Clarence Turpin
Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
Baltimore, Maryland
June 15, 1931 to November 23, 1968
(Incident Date October 05, 1968)
CLARENCE TURPIN is on the Wall at Panel W38, Line 48



During the Vietnam War there was no overriding reason to keep close track of names of the men and women who died as a result of military service in the war zone. A decade after the withdrawal of US forces, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was approved for construction. The service branches went back through their records to identify our dead by name.

Inevitably some men who should have been named on the "Wall" were not. Over the years additional names have been inscribed on the Wall - some were men who died after the war as a result of wounds received in the war or from disease or illness, and others were men whose names were overlooked in earlier years.

The Department of Defense approved having his name etched on the Wall during May 2015, along with 7 other names. His name was etched as close to the names as possible of those who died the same day, which in his case was 11/23/1968 at Panel W38, Line 48 (One line below where it should have been), where space was found to add his name.

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