Donald Arthur Turso

United States Marine Corps
05 April 1948 - 19 May 1969
Harrison, New York
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National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 Oct 2005

Turso was a friend of mine. We were stationed together in Nam. I used to have many long conversations with him and I miss him and the conversations. I think of him every day. His death affects my every step in life. I remember when he died just like yesterday. I want him to know I haven't forgotten.

Former Corporal James H. Napier

29 Oct 2005

Donnie and I were high school classmates. We both graduated from Harrison High School in Westchester County, NY. The year was 1966. I think of Donnie very often. It's tragic that his life ended so early. I joined the Air Force after graduation and Donnie joined the Marines a year or so later. I visited The Wall in Washington, D.C. and have a rubbing of Donnie's name. There is also a Vietnam memorial at the Lasdon Estate in Somers, NY, which I am able to visit more often. Donnie's name is listed among the 241 Westchester residents lost in Vietnam. I will always remember Donnie.

From a High School classmate,
Anthony Amendola

19 May 2006

Today, May 19th, is 37 years since you have been gone. It doesn't seem possible that all that time has gone by, but it has. I was at the cemetery this past Sunday, Mother's Day, and I spent some time with you. I also visited the Westchester County Vietnam Veterans Memorial today to pay my respects there, also. I have been in touch with your niece, Betty, and have had some nice conversations with her. You were her favorite uncle and she has very fond memories of you. She is coming to New York for a visit one of these days and I will take her to the cemetery and a few other memorials so she can say hello. She seems like a very nice person and I'm looking forward to her visit. Your Marine Corps. friend, James Napier, and I have been working on a web site in your honor. Betty has supplied some childhood photos of you and family members. It should be done in a month or two.

09 Oct 2006

Website and Reunion:

A memorial website for Donald Turso is up and running. Visit it at Remember Donnie and keep his memory alive.

Our 40th High School Reunion was this past weekend, 10/7/06. We reminisced and talked about you, Donnie. You are not forgotten. I made sure to tell our classmates about your website, and I'm sure they will be visiting and thinking of you.

From a high school classmate,
Anthony Amendola
20 Riverdale Drive, Wingdale, New York 12594

28 May 2007

Uncle Donnie,

It is only fitting that I visit you here today on Memorial Day. We think of you and miss you every day. It is so hard to believe 38 years have gone by.

I have been in contact with Anthony Amendola on a regular basis. I don't think you ever knew what a loyal friend he was and still is. I also got in contact with Allan Weisbecker and Diane Madrazo. They have left very touching remembrances of you on the web site Anthony had designed for you. So have others who also remember and miss you. We will never forget the sacrifice you made for us...

You were a good friend to so many, and even though you can't be with us you are still bringing people together...

We love you,
your niece Patti and family

Patti Phillips

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