John Paul Wanto

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
25 December 1948 - 21 March 1970
Hibbs, Pennsylvania
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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14 Apr 2006

Hey John, Wanted you to know that losing you in Nam really brought the war home to me. I was shocked when I heard about you being MIA, then finally, KIA. Made me think about the times we spent together hanging out with the guys at the Dairy Queen on Saturday nights. You in that white Pontiac, sitting and talking with the girls. I remember that "bad boy smile" that all the ladies loved ... and you used it well.

Most of all I recall the good times spent at your house ... and with me dating your sister Betsy, I was there quite often. Your Mom really made all of us guys feel right at home. Looking back now, I can see you sitting on the couch telling jokes and laughing with all the guys.

I wasn't around when you shipped out for Nam. Dorsey told me that you really didn't want to go. But you had resigned yourself to the fact that you were going.

John, you'll never be forgotten and you'll always have my gratitude for serving this country ... but I wish you hadn't.

Dale Lockhart
P O Box 381, Hopwood, Pa 15401

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 21 March 1970 a UH-1H, tail number 67-17648, from A Company, 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion, was shot down in Thua Thien Province. Very little is known about the incident other than the names of the crewmen and the fact that their bodies were not recovered at once. The four men were
  • CPT Gary J. Barnett, Mission, KS, pilot;
  • CPT Robert S. Richmond, Marcellus, MI, copilot;
  • SSG Richard L. Ehnes, Great Falls, MT, crew chief; and
  • SP4 Ronald W. William, Hoxie, KS, gunner.
One other soldier died in a helicopter incident in Thua Thien Province that day - Staff Sergeant John P. Wanto. He too is coded for "Died while Missing", just as are the four crewmen from 67-17648. While the evidence is circumstantial, it seems very likely that SSG Wanto was aboard 67-17648.

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