Wayne Vaster Wilson
Staff Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
Thomasville, North Carolina
October 04, 1945 to September 05, 1974
(Incident Date July 02, 1967)
WAYNE V WILSON is on the Wall at Panel 22E, Line 118

Combat Action Ribbon
Wayne V Wilson
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23 July 2002

I am the proud owner of Wayne Wilson's MIA Bracelet.

I would like to hear from anyone who has additional information.


26 Sep 2002

"Welcome Home (weary soldier)" was written for our veterans. I performed it at the September 21, 2002, Memorial in Thomasville, NC. Afterwards, U. S. Representative Kathy Benefield presented me with a "Missing in Action" bracelet for Staff Sergeant Wayne V. Wilson.

I wear it proudly.

Eric Horner
Nashville, TN

29 Oct 2003

In Beauty I Walk
With Beauty Before Me I Walk
With Beauty Behind Me I Walk
With Beauty Above me I Walk
With Beauty Around Me I Walk
It Has Become Beauty Again
It Has Become Beauty Again
It Has Become Beauty Again
It Has Become Beauty Again
Hozhoogo Naashaa Doo
Shitsiji Hozhogo Naashaa Doo
Shikeedee Hozhoogo Naashaa Doo
Shidaagi Hozhoogo Naashaa Doo
Taa Altso Shinaago Hozhoogo
Naashaa Doo
Hozho Nahasdlii
Hozho Nahasdlii
Hozho Nahasdlii
Hozho Nahasdlii

In the Dine (Navajo) language

From a friend,
Wayne Wilson


A note from The Virtual Wall

On 02 July 1967 the North Vietnamese Army's 9th Battalion, 90th Regiment, ambushed and overran Bravo Company, 1/9 Marines, leading to a day-long battle fought on Route 561 between An Kha and Gia Binh, Quang Tri Province.

Alpha and H&S Companies reinforced Bravo and at day's end the battalion broke contact with 53 known dead, 190 wounded, and 34 men missing from its units. The 1/9 Marines regrouped and returned to the battleground on 5 July where they recovered additional bodies, raising the casualty count to 84. One Marine was carried as Missing in Action - Sergeant Wayne V. Wilson.

The North Vietnamese never claimed Wilson as a prisoner, and he did not return with the POWs in 1973. Sergeant Wilson simply disappeared on the battlefield and has never been found. On 05 September 1973, the Secretary of the Navy approved a Presumptive Finding of Death, changing his status from MIA to KIA/BNR.

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