William Lloyd Young, Jr

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
09 December 1946 - 06 February 1968
York, Pennsylvania
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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01 Apr 2001

Billy Young


Five men of Alpha Company, 1/7th Marines, died in a firefight on February 6th, 1968:

One of them was my brother,
PFC William L. Young.

The others were

PVT William H. Blake LCPL Edward J. Brewer
SGT Robert E. Ewoldt PFC Randall J. Schwendy
God rest their souls.

Visit my
personal memorial to these men

A Letter From A Friend.

Hi Judy,

I am George Baxter and I am writing to let you know that I want to thank you for your brother William Young's courageous military service and the highest price paid in honor in the service to our country. As mentioned in your e-mail, yes I did know Billy Blake who proudly served with and died at the same time as your brother on 02/06/1968 in Quang Nam. Billy and I went to high school together and sat next to each other in homeroom in Hanover High class of 1966. Paul Edge who sat on the other side of Billy and myself in school also died in Quang Nam a week before Billy on 01/30/68. I was more fortunate than your brother William, Billy Blake, and Paul Edge. I was on a ship and did no battles and did not go to shore. I spent 4 years in regular Navy duty all on various destroyers 1966-1970, of which a total of approximately 2 years was spent off the Viet Nam coast north of DaNang and sometimes up the Gulf of Tonkin. I was over in Viet Nam at the time of your brother's tragedy, and heard of the fate of Billy Blake and Paul Edge at the same time. It was just a horrible time then.

You asked me about Billy Blake and what kind of person he was. In high school he was very friendly, great looking, a lady killer and considered a man's man. He was bold, brash, sassy, and fearless. He was kind of funny with likable James Dean sense of humor. He was a typical young man at the time that considered himself invincible as most kids his age including myself. What kind of person was your brother, I'm sure you miss him so badly. My youngest brother now 37 is serving in Norfolk, has been in the Navy for 20 years. I'm very proud of him ... he rose from the ranks of a seaman recruit.. through the rank of chief petty officer to a commission five years ago. He's now a full lieutenant as a two star admiral's assistant attached to the carrier group Harry S Truman. The service builds men and women of great character. A recipe that escapes the present commander in chief. I will be forever grateful to the men and women who served our country with honor such as your brother PFC William Young from York Pennsylvania.

May he rest in peace.
George Baxter

George Baxter, friend of Billy Blake Judy,
My name is Linda..George's wife.
He talked about you and showed me the website you did for your Brother. I want you to know that George passed away New Year's Eve. He had been struggling with cancer for over a year.

I'm sure your Billy and he will meet and have a good talk.
Linda Baxter

(The Virtual Wall requested the photo of George Baxter)

A Note from The Virtual Wall

By 06 Feb 1968 the Tet Offensive was in full swing, with heavy fighting throughout South Vietnam. In Quang Nam Province, the 1/7 Marines were deployed against NVA/VC forces attacking the Danang/Marble Mountain complex.

On the night of 05/06 Feb, the Communist forces began the second phase of their Da Nang offensive. 1/7's involvement began at 2000 05 Feb, when Charlie 1/7 engaged an NVA force south of the Tuy Loan River. Fighting continued throughout the 1/7 area of responsibility, and 24 hours later had resulted in the deaths of 16 men from 1/7 Marines:

  • A Company:
  • B Company:
  • D Company:
    • Pfc Joe W. Greene, Canton, OH
    • Sgt Glen T. Lunsford, Danville, VA (Navy Cross)
    • LCpl Ronald E. Morris, Sandston, VA
    • LCpl Phillip L. Salinas, Leoti, KS
    • LCpl Gary L. Tallentire, Cincinnati, OH
    • Pfc Robert H. Taylor, Birmingham, AL
    • 2ndLt Henry A. Wright, Oakland, CA

  • H&S Company:
    • HM3 Larry W. Stull, Fostoria, OH (Corpsman, D/1/7)
    • Cpl Jonathan E. Sykes, Trenton, NJ

The "Paul Edge" mentioned in George Baxter's letter was a Navy Corpsman assigned to H&S Comapny, 1/7 Marines, but he was in the field with C Company. He and two others from Charlie 1/7 were killed by gunfire on 30 January 1968:
  • LCPL Willard E. Nelson, Walnut Creek, CA
  • HN Paul J. Edge, Boston, MA
  • PFC Tony Rijos, New York, NY

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