age 19, Hawthorne, CA
THOMAS J SPARKS, Pfc, Age 18, Groves, TX
Saturday, February 10, 1968
GLENN H CALVIN, SSgt, Age 29, Grant, OK
Sunday, February 11, 1968
ROBERT L TURNER, 1stSgt, Age 35, Greenville, SC
Monday, February 12, 1968
WILLIE C SCOTT, Cpl, Age 21, Thomasville, GA
Wednesday, February 14, 1968
FREDERICK W BUNGARTZ, Pfc, Age 19, Chippewa Falls, WI
LOWELL T COMBS, Cpl, Age 22, San Antonio, TX
DON M DOORNBOS, Cpl, Age 21, Wichita, KS
DENNIS K FLEMING, Cpl, Age 21, Orrville, OH
LARRY J GOSS, HM2, Age 21, Marion, IN
MELVIN L JONES, Pfc, Age 18, Shreveport, LA
ERNESTO MARTINEZ, LCpl, Age 19, San Jose, CA
WILLIAM R REESE, 2ndLt, Age 24, Abilene, TX
BARRY L RIGSBY, Pfc, Age 19, Madison, IN
DAVID F SCHNEIDER, Cpl, Age 21, Avon, OH
STEVEN G SLACK, Pfc, Age 20, Rockville, CT
ALEXANDER K WARD, Capt, Age 27, Annapolis, MD
JEFFREY R WENTZELL, LCpl, Age 19, San Francisco, CA
Thursday, February 15, 1968
MARK E JAMES, LCpl, Age 20, Bremen, GA
JIMMY L SILER, Pfc, Age 20, Siler City, NC
Friday, February 16, 1968
KENNETH R JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 18, Florence, MA
JAMES D MC ALISTER, Pfc, Age 20, Binghamton, NY
SANDY L SHULL, LCpl, Age 19, Nashville, TN
CORDELL E WOODS, LCpl, Age 20, Chicago, IL
Saturday, February 17, 1968
LARRY R MC KINNEY, LCpl, Age 20, Richmond, IN
Thursday, February 22, 1968
LEE M ROWELL, Pfc, Age 18, Duluth, MN
Friday, February 23, 1968
RUBEN A BURGESS, Pfc, Age 19, New Orleans, LA
Saturday, February 24, 1968
JOHN T BECK, Pvt, Age 19, Gordo, AL
Monday, February 26, 1968
RAYMOND J BRERETON, Pfc, Age 20, Hoboken, NJ
ANTHONY N VALENTE, GySgt, Age 38, Albany, NY
Friday, March 1, 1968
LARRY W BENGE, LCpl, Age 21, Houston, TX
FREDERICK B LINK, LCpl, Age 21, Newton, NC
GARY A MARTIN, LCpl, Age 20, Roanoke, VA
Saturday, March 2, 1968
FRANK J HUTCHINS, Sgt, Age 21, Mechanicville, NY
KENNETH E LLOYD, Pvt, Age 20, Toledo, OH
ROY A MEIER, Pfc, Age 19, Marion, IA
THOMAS J SCULLEN, Pfc, Age 18, Berea, OH
DAVID L WETHINGTON JR, HN, Age 21, Cincinnati, OH
Thursday, March 7, 1968
THOMAS W FERGUSON, Pfc, Age 21, Wills Point, TX
Friday, March 8, 1968
DOUGLAS N MC KENZIE II, Cpl, Age 21, Oceanside, CA
GEORGE W STORZ, Sgt, Age 23, San Anselmo, CA
Monday, March 11, 1968
JESS B BOICOURT JR, Cpl, Age 22, Nampa, ID
DANIEL L MEYSEMBOURG, Pfc, Age 18, Madison, WI
JAMES L RUSSELL, LCpl, Age 18, Akron, OH
Friday, March 15, 1968
CLARENCE H LEWIS, Cpl, Age 24, Plaquemine, LA
CHARLES S WALSH, Pfc, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
PAUL L WOODARD, SSgt, Age 32, Camden, NJ
Tuesday, March 19, 1968
JODY A CRON, Pfc, Age 18, Nicholson, PA
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Friday, March 22, 1968
WORDELL GAINES, Pfc, Age 19, Tuscaloosa, AL
KENNETH R JOYNER, Pfc, Age 19, Dorchester, MA
Saturday, March 23, 1968
VERNON L DOWNS JR, Cpl, Age 19, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, March 24, 1968
JOHN J ENZINNA, Cpl, Age 20, Niagara Falls, NY
BERNARD L GAINES, Pfc, Age 20, Jersey Shore, PA
PAUL L HUTCHINSON, Pfc, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
WILLIAM A IVES, Pfc, Age 19, Council Bluffs, IA
ERWIN A POLT, LCpl, Age 26, Pierce, NE
Tuesday, March 26, 1968
KENNETH KAMINSKI, Pfc, Age 20, Detroit, MI
LEONARD LONG, HN, Age 20, Tulare, CA
ROBERT B MOSSO, Sgt, Age 22, Wellsboro, PA
Wednesday, March 27, 1968
JOHN J HICKEY, LCpl, Age 20, Green Bay, WI
Saturday, March 30, 1968
LUZON BEASLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Clarksdale, MS
PAUL R GULA, Pfc, Age 19, Sykesville, PA
LAWRENCE R KOMAN, 2ndLt, Age 23, Aliquippa, PA
RAYMOND L PLUNKETT, Cpl, Age 19, Washington, DC
RONALD REYES, Pfc, Age 19, La Puente, CA
FRANCIS L SHAFER JR, Capt, Age 29, Newkirk, OK
Sunday, March 31, 1968
SHERMAN T WASHINGTON, Pfc, Age 20, Marianna, PA
JOSEPH K WHEELER, Pfc, Age 18, West Utica, NY
Thursday, April 4, 1968
ERNEST L BRIDGES, SSgt, Age 27, Gary, IN
RONALD T CAVAZOS, Pfc, Age 18, Detroit, MI
JAMES O HOLLOWAY JR, LCpl, Age 25, Newark, NJ
ROBERT M JACOB, Pfc, Age 19, Bristol, CT
WALTER C JONES III, Capt, Age 26, Garden City, NY
BRIAN V LINDBERG, LCpl, Age 24, Dunnell, MN
CHARLES C MILLER, LCpl, Age 23, Mount Pleasant, IA
