Rudolph Robert Trevino

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
15 May 1947 - 31 May 1969
Chicago, IL
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Rudolph R Trevino

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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5 Aug 2001


by his friends and family
in the Blue Island community.

Randy Kethcart

07 Oct 2001

My name is Howard Puckett and I was a young Marine rifleman who was with Rudy the day he died. I was severely wounded and evacuated several days later (June 2, 1969) while Mike Company 3/9 was still engaged with the enemy.

Rudy was a brave young man who went about doing his job with professionalism and honor. There is nothing he could have done any differently. We were all in a bad place at a bad time and Rudy was in the lead that day.

I will always remember Rudy (and the others) who gave their all.

Howard Puckett

07 Oct 2001

PFC Trevino was with me during a reconnaissance in force that originated from Fire Base Cates near Vandegrift Combat base, down the Cam Lo river from Khe Sanh. We had been alerted that a fresh NVA Regiment was in imminent contact with us. After two or three days we made contact with an enemy unit of unknown size, that we later determined was in the process of improving a trail to the east. They were building a trail bunker and preparing ammunition caches.

We fought them at hand grenade range that first day, taking several casualties. During our attack, I was near the spot where our casualties were temporarily staged, and one of them was Marine Trevino. He was propped up against a tree awaiting some help to get back up the hill to where the remainder of the Company was holding a perimeter. He had been gunshot. I knelt down and asked him how he was doing. He replied, "I'm OK Sir".

Within minutes of that meeting, a medevac helicopter was shot down on the very position where our casualties had been staged. I and my Gunnery Sergeant were within a few feet of the crash when it happened. PFC Trevino died in that crash, along with several other men.

I remember to this day his words - wounded, in the middle of an intense firefight, and he answered my question with bravery and resolve that we can only be described as heroic. America is so fortunate to have such sons.

God Bless this young man as he meets morning muster in heaven. He is in good company, secure among the ranks of Marines that have gone before.

Semper Fi, and I salute you PFC Trevino.
Major Randy. J. Collins, USMC (Ret)

Veterans' Day 2003

Rudy was my brother
and I miss him so much.
He has been on my mind always
but especially now when so
many of our boys are dying
in a war again.

From his sister,

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