Gene Talbert Winters

Private First Class
Army of the United States
04 August 1943 - 05 November 1966
Osgood, Indiana
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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31 Dec 2004

Gene, I don't remember you too well. Your name is familiar. I was at Cu Chi in 1966 with the 25th Infantry Division also. I have been e-mailing your brother-in-law "waynepeace16", he was in the same unit as you in 1968.

I want to honor you for your service to your country. None of you who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, nor any of us who served, fought, were wounded or gave their lives did anything wrong.

You served honorably and we honor you for that. You and all of the men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam conflict are the real heroes. You are fallen, not forgotten. We love all of you and miss you terribly. May God in Heaven wrap you in His loving arms, and when we pass on to meet you with Him, we will say "Welcome home, brother!".

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Dau Tieng, Tay Ninh Province, 03 Nov 1966 - elements of the 196th Infantry Brigade and the 25th Infantry Division got into a heated fight with entrenched and bunkered VC troops, a fight that grew into a full-fledged battle fought over a three-day period. Landing Zone Lima Zulu, slightly north of where the 1st Bn, 27th Infantry, fought on 03/04 Nov, drew some of the heaviest fighting beginning after C Company, 2/27 Inf, was inserted at about 1400 on 04 Nov.

C/2/27 moved south from LZ Lima Zulu, intending to link with 1/27, but moved only a few hundred meters before being stopped by VC dug into a tree line. Unable to move forward, with enemy troops infiltrating to their rear, the battalion and company commanders dead, and under fire from three sides, C/2/27 pulled together after nightfall, using a left flank displacement to get out of the "horseshoe" and avoid encirclement. The maneuver worked, and C/2/27 held out through the night amidst sporadic hand-to-hand fighting. By 1030 on 05 Nov, Alpha 1/27 fought through and relieved C/2/27.

At the same time, HHC and A Company, 2/27, were coming into LZ Lima Zulu, intending to take the VC from the rear, pounding them against the anvil formed by A/1/27 and C/2/27. It didn't work; the VC anticipated the move and the arriving troops found themselves in a "hot" LZ. As the day progressed additional forces were brought in, eventually encouraging the VC to break contact and withdraw from the field.

While the engagements cost the VC dearly, with several hundred known dead, the US infantrymen paid a high price - 50 men killed in action over the three day period.

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