WALTER M OSTAPCHUK, LCpl, Age 22, Columbia, OH
EDWARD L TOWSLEE, Pfc, Age 20, Akron, OH
Friday, April 5, 1968
ANDREW Z BUCIOR, Cpl, Age 20, Perth Amboy, NJ
LIONEL L ROBINSON, Cpl, Age 20, Wilmington, DE
Saturday, April 6, 1968
WILLIAM D HOFFMAN, Pfc, Age 18, Russell, KS
ALLEN G MACK, Pfc, Age 21, Allentown, PA
RUDY J SALAZAR, LCpl, Age 21, Fort Worth, TX
STEVEN L SPARKS, Pfc, Age 19, Columbus, OH
Sunday, April 7, 1968
RICHARD M CORRALES, Pfc, Age 22, Richmond, TX
JEFFRY R THARALDSON, Pfc, Age 20, Sacramento, CA
Monday, April 8, 1968
LARRY A JONES, LCpl, Age 19, Thousand Oaks, CA
JUAN N SEDILLO, Cpl, Age 20, Mc Nary, AZ
Tuesday, April 9, 1968
THOMAS F CAMPBELL, Pfc, Age 19, New York, NY
RONALD L FRAZIER, LCpl, Age 21, Weatherby, MO
CHARLES W GARBER JR, Cpl, Age 20, New Hope, VA
PHILLIP M KIDD, Pfc, Age 18, Frewsburg, NY
PHILIP T LINDSAY, Pfc, Age 18, Philadelphia, PA
KEVIN S MULGREW, LCpl, Age 19, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, April 16, 1968
WILLIAM C AVERITTE, Cpl, Age 23, Dallas, TX
CHARLES B BOYNTON JR, HM3, Age 20, Baltimore, MD
DAVID D BROWN JR, Pfc, Age 18, Wrangell, AK
DANIEL K CHRISTIAN, LCpl, Age 21, Wadsworth, OH
ROBERT D CICIO, Pfc, Age 20, Farmingdale, NY
BRUCE K CRAIG, Pfc, Age 20, Escanaba, MI
GALE E CRAUN, Pfc, Age 20, Portland, OR
WILLIAM J DOLAN, Pfc, Age 19, Hartford, CT
WENDELL GUILLORY, Pfc, Age 20, Church Point, LA
DAVID HABERMAN, Pfc, Age 20, Cleveland, OH
LESLIE P HAGARA, Sgt, Age 21, Saltsburg, PA
MICHAEL P HAYDEN, 1stLt, Age 23, Detroit, MI
LAWRENCE HIMMER, Capt, Age 29, Chula Vista, CA
JACK L HINKLE, Pfc, Age 22, Lyons, OH
JAMES A HUNT, Cpl, Age 20, La Puente, CA
ROY D HURLBERT, Cpl, Age 22, Wheat Ridge, CO
NATHANIEL E JACKSON, Cpl, Age 21, Georgetown, SC
DENNIS N JOHNSTON, HN, Age 20, Mc Donald, OH
RICHARD W JOHNSTON, Pfc, Age 20, Lock Haven, PA
DANNY R KILGORE, Pfc, Age 19, Myrtle Point, OR
ALFRED L LEBLANC, Cpl, Age 20, Ponchatoula, LA
ROBERT H LITTLEFIELD, Cpl, Age 19, Birmingham, AL
MAURO MARTINEZ, Pfc, Age 20, Hudson, CO
AUBREY D MC CLELLAND, Pfc, Age 20, Dallas, TX
WILLIAM C MEDEIROS, LCpl, Age 22, New Bedford, MA
HERVE J MOISE, Pfc, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
LARRY G MOORE, Pfc, Age 19, Owensboro, KY
ROBERT F OWENS, Cpl, Age 20, Wheatland, IN
TIMOTHY E OWENS, Pfc, Age 19, Kansas City, KS
TERRY J RAMPULLA, LCpl, Age 21, Easton, PA
DAVID G REDENIUS, Cpl, Age 20, Plymouth, IL
ROBERT RICE, Sgt, Age 26, Flushing, NY
JOSE RUIZ, Cpl, Age 24, New York, NY
MARVIN G RUSH, Pfc, Age 21, Memphis, TN
HUGH E SCHAVELIN, LCpl, Age 20, Norma, NJ
JERRY A SWEET, Pfc, Age 20, Lebanon Springs, NY
ROBERT J WELLS JR, Pfc, Age 18, Schenectady, NY
SETH L WEST JR, SSgt, Age 24, Kinston, NC
NATHANIEL M WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Genevia, AR
WILMER D WILSON, HN, Age 20, Sweetwater, TX
ROBERT WRIGHT, Cpl, Age 20, New York, NY
WILLIAM W WYMER, Pfc, Age 19, Ravenna, OH
Friday, April 19, 1968
LEE C ADAMS, Pfc, Age 20, Milwaukee, WI
MICHAEL J CAPORALE, Pfc, Age 19, South Hackensack, NJ
JAMES D CRAFT, Cpl, Age 22, Anniston, AL
TOMAS GONZALES, LCpl, Age 22, Beeville, TX
ANDREW J PAYNE, Pfc, Age 19, Glendale, CA
LAWRENCE J SNYDER, Cpl, Age 21, Rochester, PA
WILLIAM P YORK, LCpl, Age 20, Liberty, NC
LEWIS J YOUNG, Pfc, Age 26, La Puente, CA
Saturday, April 20, 1968
MICHAEL D PADILLA, LCpl, Age 19, Billings, MT
SCOTT A WRIGHT, Pfc, Age 19, Downers Grove, IL
Sunday, April 21, 1968
NEIL H EXUM, Pfc, Age 20, Providence, RI
THOMAS J WORLEY, LCpl, Age 20, Detroit, MI
Monday, April 22, 1968
HOWARD T ROBERTS, Pfc, Age 20, Houston, TX
Thursday, April 25, 1968
MICHAEL J WARREN, 1stLt, Age 24, Moline, IL
Saturday, April 27, 1968
THOMAS S COLE, LCpl, Age 19, Oak Lawn, IL
Monday, April 29, 1968
DIXIE C BERGER, Cpl, Age 22, Arcola, TX
Tuesday, April 30, 1968
JAMES S BENNETT, Pfc, Age 19, Augusta, GA
LARRY F BRASHEARS, Pfc, Age 19, Walkersville, MD
PATRICK L BRUCKNER, LCpl, Age 20, Reseda, CA
LOREN K DAVEY, SSgt, Age 32, Oklahoma City, OK
ROBERT J DIEDRICH, LCpl, Age 23, Random Lake, WI
MICHAEL R DIGGS, LCpl, Age 20, Newport News, VA
PHILIP G FRANKLIN, Pfc, Age 18, Seneca, PA
ROY L GIBSON, Sgt, Age 22, Dallas, TX
GEORGE GREGORIUS, LCpl, Age 19, Stockton, CA
