Joseph Michael Watson

Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps

MABS-11, MAG-11, 1ST MAW

From Moreland, Georgia

28 February 1948 - 08 January 1968

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Joseph Michael Watson is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 34E Line 002.

08 Jan 2003

Today, 35 years ago, you were taken away with no chance to say goodbye. Life was never again to be the same. There is an emptiness within my soul that will last for all time. Happiness has never been complete. I miss you, Mike. I can still see your beautiful smile in my mind. I am so thankful for that. Thankful for all the wonderful memories we shared.

I love you, Mike, Forever.


29 Nov 2006

I received an e-mail from D. C. Nachtrieb telling me he had information about you. At first I didn't trust it so I did some research and found his phone number. I finally reached him that night. The information he gave me convinced me that he was there when you died. When you died I couldn't let it go, I had to know everything that you went through. I was told that you lived for 8 hours after the stove blew up. I saw your injuries and they were bad. All of these years I couldn't stand the suffering I knew you went through. It changed me. I have spent my entire life being bitter and full of pain. I couldn't understand why such a good man as you, a man who never hurt anyone, who loved all living things could suffer the way I was told you did. The hole in your chest was massive and I couldn't understand how you lived for any length of time. It tormented every second of my life, the pain you went through, so far away from those of us who loved you. Mr. Nachtrieb told me that you died quickly. That you never regained consciousness. This man is a guardian angel. If he had not taken the time to contact me I would have died myself without knowing the truth. To know you went fast and did not suffer is a blessing to me. He is a true hero, a true angel in my eyes. As always, I will always, I will always love you.

From your girlfriend,
Sandra Jordan

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