John Joseph Witts, Jr

Sergeant, Army of the United States


From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

27 September 1948 - 23 April 1969

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John Joseph Witts, Jr is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 26W Line 037 .

03 Sep 2005

The hallowed grounds are barren now, easy to forget,
the brave men who died that day to keep us free, and yet,
we'll fall asleep to dream of lilies and rolling fields,
but never shall we say a prayer for those who failed to yield.

Had we seen their face, heard their voice, or bumped them in a crowd?
Would we shake their hand, tell them thanks and praise their name aloud?
Or are we content to go along in our busy, hectic day,
taking for granted all we have and keep their names at bay?

For they are the reason we have what we love, our families and our friends.
For they are the reason we live today with freedom that never ends.
Isn't it time we thanked them for giving it their all?
While many turned and ran, they stayed answering the call.
Shall we turn our backs on these great heroes and never speak our piece,
when we all know deep inside because of them we are at ease?
The hallowed grounds are barren now and easy to forget,
but never shall I retire at night and be remiss of the VET.

John Kozin

A Note from The Virtual Wall

John J Witts Jr.
S. Woodstock Street, Girard Estates
The 1967 Bishop Neumann High School graduate worked as a cashier and bookkeeper for Canada Dry Company until being drafted into the Army in February 1968. The sergeant, a squad leader in Company B of the 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, died in Vietnam on April 23, 1969, at the age of 20. Survivors included his parents, a brother and three sisters.

Photo and article from The Philadelphia Daily News
Courtesy of Robert Greer

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