CECIL M HAIGLER, Cpl, Age 19, Albany, GA
WILLIAM H HANCOCK II, Pfc, Age 19, Yutan, NE
DALE J HESS, LCpl, Age 19, Dayton, OH
JOHN F HUTZELL, Pfc, Age 19, Williamsport, MD
NATHANIEL H JACKSON, Pfc, Age 23, Los Angeles, CA
RAY D JAMES, Pvt, Age 19, Tiptonville, TN
DONNIE S KEGG, Pfc, Age 19, Elyria, OH
SAMMY R LUSK, LCpl, Age 22, Houston, TX
EDUARDO MARQUEZ JR, Pfc, Age 20, El Paso, TX
LAWRENCE J MC RAE, Pfc, Age 19, Wilkes-barre, PA
ROGER D MILLS, Pfc, Age 19, Linton, IN
ADAM S NAJAR, Pfc, Age 21, Palm Springs, CA
RUSSELL W NOYES, LCpl, Age 22, Woburn, MA
ELMER J PERRY JR, Sgt, Age 23, Odessa, TX
SOREN PRIP, LCpl, Age 20, Grayslake, IL
JAMES A REID, Pfc, Age 19, Derwood, MD
SAMUEL A SINGER, LCpl, Age 21, Philadelphia, PA
BRUCE W STAEHLI, Sgt, Age 26, Crown Point Lake, IN
RAYMOND E STANLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Manchester, NH
ROBERT A VINTON JR, HM3, Age 20, Shaker Heights, OH
GERALD S WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 19, Greenville, MI
JAMES R WORLEY, Sgt, Age 21, Hartsville, TN
Wednesday, May 1, 1968
DONALD L CARNES, GySgt, Age 35, Lansing, MI
JAMES M CHRISTIE, LCpl, Age 20, Augusta, GA
AMIE J DURAN, LCpl, Age 20, Delta, CO
BARRY L FRAZIER, Sgt, Age 23, Jersey Shore, PA
JAMES R HAMMONDS, Cpl, Age 21, Evergreen, AL
PATRICK J HARRINGTON, 2ndLt, Age 22, Hollywood, FL
ROBERT S HOSKINS, Pfc, Age 19, Morgantown, WV
DONALD E HUNTER, Pfc, Age 19, South Fork, PA
JOSEPH H INGRUM, HM2, Age 21, Abilene, KS
CHARLES E JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 20, Richmond, VA
STEVEN J LAYTON, HM3, Age 20, Racine, WI
RAYMOND P MARKHAM, HN, Age 19, Anderson, IN
DENNIS R MASON, Pfc, Age 24, Cushing, OK
MICHAEL M O'BRIEN, Pfc, Age 19, Big Spring, TX
DWIGHT G REICHLE, LCpl, Age 19, Marine City, MI
CLIFFORD D WILLIAMS, Sgt, Age 21, Newberry, MI
Thursday, May 2, 1968
RONALD G DOBBS, Cpl, Age 21, Chaffee, MO
EDWARD C MILLER, LCpl, Age 21, Hollidaysburg, PA
STEVE C WILDER, Cpl, Age 22, Birmingham, AL
Saturday, May 4, 1968
DWIGHT D JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 20, West Chester, PA
Monday, May 6, 1968
KENNETH R NEWSOME, LCpl, Age 21, Ashland, KY
Wednesday, May 15, 1968
RILEY D RAULSTON, LCpl, Age 19, Poplar Bluff, MO
Sunday, May 19, 1968
GREGORY V MAYNARD, Cpl, Age 21, New York, NY
Friday, May 24, 1968
RICHARD CARRILLO, Pfc, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
Monday, May 27, 1968
PAUL J COATES, LCpl, Age 27, Merrick, NY
CHARLES T COATS, LCpl, Age 18, Klamath Falls, OR
PHILO D GRANT, Pfc, Age 18, Lizella, GA
BILLY J MC CARTY, Cpl, Age 21, Wilmer, AL
THOMAS J WALTERS, Cpl, Age 24, Laurel, MS
Thursday, May 30, 1968
LEONARD Z GURWITZ, LCpl, Age 21, Costa Mesa, CA
Friday, May 31, 1968
SEVERIANO AMADOR, LCpl, Age 24, Corpus Christi, TX
JOHN J APPOLONIA, Pfc, Age 18, Coventry, RI
LARRY W BENDER, Cpl, Age 20, Stoughton, WI
JAMES R BYERS JR, LCpl, Age 23, Gastonia, NC
LAWRENCE H CARSON, Cpl, Age 24, Springfield, MO
JOHN P GRAY, LCpl, Age 19, Brillion, WI
FRED L HAMPTON, Pfc, Age 21, Houlka, MS
PAUL O HARMON JR, Pfc, Age 19, Medina, OH
MICHAEL A MACHIE, LCpl, Age 18, Coventry, CT
TIMOTHY P MC GUIRE, Pfc, Age 18, Woodland Hills, CA
CRAIG S PETTIT, HN, Age 21, Martinez, CA
CHARLES T POWELL, Sgt, Age 23, Columbus, GA
ANASTACIO D QUILALANG JR, Pfc, Age 20, Chula Vista, CA
WILLIE TUCKER JR, LCpl, Age 19, Greenville, NC
Sunday, June 2, 1968
DENNIS E DILLON, LCpl, Age 20, Johnstown, PA
Monday, June 3, 1968
DANNY G FLANDERS, Pfc, Age 18, Waterford, PA
JULIO A HERNANDEZ, Cpl, Age 22, Los Angeles, CA
MATAU TOIA, Pfc, Age 19, San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, June 5, 1968
JOHN H CARSON, 1stLt, Age 21, San Antonio, TX
DAVID R KELLER, LCpl, Age 19, Bellefontaine, OH
Thursday, June 6, 1968
HARRY THOMAS JR, Pfc, Age 23, New York, NY
Friday, June 7, 1968
DONALD H HARTNESS, LCpl, Age 20, Royal Oak, MI
JOHN A KEEPNEWS, 1stLt, Age 23, Manhasset, NY
ROBERT M LEAHY, Pfc, Age 19, Roosevelt, NY
Friday, June 14, 1968
DANNY W ALDAY, HN, Age 20, Tallahassee, FL
RONALD W BLEVINS, Pfc, Age 18, Damascus, VA
RICKIE J JACOBS, Pfc, Age 20, Mansfield, OH
ROBERT D WOOD, Pfc, Age 18, East St Louis, IL
Saturday, June 15, 1968
