Jose Miguel Toro

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
11 February 1949 - 21 June 1969
New York, NY
Panel 22W Line 109


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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21 Aug 2003

My dearest Cousin
"Jose Miguel Toro Basora"

Whom I'll always miss and whose name comes up when a conversation arises about Vietnam. I'll always have you in my thoughts and in my prayers. I can't help but think of how brave you were despite your knowlege of how dangerous the situation was in Vietnam. It didn't make a bit of a difference, you still chose to volunteer and join the United States Army and give you life for your Country . You never gave it any thoughts about the consequences of leaving behind a distraught Mother. You were her only child and left behind your young wife with your two little boys, ages One and Two. When I visit our homeland in Puerto Rico, and visit your mother, who happens to be my first cousin, I can't help but sense this feeling of emptiness in your mother's heart. She has a Portrait of you in her living room. When people visit they stare into your picture on the wall, and it seems you are looking back at them and follow as they walk by. Your mother finds comfort and solace with your two sons you left behind, as well as their children which makes them your grandchildren. It's a pity you never got to watch you children grow. You never got to see, touch or hold your grandchildren because you were just 20 years old when you got killed in Vietnam. Your Mother once quoted "though you left behind your two baby sons this would never replace the loss of a Son." You were her pride and joy, and a good loving son.

I know that you are in a better life and we will all be together some day. Death is a cycle.. "when you leave this world you leave your loved ones behind, then it will be our turn to leave the others behind."....

I am proud to say to any one that I had a Heroic cousin who enlisted and fought in the Vietnam war.

Jose Manuel Toro has a Vietnan Memorial in the Town of Lajas, Puerto Rico, for any one to see. Where a street is named in his honor: "Calle Jose M Basora"

May you rest in Peace.

Your cousin, Maria Elisa Basora
Bronx, New York

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