Robert Edward Wright

Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
16 July 1945 - 09 February 1968
Sacramento, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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05 Jul 2006

Wright and I went through The Basic School together. We were tight. He came from money. His dad was president of something called Wright Enterprises. Lived in Sacramento, just one block from Ronald Reagan, who he loved. Graduated from Berkeley. His favorite book was "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. Not the sort of person you would expect to find enlisting in the Marines - a conservative with the courage of his convictions. He wasn't really gungy, but he sure could shoot straight.

I saw him once in the Nam - in Danang at the beginning of Tet. Later, after I learned of his death, I tried to find out what got him. When I was pretty short, I met a Marine from his platoon who told me that he took shrapnel in the back of his head from a mortar round. I think maybe in the hills to the west of Phu Bai.

Wright drank bourbon. He loved 101 proof Wild Turkey, and he could do a very creditable gobble after he had had a couple. It was great fun to be in his company. I'll never forget him.

From a friend,
William J. Donahue
164 Jenneville Road, Windsor, Vt 05089

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1st Bn, 5th Marines Command Chronology for Feb 1968 contains the following entry:
"091310H [1:10 pm, 09 Feb] - 2nd Platoon, Company A, at (ZC102982) received 3 rounds 82mm mortar fire and 10-15 rounds small arms fire from (ZC099970). The 3rd Platoon, Company A was in the general area of mortar fire. The 3rd Platoon, while maneuvering toward the enemy position, received 200-250 rounds small arms fire and automatic weapons fire, 5-6 rocket rounds, and 15-20 rounds 82mm mortar fire from (ZC102977). 3rd Platoon, Company A called for and received artillery mission of 24 rounds 105mm HE and 38 rounds 81mm HE. Units were consolidated, medevacs were effected, and the area was searched disclosing numerous blood trails and communications wire. Results: 2 USMC KIA, 4 USMC WIA (evac), and 2 USMC WIA (nonevac)."
The two Marines who were killed were platoon leader 2ndLt Robert E. Wright and LCpl Ramon A. Meeker of Pekin, Ilinois.

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