JAMES W LITZLER, Cpl, Age 19, Flagstaff, AZ
Tuesday, June 18, 1968
ROBERT B BUCHANAN, SSgt, Age 25, Baltimore, MD
CALVIN GOLDEN JR, LCpl, Age 21, Chicago, IL
BASILIO GOMEZ, Pfc, Age 22, San Antonio, TX
JAMES C HEARD, LCpl, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
CLAYTON H JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 20, New Orleans, LA
LITAEL JORDAN JR, Pfc, Age 21, Los Angeles, CA
BOBBY R LANE, Pvt, Age 21, Goldsboro, NC
ANTHONY R LOVE, Pvt, Age 18, Gastonia, NC
DAVID J MARSH, LCpl, Age 19, New York, NY
RANDY L MATHIAS, LCpl, Age 18, Bountiful, UT
CLARENCE V MOBLEY, Cpl, Age 21, Winnabow, NC
EARL THOMAS, SSgt, Age 32, Cleveland, OH
DONALD E WHITERS, LCpl, Age 20, Wichita, KS
Wednesday, June 19, 1968
PATRICK A CONNELLY, Pfc, Age 19, Green Bay, WI
JOHN R DOWLING, Pfc, Age 19, Akron, IA
GLENN H DUSBABEK, LCpl, Age 19, Waco, TX
ROBERT A MC LOUGHLIN JR, Cpl, Age 21, Knoxville, TN
Thursday, June 20, 1968
MICHAEL G RINDONE, Pfc, Age 20, Council Bluffs, IA
Saturday, June 29, 1968
PETER FEDASCH, Sgt, Age 21, Amsterdam, NY
Thursday, July 4, 1968
LAWRENCE PINALES, LCpl, Age 20, San Pedro, CA
LOUIS J SKANSON, Pfc, Age 18, Rochester, MN
Saturday, July 6, 1968
ROBERT E ASH, HN, Age 20, Pleasure Ridge Park, KY
Tuesday, July 9, 1968
MICHAEL E THOMAS, LCpl, Age 19, Canoga Park, CA
Thursday, July 11, 1968
FRANK R CAUTHEN, Cpl, Age 20, Lincolnton, NC
Sunday, July 14, 1968
CHARLES B KEATHLEY, LCpl, Age 20, Brooksville, FL
Wednesday, July 17, 1968
PRENTICE J BENNETT, Cpl, Age 23, Hohenwald, TN
STEVEN A BUTLER, Pfc, Age 19, Bay Shore, NY
ROBERT D HAZLETT, LCpl, Age 20, Indianapolis, IN
ANTONIO HERNANDEZ, Cpl, Age 21, San Benito, TX
WILSON JACK JR, Pfc, Age 19, Ville Platte, LA
MICHAEL P MADRID, HN, Age 19, Stockton, CA
DEAN E NICHOLAS, LCpl, Age 21, Mentor, OH
RENE T PRUDEN, Pfc, Age 21, New York, NY
ROY J RECTOR, Pfc, Age 24, Whiteface, TX
PATRICK R SCULLY JR, 1stLt, Age 23, Chicago, IL
JOHN E SWEENEY, LCpl, Age 19, East Poultney, VT
GARY D TICE, LCpl, Age 20, Santa Clara, CA
DALE L WEAVER, LCpl, Age 18, Honey Brook, PA
JOE B WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 20, Dallas, TX
Saturday, July 20, 1968
GEORGE W GIPSON, Pfc, Age 19, Miami, FL
MICHAEL W ISSENMANN, Pfc, Age 19, Santa Clara, CA
ARTHUR P MURPHY, LCpl, Age 19, Brookline, MA
STUART J WOOD, LCpl, Age 20, Granite Falls, WA
Sunday, July 21, 1968
TIMOTHY P DORAN, Pfc, Age 19, Cincinnati, OH
BENJAMIN TILGHMAN, LCpl, Age 19, Deal Island, MD
Wednesday, July 24, 1968
JOSEPH T CAMBRON, Pfc, Age 20, Louisville, KY
Saturday, July 27, 1968
DAVID P DUNYON, Pfc, Age 19, Ogden, UT
Saturday, August 3, 1968
CLARENCE J JACKSON, Pfc, Age 21, Pensacola, FL
MILAN E TURNER, LCpl, Age 20, Atlanta, GA
Monday, August 5, 1968
BRUCE N COLSON, Pfc, Age 19, Corinth, NY
ANIBAL FALCON, Pfc, Age 24, Bridgeport, CT
Saturday, August 10, 1968
JOSEPH O CLINE III, Pfc, Age 18, Houston, TX
Tuesday, August 13, 1968
LUTHER BETHEA JR, Pfc, Age 20, Dillon, SC
Friday, August 16, 1968
BRIAN P COLLINS, Pfc, Age 19, Walpole, MA
EDDIE L MC MILLAN JR, Pfc, Age 20, Moss Point, MS
Monday, August 19, 1968
WAYNE W GROSS, 2ndLt, Age 27, Carroll, IA
DEAN O NEWSOME, LCpl, Age 19, Chicago, IL
Tuesday, August 20, 1968
ROBERT L ZORNOW, Pfc, Age 18, Henrietta, NY
Wednesday, August 21, 1968
FRANCIS J CONNOR, Pfc, Age 19, Clifford, PA
DONALD K POWELL, Cpl, Age 21, Winchester, VA
Thursday, August 22, 1968
DAVID A BALLOU, Pfc, Age 21, St Petersburg, FL
ARGESTLAR KING JR, LCpl, Age 20, Birmingham, AL
DAVID A MC AFEE, Pfc, Age 19, Northboro, MA
JAMES M RICHARDS, LCpl, Age 20, Pelham, NC
PEDRO J RODRIGUEZ, LCpl, Age 18, San Angelo, TX
WILLIAM E SPENS III, Pfc, Age 18, Southgate, MI
BLAINE A WELCH, LCpl, Age 20, Heber, UT
DAVID L WRIGHT, LCpl, Age 21, Suitland, MD
Friday, August 23, 1968
HAROLD L CHEADLE JR, 1stLt, Age 24, Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, August 27, 1968
JACK A BARNHART, Pfc, Age 20, Rahway, NJ
MICHAEL J DERRIG, LCpl, Age 19, Chicago, IL
Friday, August 30, 1968
JOHN L TRACY, Pfc, Age 19, Swaledale, IA
Saturday, August 31, 1968
EDDIE S BROWN, LCpl, Age 22, Columbus, OH
RONALD C HIGH, Pfc, Age 18, Midwest City, OK
MAGNUS C NIELSEN, Pfc, Age 19, West Palm Beach, FL
