Benjamin Robert Turiano

Army of the United States
10 November 1943 - 24 March 1969
Corona, New York
Panel 28W Line 030



Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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01 Apr 2003

"No greater love has a man than this;
That he lay down his life for a friend."
John 15

From a friend,
Anthony Pingitore (aka Pinky )
Copiague, New York

24 Mar 2005

It was thirty six years ago that you went on a minesweep west of Kontum. At the end of the minesweep was a pontoon bridge and a small village where we were turning around to return to LZ Mary Lou. Small arms fire and rockets came out of the hooches closest to the road. The fire struck you and one of your friends and you both died. Great pain was inflicted on those in the hooches and great pain was suffered by all of your friends when you left us that day. You were called upon to do your duty which you did without complaint. You will be remembered by all your comrades for as long as we have a breath left in our bodies. Thank you for your sacrifice. Your platoon leader, C Co 4th Engrs. Bill Williams

From his Platoon Leader,
William L. Williams

09 Apr 2007

I write this through sobs. Benny became my friend in training company D, 4th battalion, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 1967. I believe I last saw him when he lent me his camera for a visit by my girlfriend. Thereafter I lost track of him. I was home with my parents less than 2 months after my separation from the service and they were startled when I became hysterical. The New York Post had a daily item of local fatalities and I had already turned that page. But something made me turn back and there was Benny's name. I wrote his parents. It seems it took enough time for his body to return that they contacted me to attend the wake. I learned that the funeral director knew the family and had assured Benny's mom that the body in the closed coffin was her son. Benny was a fun loving guy and I had looked forward to many years of knocking around with him. Sometime in the 80s I took my wife on her only trip ever to Washington, D.C. and I paid my respects to Ben at the wall. Just now I searched Benny's name as memories of him, once again, crept into my mind. I never knew this existed and seeing the comments for Ben helped me open up emotionally. Ben, I think you would feel great if you knew how well you are remembered.

"Each man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
So never send to know for whom the bell tolls.
It tolls for thee."

Your eternal pal,
Ralph Cohen
formerly Brooklyn, NY
120 Teak Drive, Greentown, Pa 18426

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The two men from C Company, 4th Engineers, who died in the action were SGT Minor W. Pattillo, Griffin, GA, and CPL Turiano.

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