Garry Lee Worley

Army of the United States
23 June 1951 - 23 April 1970
Bristol, Tennessee
Panel 11W Line 043

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Garry Worley and Mike Blair

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26 June 2002

Cousins Garry Worley, left; Mike Blair, right.

Photo courtesy of Mike Blair.

23 May 2001

Gary was a cousin of mine that I can't even remember because he died when he was only 18 and I was much younger. I do remember going to the funeral - it was one of the first funerals I ever went to. I remember how devastated my other cousin, Mike, who had joined up with Gary, was. They had been best friends and Mike brought Garry home.

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02 March 2002

I am Stephen Fallin. Garry and I spent our lives growing up together. His mother and father raised my mother as her mom and dad died at her birth. I last saw my beloved cousin Garry at 1AM in the morning while my wife lay sleeping beside me in Mert and Ola's bed. I had brought my new bride to Bristol to let Garry meet her. Mert and Ola insisted my new bride and I have the best room, the best bed. It was a Saturday evening and Garry was out with a friend. I awoke as he approached the front door at about 12:30 or 1AM. Garry and I spoke through the screen window because Garry did not want to wake my bride. "I'll meet her in the morning, Stevie," said Garry, ever polite, ever considerate of others. Garry was getting ready to ship out. I never saw him again because I left early the next morning to visit other relatives in Bristol and I let Garry sleep as he was tired. I told Aunt Ola to tell Garry I will talk to him later. Garry is one of God's beloved children the likes of whom is rare upon this earth. He was one of the pure in heart, a seeker of truth, an obedient son and a loving friend to everyone he met. Peace dear brother, peace. With intentions of good will, I subscribe myself proud to be Garry's Cousin and humble to be Garry's Brother in Christ,

Stephen Fallin
10316 Butternut Circle, Manassas, Virginia, 20110-7987

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