HENRY B SMITH JR, LCpl, Age 21, Andalusia, AL
Sunday, September 1, 1968
NORMAN J CHANEY, Pfc, Age 19, Lynwood, CA
Thursday, September 5, 1968
THOMAS LANE, Pfc, Age 19, Lincolnton, GA
Monday, September 9, 1968
SANTIAGO D ADAMES JR, LCpl, Age 20, Victoria, TX
MICHAEL S GODETTE, Pfc, Age 19, Beaufort, NC
HOMER L HODGES JR, LCpl, Age 22, Mineral Wells, TX
GURNEY L MILLER, LCpl, Age 20, Wilkesboro, NC
ALVIN MONDAY, LCpl, Age 23, Eunice, LA
ROBERT J RUSNAK, LCpl, Age 19, Johnstown, PA
PERRY S WHISENANT, Pfc, Age 20, Cocoa, FL
Wednesday, September 11, 1968
WILLIAM SLADE, Cpl, Age 21, Greensboro, NC
Thursday, September 12, 1968
MICHAEL L HEITGER, Pfc, Age 19, Mishawaka, IN
CLIFFORD L SCHOLL, LCpl, Age 20, Louisville, KY
Friday, September 13, 1968
JAMES O ARROWOOD, Pfc, Age 22, Cumberland, MD
GARY L SMITH, Pfc, Age 19, Cleveland, OH
Sunday, September 15, 1968
JAMES P BORDEAUX JR, Pfc, Age 21, Norfolk, VA
EDDIE L RILEY, Pfc, Age 22, Columbia, SC
VINCENT J WARGO JR, Cpl, Age 19, Ardsley, PA
Tuesday, September 17, 1968
LARRY E RICHARDSON, Cpl, Age 19, Houston, TX
GEORGE SANDOVAL, LCpl, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, September 18, 1968
CALVIN K COON, LCpl, Age 19, Elyria, OH
STEVEN W DECKER, Pfc, Age 19, Woodlawn, MD
WAYNE A HAYS, LCpl, Age 19, Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, September 24, 1968
WILLIAM T DAVIS, Pfc, Age 18, Crab Orchard, WV
ALLEN W INGRAM, LCpl, Age 18, San Manuel, AZ
WILLARD F MORELOCK, SSgt, Age 30, Kingsport, TN
Wednesday, September 25, 1968
CURTIS L BATTON, LCpl, Age 18, Belmont, NC
DONNELL HOWARD, LCpl, Age 18, Memphis, TN
Thursday, September 26, 1968
ANDREW T BUKOVINSKY, Cpl, Age 21, Manhasset, NY
LARRY L LOWER, LCpl, Age 19, Union City, MI
RANDALL A OLSON, LCpl, Age 19, Moline, IL
TERRY D RATLIFF, LCpl, Age 18, Atascadero, CA
JOHN A RUSCITO, Pfc, Age 19, Centereach, NY
Friday, September 27, 1968
GEORGE A CARTER, Cpl, Age 23, Baltimore, MD
BLAINE S MILES JR, LCpl, Age 21, Springfield, IL
Sunday, September 29, 1968
EDWARD P TURNER JR, Pfc, Age 21, Ardsley, PA
Monday, September 30, 1968
LOUIS V DAIGLE, Pfc, Age 20, Waterford, NY
WALTER J HOWARD JR, Cpl, Age 20, Forsyth, MT
Saturday, October 5, 1968
DOUGLAS W DEVOE, Pfc, Age 19, St Hubert, PQ
Tuesday, October 8, 1968
LYN D SPARRE, Cpl, Age 20, Roseville, MI
Friday, October 11, 1968
JOHN E CANDY, Pfc, Age 20, Langhorne, PA
Tuesday, October 15, 1968
HAROLD W BUTTZ, Pvt, Age 20, Council Bluffs, IA
CHARLES E SMITH, Cpl, Age 20, Hapeville, GA
Saturday, October 19, 1968
HENRY L TEJADA, Pfc, Age 19, Las Vegas, NM
Friday, November 8, 1968
FLOYD A STINSON, Pfc, Age 19, Lexington, KY
Friday, December 6, 1968
RICHARD A BAKER, Pfc, Age 20, Mansfield, OH
Sunday, December 8, 1968
FIAPAI FANUA JR, Pvt, Age 25, Wilmington, CA
Tuesday, December 10, 1968
JOSE A RUDON, LCpl, Age 21, New York, NY
PEDRO SANCHEZ JR, Pfc, Age 19, Dallas, TX
Saturday, December 14, 1968
RICHARD G JESTER, Cpl, Age 19, Norfolk, VA
Thursday, December 19, 1968
CURTIS L BROWN, Pfc, Age 19, Columbus, GA
Monday, December 23, 1968
DWIGHT HODGES, Pfc, Age 20, Kosciusko, MS
JAMES U WILLIAMS III, Pfc, Age 19, Charleston, SC
Friday, December 27, 1968
EDWARD J STANKEVICH, Pfc, Age 19, Hazleton, PA
Friday, January 3, 1969
CARL L HOLDER, Pfc, Age 18, West Columbia, SC
Sunday, January 26, 1969
DOUGLAS D JANSSEN, Cpl, Age 21, Yankton, SD
GARY W MAY, Pfc, Age 20, Neosho, MO
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
WILLIAM R GRAY JR, HM3, Age 22, Fulton, NY
STEVEN M STEINBACHER, LCpl, Age 20, Fort Wayne, IN
Monday, February 3, 1969
THOMAS CLARK, Pfc, Age 20, Athens, GA
Wednesday, February 5, 1969
BRUCE B BERNSTEIN, HM2, Age 24, Los Angeles, CA
GARY R HALEY, LCpl, Age 21, Marquette, MI
KENNETH E JACKSON, Pfc, Age 19, Beckley, WV
ROBERT W MC CLUSKEY, Pfc, Age 20, Lowell, MA
THOMAS P NOONAN, LCpl, Age 25, Maspeth, NY
Sunday, February 9, 1969
BILLY J CURBOW, LCpl, Age 21, Pine Bluff, AR
WILLIAM P WEIMER, LCpl, Age 21, Chicago, IL
Monday, February 10, 1969
JOHN T COLEMAN, Cpl, Age 20, Atlanta, GA
THOMAS R DICKEY, Pfc, Age 19, Concord, MA
WILBUR L MILAM III, Pfc, Age 19, Smyrna, GA
SAMUEL J PARRISH, Pfc, Age 19, Boydton, VA
JAMES R PHILLIPS, LCpl, Age 21, St Louis, MO
