Henry Joseph Vad

Chief Warrant Officer
Army of the United States
01 May 1941 - 06 November 1969
New York, New York
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Army Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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22 Jan 2000


by his daughter,
Lisa Vad.

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30 May 2005

I was a member of the Aero Rifle Platoon that Henry Vad flew support missions for in late 1969. He was an extremely courageous pilot who was always doing everything he possibly could to support the troops on the ground. For instance, in late July of 69, I looked up and saw him fly right into the middle of a huge firefight and calmly hover his aircraft with bullets flying everywhere while his doorgunner dropped off much needed blood plasma for wounded soldiers on the ground. He was always doing things like that and everyone was in awe of the incredible things he could make a helicopter do.

It was obvious to anyone who knew him that he loved flying a helicopter and was born to do it. When he died in a freak crash it was a tremendous loss for the entire troop and I just wanted to say, on this Memorial Day, 2005, that I still remember his great courage and abilities. Someone once said that "Life, the real living of it, belongs to those willing to risk", and in that sense, Henry Vad enjoyed a full life in the few years that were given him.

Daryl Fisher

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Two men from D Troop, 1/4th Cavalry, died on 06 Nov 1969 when OH-6A tail number 68-17269 was shot down:
  • CWO Henry J. Vad, New York, NY, pilot, and
  • SP5 James L. Downing, Green City, MO, observer.
Warrant Officer Joe Vad's wife was a Canadian citizen and after his death relocated to Nova Scotia with their infant daughter. Among the personal effects sent home was CWO Vad's flight class ring - Fort Wolters Class 68-31.

Many years later, Lisa Vad's apartment was burglerized and the ring, amongst other items, was stolen. The story about how she recovered the ring is on the Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew site.

In the Class 68-31 photo Warrant Officer Candidate is second from the right, third row. The photo extract above places him in the center of the back row.

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