Gordon David Walensky

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
02 February 1949 - 10 April 1968
St Louis Park, Minnesota
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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21 Feb 2005

Gordy Walensky and I (former Sgt) A. J. Ramirez, went through most of our pre-Vietnam training at Camp Pendleton in the fall of 1967. We became friends and spent a lot of our free time doing just that. Gordy was, as we used to say, "Eyes Bright, Chin Up". His positive demeanor and happy outlook was contagious. He had the natural charisma to lead. Gordy was selected as squad leader in our training platoon at Camp Pendleton. I arrived in-country on Dec 7 1967 and Gordy was after or before me by two days.

Now 36 years later I still miss and often wonder what Gordy would be like today. Having been wounded twice myself and later medically discharged from the Corps I acquired an alcohol problem and for nearly 20 years I have been clean and sober. I know if Gordy'd lived we would still be good friends today. I've never forgotten the short time we shared hardships. I choose to remember and honor Gordy in the way I live my life, upbeat and with a friendly outlook. I have learned that friends as Gordy only die when I who survived him forsake his influence on my life. Our two Grandsons Roger 17 and Jeremy 15, both know their 'Uncle Gordy' from my telling them of what a nice young man he was.

Gordy: My brother, I know you know how much you're missed, remembered and cherished. At Hawaii in 2002 at the Wreath Laying Ceremony (Punch Bowl Cemetery) you clearly showed me the solemn pride you take in having made such sacrifice at the altar of freedom. Thanks, Marine, for letting me know our tears and respects to your memory are not in vain. I know we'll meet again and we will pick up right where we left off. We all love you Gordy, I remain ...

Semper Fidelis, your 'mostest, bestest Pal',
A. J. "Squared Away" Ramirez

04 Jun 2005

..for GORDON

With the oblique sound of a distant daily drum
you return,all of you,in all of your animal excellence;
soaking my thoughts, my face with glacial tears.

Bouyed by the thought of unopened letters
Off! ... onto the red dirt you went.
You could see no one..
as the muzzle of death ripped through your head.

They kept you until the morning returned,
but not you ... though I hear you
in the rolling thunder,
I see you in the golden wheat agianst the sky.

Is it because we lost our youth?
We lost ourselves to an empty war
and its empty god?

by Gordy's friend,
A. J. Ramirez
10 April 2005

138 W. Marion Street, Clute, Texas 77531

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Exerpt from the 7th Comm Bn Ops Log, 10 Apr 1968

The two Marines from the RR&C Company killed in action by gunshot wounds on 10 April 1968 were

The Virtual Wall was able to locate their Squad Leader, who advises that
"Walensky and Van Staveren as radio relay operators in April 1968 were attached to and supporting the Korean Marines (Chung Young Brigade) south of Da Nang. On the day they were killed they were traveling up the beach toward Da Nang in a 3/4 ton utility vehicle and were killed in a VC ambush. The truck was hit by an RPG and disabled, Walensky and Van Staveren took up a defensive position and were killed by small arms fire as a result of enemy action.

"Walensky and Van Staveren went out with me on many a night ambush (which led to enemy contact on several occasions) and day patrols from that location and both clearly demonstrated their courage to everyone in the squad. I know I speak for the whole squad when I say we were and still are proud to have known and served with both of these fine young Marines."

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