FRED E PITTS, LCpl, Age 23, The Plains, OH
JAMES W SMITH JR, LCpl, Age 20, Washingtonville, NY
Tuesday, February 11, 1969
LARRY A COCHRAN, Pfc, Age 19, Phoenix, AZ
DALE E CRICK, LCpl, Age 20, Flagstaff, AZ
FRED L PETTIGREW III, Cpl, Age 21, Smithfield, VA
MICHAEL P TAYLOR, Pfc, Age 19, Baltimore, MD
LARRY K WHEELER, LCpl, Age 18, Lindale, GA
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
LELDON E HOCK JR, Pfc, Age 20, Seattle, WA
MICHAEL A SHEPHERD, Pfc, Age 18, Milton, KY
Thursday, February 13, 1969
THOMAS E CREEK, LCpl, Age 18, Amarillo, TX
KEVIN L DAY, Pfc, Age 20, San Diego, CA
TERRY K JACKSON, LCpl, Age 21, Hawkinsville, GA
DONALD N KENNON, Major, Age 32, Sweetwater, TX
REGINALD D KING, LCpl, Age 19, Springfield, MO
MARK L KLINE, Cpl, Age 20, Cumberland, MD
NATHAN C LUNAPIENA, Sgt, Age 23, Hoboken, NJ
LYNN P NAYLOR, Pfc, Age 22, San Diego, CA
ROGER C NESBIT, Pfc, Age 20, Newberry, MI
LARRY G WHITEHEAD, Cpl, Age 19, Tallassee, TN
STEVEN L WISSINK, LCpl, Age 19, Dunkerton, IA
Friday, February 14, 1969
JEFFREY H FOULKE, Pfc, Age 21, Woodland Hills, CA
THOMAS W KUSTABORDER, Cpl, Age 22, Altoona, PA
MARK F POWERS, LCpl, Age 20, St Petersburg, FL
DAVID O SULLIVAN, LCpl, Age 20, Quincy, MA
JUAN J WILSON, LCpl, Age 22, Thoreau, NM
Sunday, February 16, 1969
STEPHEN BLANN, LCpl, Age 23, Pompano Beach, FL
ROBERT DUNBAR, Pfc, Age 19, Chicago, IL
ERIC A FISHER, Pfc, Age 18, Lynn, MA
Monday, February 17, 1969
JAMES W BELL, Pfc, Age 18, Chicago, IL
MICHAEL A CLUTE, Pfc, Age 19, Hinsdale, NY
ROGER L ELKINS, Pfc, Age 23, Fort Gibson, OK
ROBERT W HOCK, LCpl, Age 21, Harvey, IL
DICKIE G KEELER, LCpl, Age 20, Dexter, KY
WELDON G LYNN, Pfc, Age 19, Winder, GA
ROY E PITTS, Pfc, Age 18, North Highlands, CA
REGINALD J RODRIGUEZ, LCpl, Age 20, Montebello, CA
THOMAS W SANDER, Pfc, Age 20, Cincinnati, OH
JAMES D SNYDER, LCpl, Age 19, Derwent, OH
Tuesday, February 18, 1969
JOHN P COOK, Cpl, Age 20, Cypress, CA
RALPH E EBBS, SSgt, Age 28, Maupin, OR
NATHANIEL L JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 21, Charleston, SC
RONALD M NOWAK, Pfc, Age 18, Naperville, IL
GEORGE P WHITE, Pfc, Age 20, Orlando, FL
Wednesday, February 19, 1969
WARNELL E ATEN, HM3, Age 21, Beaverville, IL
BUFORD HARDY, Pfc, Age 19, Richmond, KY
CHARLES R JAMES, Pfc, Age 20, Citrus Heights, CA
ABRAEL MALDONADO, Pfc, Age 19, New York, NY
E G MAYS JR, LCpl, Age 18, Mc Gehee, AR
WILLIAM O'SHEA II, LCpl, Age 19, Newark, NJ
DAVID A SCHNEIDER, Pfc, Age 18, Hamilton, OH
RONALD D SHAFF, Pfc, Age 20, Filer, ID
STEVEN D TANNER, Pfc, Age 19, Bromley, KY
MACK H WILHELM, HM3, Age 23, Rockport, TX
Thursday, February 20, 1969
DENNIS W CRIPE, LCpl, Age 20, Lafayette, IN
FRANK R HOWE, Pfc, Age 19, Port Chester, NY
EDDIE V OLIVER JR, LCpl, Age 19, Cincinnati, OH
RICHARD E PARKER, LCpl, Age 20, New York, NY
ALFREDO J VILLANUEVA, Sgt, Age 26, Fort Worth, TX
MICHAEL WILSON, Pfc, Age 18, Youngstown, OH
Friday, February 21, 1969
RANDALL M CARLTON, Pfc, Age 18, Harrington Park, NJ
ROBERT D CHRISTIANSEN, LCpl, Age 19, Oklahoma City, OK
MICHAEL G DINKINS, Pfc, Age 18, Titusville, FL
EDWARD D POWERS, Pfc, Age 18, Marissa, IL
ISIEAH RELEFORD JR, LCpl, Age 21, Yatesville, GA
Saturday, February 22, 1969
JOHN R BAIRD JR, LCpl, Age 19, Oak Lawn, IL
LARRY J BOEHM, Pfc, Age 19, San Felipe, TX
FRED BUTLER III, Pfc, Age 20, Miami, FL
DAVID A CHACON, LCpl, Age 20, Gilcrest, CO
NORMAN P CHITTESTER, Pfc, Age 19, Falls Creek, PA
WILLIAM J CHRISTMAN III, 2ndLt, Age 23, Gaithersburg, MD
JOHN F DEDEK, Cpl, Age 22, Oak Hill, NY
LEE R HERRON, 1stLt, Age 23, Lubbock, TX
RICHARD P HODGES, Cpl, Age 20, Atlanta, GA
ANTHONY L JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 20, Buena Vista, VA
WALTER A JOYCE, LCpl, Age 19, Scarsdale, NY
GEORGE MEERDINK JR, Capt, Age 33, Corpus Christi, TX
BRUCE E ROBINSON, Cpl, Age 22, Falls Church, VA
WILLIAM B TARRANCE, Pfc, Age 21, Torrance, CA
ROBERT M YSGUERRA, Pfc, Age 20, Union City, CA
Monday, February 24, 1969
RONALD T VARNEY, LCpl, Age 21, Belfry, KY
LARRY A WESSINGER, LCpl, Age 21, Chappell Hill, TX
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
CLIFFORD D COMBS, Pfc, Age 19, Marquand, MO
