Robert Joseph Turner
United States Air Force
Thomasville, North Carolina
May 10, 1945 to February 13, 1969
ROBERT J TURNER is on the Wall at Panel W32, Line 29

Robert J Turner
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10 Oct 2004

I never knew my father, I was not quite 2 when he died. But I do know he was funny. He had a great sense of humor. My mother said he was always goofing around. I know he had dark hair and brown eyes. He liked cars and dogs. He was a good ole' Southern boy. He was 23 years old, not nearly old enough to leave this world. I know he saw me - maybe twice. But I also know that he did not get to see me grow up, get married and raise his 2 grandsons. I hate the Vietnam War for that, but I admire and respect the people who served there. God bless all of them - never forget.

Tamara R. Gilbert
Daughter of Sgt. Robert J. Turner
May 10, 1945 - Feb 13, 1969
Thomasville, N.C.

Where Did You Go?

So you never returned, did you Joe?
Makes me wonder what your eyes saw last
Was there a moment of clarity?
Did you close your eyes into nothingness?
Or perhaps open them upon infinity
I didn't know you
Were you even acquainted with me?
Sometimes I am angry with you
Like you had some say in the matter
How dare you leave! You got off too easy
Like Vietnam was some excuse
American Hero and all -
What about me, daddy?
What about your little girl?
God Bless America

* How many children have to write these lines
before the world can live in peace?
Never Forget

From his daughter,
Tamara R. Gilbert

19 May 2007


I finally have some closure. I spoke to the man who was with you the evening you died. He told me everything that happened and he remembered it like it was yesterday. I know you didn't suffer and that was a blessing. I can finally say goodbye to the ghost of you that has followed me around for the last 38 years. To anyone searching for answers regarding their loved ones - keep searching. I hope you are lucky enough to find the kind of closure I have found. It was painful and yet it provided an eerie sense of calm. I feel my father is finally at peace now that he has helped to provide the answers I was looking for.

To Sergeant Richard Lenzie, I thank you for your candor and hope your life has been and will continue to be a happy and fullfilling one. Funny how things can come full circle, isn't it? Thank you, Daddy, for leading me in the right direction. I will meet you again someday, until then..

Your daughter,

From his daughter,
Tamara Gilbert

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