Hulsa D Wolfe

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
13 September 1928 - 13 May 1967
Lawton, Oklahoma
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20 Nov 2004

SSG Hulsa D Wolfe was a career NCO with C Battery 2/13 Artillery. He served his country for 18 years, and was a gun chief for a 105mm howitzer crew at FSB Caroline. Hulsa Wolfe was with C Battery for nine months, when the unit received heavy enemy fire on May 13, 1967. FSB Caroline was located at Sui Da in Tay Ninh Province. The base was isolated, and was responsible for providing covering fires on the road between Dau Tieng and Tay Ninh. In view of Nui Ba Den, the Black Virgin Mountain, FSB Caroline received heavy mortar and recoilless-rifle fire in a day-long shootout.

Two of C Battery's section chiefs died from this enemy shelling: SSG Wolfe and SGT James D. Bedgood, key personnel with long service in C Battery. PFC Larry Reissig and PFC Charles K. Purcell, two recent unit arrivals, were also killed in the attack.

Chuck Schultz reports that SSG Wolfe was a favorite among the unit members, and had recently returned to the unit from a short hardship leave to the States. Chuck adds many cannoneers were wounded that day.

Rest in Peace, SSG Wolfe.
You are remembered by the Red Dragon Clan.

From a unit veteran,
William E. Novakovic
513 Woodland Avenue, Oakmont, Pa. 15139

21 Nov 2004

SSgt Wolfe was an experienced career army artillery soldier. Even though I was in the FDC, I got to know Sgt Wolfe quite well as another soldier, Cpl. Charles Lee, who was a member of the same gun crew, and I came from the same small town in Minnesota. When I was off duty from the FDC ... I always drifted over to Gun 6 and spent the early evening hours talking to Sgt. Wolfe and the guys on his crew. We talked about fishing, his beloved south, and all the soldierly topics that came up. I can still remember those quiet tropical evenings as we waited for something to happen.

On the evening of May 13th, 1967, Charlie Battery was hit by a devastating recoiless and mortar attack. As in the past, when I was off duty and when we were under attack, I went out to Sgt Wolfe's gun to give them a hand. I could not help his crew this time as they had already taken a direct hit.

About 20 years ago, the traveling Viet Nam Wall came to Eugene, Or. The name I wanted to see on the Wall was Sgt Wolfe. He had left a big impression on me in the several months that I had gotten to know him.

From a battery mate,
Sgt Charles W. Schultz

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The four men from C Btry, 2/13th Arty, who died on 13 May 1967 have been remembered on The Virtual Wall:

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