JOHN T HARE, Pfc, Age 19, Cumberland, MD
WILLIAM D MORGAN, Cpl, Age 21, Mount Lebanon, PA
PATRICK J MURACA, LCpl, Age 20, Dalton, MA
PORFIRIO M OVALLE, Pfc, Age 19, San Antonio, TX
THOMAS E PARKER, Pfc, Age 18, Chesterfield, CT
VICTOR L POOR, Pfc, Age 19, Wabash, IN
FRED L RICARD, Pfc, Age 21, Norristown, PA
ROBINSON SANTIAGO, Pfc, Age 19, New York, NY
JOSEPH R SCHNELL, Pfc, Age 19, Hampton, VA
JOHNNY G WILLIAMS, Pfc, Age 18, West Chicago, IL
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
GEORGE P COLLINS, HM3, Age 22, Wyoming, MN
MICHAEL J FRENCL, Pfc, Age 19, Stickney, IL
ROBERT A MC GILL, Pfc, Age 19, Columbus, GA
ROBERT L ROEBUCK, Pfc, Age 19, Knoxville, TN
JAMES W SIMMS, 2ndLt, Age 24, Carrollton, MO
Thursday, February 27, 1969
SAM W BUSBY, LCpl, Age 18, St Stephens, AL
JEROME M JONES, Pfc, Age 20, Washington, DC
ADOLFO MARTINEZ, Pfc, Age 20, Philadelphia, PA
ROBERT E PETSCHKE JR, HM3, Age 21, Springfield, MA
LARRY S RAINEY, LCpl, Age 18, Heyworth, IL
DAVID S WHITMAN, Pfc, Age 19, Knoxville, TN
Monday, March 3, 1969
SAMUEL N HART, Pfc, Age 21, Villa Park, IL
GENE O MERRIWEATHER, Pfc, Age 21, Clarksville, TN
ALFRED M WILSON, Pfc, Age 21, Odessa, TX
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
FRANK W BOSSONG, Pfc, Age 22, Central Islip, NY
WILLIAM C NORTHINGTON, LCpl, Age 20, Prattville, AL
DOUGLAS R SLEDGE, LCpl, Age 19, Fort Worth, TX
CHARLES L SMITH, Pfc, Age 18, Oklahoma City, OK
Wednesday, March 5, 1969
RICK YAMASHITA, Pfc, Age 19, Detroit, MI
Saturday, March 8, 1969
CALVIN J CHILDRESS, Pfc, Age 18, Baltimore, MD
FREDDIE C POTE JR, LCpl, Age 19, Hometown, IL
EARL E TAYLOR, Pfc, Age 18, Maplewood, OH
Sunday, March 9, 1969
WILLIAM T PROSE, Pfc, Age 19, St Louis, MO
Tuesday, March 11, 1969
HENRY A DYE JR, Pfc, Age 19, Auburn, WA
DENNIS L MOYER, Pfc, Age 20, Bethlehem, PA
ROBERT E PUGH, Pfc, Age 23, Little Rock, AR
DAVID C TEUTSCH, Pfc, Age 19, Newton Falls, OH
Wednesday, March 12, 1969
CLIFFORD M CORK, Pfc, Age 19, Clarksburg, WV
DALMACIO P PASCUA JR, SSgt, Age 30, Lanai City, HI
Sunday, March 16, 1969
JOHN L GAWEL, Pfc, Age 18, Detroit, MI
DICKIE D KOELL JR, LCpl, Age 19, West Sacramento, CA
JAMES M LEE, Pfc, Age 21, Fayette, IA
Monday, March 17, 1969
EARL L WILSON, SSgt, Age 28, Auburn, MI
Friday, March 21, 1969
GILBERT RUIZ, Pfc, Age 20, San Jose, CA
Tuesday, March 25, 1969
CARL E TODD, HM3, Age 21, Conway, SC
JAMES G UPCHURCH, 2ndLt, Age 25, Ada, OK
Thursday, March 27, 1969
RICHARD S JONES, Pfc, Age 21, Reimanville, MI
HAROLD W MAHER, LCpl, Age 18, Altoona, PA
Friday, March 28, 1969
DENNIS G JOHNSON, LCpl, Age 20, Cincinnati, OH
LARRY A MILES, Pfc, Age 18, Buffalo, NY
LAWRENCE D PERUSO, HM3, Age 20, Conemaugh, PA
ROY G RUBIN, LCpl, Age 19, New York, NY
Saturday, March 29, 1969
PAUL J BAKER, Cpl, Age 20, Troy, NY
ROMAN H LEICHT, Pfc, Age 19, Sheboygan, WI
MARIO R LEON, Pfc, Age 18, Milwaukee, WI
CHARLES E MARTIN, Pfc, Age 19, East Gadsden, AL
ROBERT A MULHOLLAND, Pfc, Age 22, Studio City, CA
LEA E NIBBELINK, Pfc, Age 21, Los Alamitos, CA
Sunday, March 30, 1969
MICHAEL J KELLY, Pfc, Age 19, Detroit, MI
Sunday, April 20, 1969
RONALD BOHANNON, Pfc, Age 18, Kirtland, OH
GARY W THORNLOW, Pfc, Age 19, East Rockaway, NY
Monday, April 21, 1969
BOYED T ADAMS, Pfc, Age 21, Zolfo Springs, FL
JONATHAN W ALLMAN, Pfc, Age 21, La Habra, CA
THOMAS A CHIALASTRI, Pfc, Age 22, New Haven, CT
JOSEPH FICARA, Pfc, Age 18, White Plains, NY
MAXIE JACKSON, LCpl, Age 20, Tyler, TX
FRANCIS S KOVACS, Pfc, Age 19, Philadelphia, PA
WILLIAM A MC CALL JR, LCpl, Age 23, Seattle, WA
ROBERT T ROHWELLER, 1stLt, Age 25, Jacksonville, FL
TOMMY Q SEGARS, Cpl, Age 22, Rome, GA
TIMOTHY R VAN TONGEREN, Pfc, Age 20, Grandville, MI
Wednesday, April 23, 1969
STEWART S BURR, Pfc, Age 20, Passaic, NJ
RICHARD P DEXTRAZE, LCpl, Age 21, Montreal, PQ
JOHN H MC SWINE, Pfc, Age 22, St Louis, MO
CHESTER A MOLLEY, 2ndLt, Age 23, Morristown, TN
DARNELL M PAYNE, Pfc, Age 20, Falls Church, VA
TOBY S RODRIQUEZ, LCpl, Age 18, Austin, TX
WILLARD H TILL, Pfc, Age 20, Raleigh, NC
JAMES A WORTHINGTON, Sgt, Age 28, Washington, DC
Thursday, April 24, 1969
JAMES A LEACH, Pfc, Age 18, Arcadia, CA
EDWARD D MARTIN, Pfc, Age 18, Springfield, OH
Friday, April 25, 1969
