Jesse Floyd Wages

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
29 January 1948 - 17 May 1966
Richmond, Indiana
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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28 Dec 2007

His name was Jesse, but to me it was Jeff,
a young man with a smile on his face that would light
the world around him. Jeff had a love for people and
he served his country proud. I was a friend and years
only serve to remind me of the wonderful man Jeff was
and what he did for you and me. I had a son and to his
honor I named him Jeff, told him the story of my friend,
his brother Ken was also there to fight a war, you see:
what a giving family and what an honor to know these
men who gave so much.

From a friend,
Pauletta (Fairchild) Hyer

A Note from The Virtual Wall

During the first part of May 1966 there were a number of contacts in the hills forming the east side of the Vinh Thanh Valley. These contacts, together with captured documents and other intelligence, indicated that the 2nd VC Regiment was preparing an assault into the Vinh Thanh Valley with the intention of capturing the Vinh Thanh Special Forces camp and perhaps cutting Highway 19 which connected An Khe and Binh Dinh City. The 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division was directed to conduct a spoiling operation in the area where the 2nd VC Regiment was thought to be located.

Operation CRAZY HORSE began with a movement of forces into the valley proper, followed by the insertion of B Company, 2/8 Cavalry, into Landing Zone HEREFORD on the western slope of Hill 766. The insertion was conducted without opposition on 16 May and in late morning B/2/8 began moving up-slope toward the crest of Hill 766. After moving about a kilometer the infantrymen were engaged by the VC. Both sides brought in reinforcements; Alpha Company 1/12 Cav linked up with Bravo 2/8 shortly after 10 PM. Fighting on the ridge continued until nearly midnight, when B/2/8 and A/1/12 formed a defensive perimeter.

At 0600 17 May the position was attacked, with the main thrust falling on Bravo 2/8's portion of the perimeter. Although the out-numbered defenders withstood the assault, Bravo 2/8's casualty count had reached the point that the company had to be withdrawn. While Alpha 1/12 and other US, ARVN, and Korean troops actively sought out the VC, Bravo 2/8 brought their dead and wounded downhill to LZ HEREFORD for evacuation. At 1600 Bravo 2/8's remaining effectives were withdrawn from LZ HEREFORD.

Twenty men from B Company, 2nd Bn, 8th Cavalry were killled in the fighting on Hill 766, and two others subsequently died from wounds received on 17 May:

  • SGT Sammy A. Barga, Fort Recovery, OH
  • SGT Francois J. Builaert, Wolleston, MA (DoW 05/30/1966)
  • SGT Benny S. Flores, Merizo, GU
  • SGT Picardo R. Mays, Pittsburgh, PA
  • SGT Robert L. Padilla, Ventura, CA
  • SP4 Samuel D. Carpenter, Cleveland, OH
  • SP4 Danny D. Dye, Visalia, CA
  • SP4 Jesse F. Wages, Richmond, IN
  • CPL Gilbert G. Mullen, Pittsburgh, PA
  • PFC Willmatt Brown, Savannah, GA
  • PFC Terry W. Carpenter, Germantown, OH
  • PFC Walter Felton, Philadelphia, PA
  • PFC Robert L. Foster, Sacramento, CA
  • PFC James A. Harkless, Mathews, LA (DoW 05/28/1966)
  • PFC Fredrick C. Mangat, Veronia, OR
  • PFC Michael B. Mauldin, Fresno, CA
  • PFC Edward G. Myers, Los Angeles, CA
  • PFC Lawrence L. Ringgold, Havre De Grace, MD
  • PFC John W. Teague, Clinton, SC
  • PFC Arlos C. Wilder, El Monte, CA
  • PVT Randall J. Cadenhead, Elizabeth, IN
  • PVT Rochester Mitchell, Memphis, TN

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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