ADRIAN D CARBAJAL, Pfc, Age 19, New Orleans, LA
Saturday, April 26, 1969
DAVID SCOLNICK, Pfc, Age 20, Brentwood, NY
MARCUS W STODDARD, Pfc, Age 20, Mineville, NY
Monday, April 28, 1969
HUGH B BLEVINS JR, Pfc, Age 21, Woodbridge, VA
Saturday, May 10, 1969
GERALD G BROUSSARD, Pfc, Age 19, Duson, LA
DANIEL J GIORDANO III, Pfc, Age 19, Hi Nella, NJ
VIRGIL L LARKINS, LCpl, Age 18, Indianapolis, IN
PAUL D MANNEROW, LCpl, Age 19, Harper Woods, MI
ROY J MROSEWSKE, Pfc, Age 20, Mount Clemens, MI
Wednesday, May 21, 1969
THOMAS J ORR, Pfc, Age 20, Garden Grove, CA
SAMUEL RAMOS, Pfc, Age 19, Chicago, IL
Friday, May 23, 1969
GREGORY R BENTON JR, SSgt, Age 28, Vallejo, CA
YVON E GIROUARD, Pfc, Age 20, Littleton, NH
DONNY R LAWSON, LCpl, Age 21, Grandview, WA
THOMAS C LONG JR, Pfc, Age 18, Landover, MD
Sunday, May 25, 1969
THOMAS R BLISS, Cpl, Age 21, York, PA
JACK L JOHNSON, Pfc, Age 20, Elkhart, IN
Monday, May 26, 1969
LARRY D MULLEN, Pfc, Age 18, Ojai, CA
Friday, May 30, 1969
ERSKINE J OLIVER, LCpl, Age 22, Sacramento, CA
WAYNE M WILSON, Cpl, Age 20, Beaver, OK
Saturday, May 31, 1969
RUDOLPH R TREVINO, Pfc, Age 22, Chicago, IL
Sunday, June 1, 1969
ERNEST ABEYTA, Pfc, Age 20, Los Angeles, CA
DAVID A BRACK, Pfc, Age 19, Denver, CO
DARRELL V PECK, Pfc, Age 18, Medford, OR
Monday, June 2, 1969
MICHAEL MONTIJO, Cpl, Age 20, Tombstone, AZ
SAVAS E TREVINO, Pfc, Age 19, Dallas, TX
Tuesday, June 3, 1969
GEORGE A KIGER, Pfc, Age 20, Dexter, MO
Thursday, June 5, 1969
CHARLES H BRITTIAN, Cpl, Age 20, Atlanta, GA
ROBERT B BROUGHTON, Pvt, Age 19, Cleveland, OH
GERALD B BROWN, Pfc, Age 19, Baltimore, MD
GARY A COX, LCpl, Age 19, Selma, CA
ROBERT DRAK, Pfc, Age 18, Pittsburgh, PA
RORY T HARAN, Pfc, Age 19, Salinas, CA
MALCOLM F LEGER, Pfc, Age 20, Patterson, LA
HANK SALLY, Pfc, Age 18, Covington, KY
DENNIS L TAYLOR, Pfc, Age 19, San Lorenzo, CA
BRENDAN X TURNER, Pfc, Age 19, Uniondale, NY
Friday, June 6, 1969
HOWARD R BAKER, Pvt, Age 18, Jacksonville, FL
STEPHEN R GROSS, HM3, Age 19, Savannah, GA
LARRY J NICHOLSON, Pfc, Age 27, Hartford, WI
STEVEN J PHILBRICK, Pvt, Age 19, Hampton, NH
Thursday, June 12, 1969
TERRY W LOVETT, Pfc, Age 19, Clanton, AL
DAVID H PALMIERI, Pfc, Age 19, Hudson, MA
Sunday, June 15, 1969
ADAM HOLMAN JR, Pfc, Age 18, Wenatchee, WA
MITCHELL B WYSEL, Pfc, Age 18, Ventura, CA
Wednesday, June 18, 1969
MICHAEL D BOYER, Pfc, Age 22, Portland, OR
ROBERT G CARR, Pfc, Age 19, South Holland, IL
EDWARD W CHARLES, LCpl, Age 20, Gillett, AR
FRANK CRUZ, LCpl, Age 19, Yakima, WA
WALTER J GRIFFIN, Pfc, Age 20, Hawkins, TX
GARY W LETSON, 2ndLt, Age 24, San Francisco, CA
ENRIQUE MIRAMONTEZ, Cpl, Age 19, Anthony, TX
THOMAS D NAUGHTON JR, HN, Age 20, Dearborn, MI
STEPHEN OROSCO, Pfc, Age 19, Tularosa, NM
PAUL A REZENDES, HM3, Age 21, Plymouth, MA
Tuesday, June 24, 1969
LAWRENCE K HINSCHBERGER, Pfc, Age 19, South Moorhead, MN
RODNEY A JANNETTA, Cpl, Age 19, Duluth, MN
JESUS A PEREZ, Pfc, Age 19, Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, June 25, 1969
JAMES R BRIGGS, Pfc, Age 18, Everett, WA
PATRICK D ROBIRDS, Pfc, Age 20, Duncan, OK
Friday, June 27, 1969
JERRY A HURIANEK, Pfc, Age 22, Middleton, ID
MICHAEL L MC MASTER, Cpl, Age 22, Mountain Home, ID
WILLIAM J SEILER, LCpl, Age 20, Rochester, NY
Saturday, June 28, 1969
THOMAS A CINCOTTA, Pfc, Age 18, San Rafael, CA
Wednesday, July 30, 1969
ERNEST L STANFORD, Pfc, Age 21, Adel, GA
Thursday, May 15, 1975
DANIEL A BENEDETT, Pfc, Age 19, Auburn, WA
LYNN BLESSING, Pfc, Age 18, Lancaster, PA
WALTER BOYD, Pfc, Age 19, Norfolk, VA
GREGORY S COPENHAVER, LCpl, Age 19, Port Deposit, MD
ANDRES GARCIA, LCpl, Age 20, Carlsbad, NM
BERNARD GAUSE JR, HM1, Age 34, Birmingham, AL
GARY L HALL, Pfc, Age 19, Covington, KY
JOSEPH N HARGROVE, LCpl, Age 25, Mount Olive, NC
JAMES J JACQUES, Pfc, Age 18, Denver, CO
ASHTON N LONEY, LCpl, Age 20, Albany, NY
RONALD J MANNING, HN, Age 21, Toronto, OH
DANNY G MARSHALL, Pvt, Age 19, Waverly, WV
JAMES R MAXWELL, Pfc, Age 18, Center Ridge, AR
RICHARD W RIVENBURGH, Pfc, Age 21, San Diego, CA
ANTONIO R SANDOVALL, Pfc, Age 19, San Antonio, TX
KELTON R TURNER, Pfc, Age 18, Los Angeles, CA

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