Joaquin Rodriguez Tello

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
13 March 1948 - 31 May 1969
San Antonio, Texas
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

The database page for Joaquin Rodriguez Tello

23 Jun 2002


by his cousin,
Tomas Rodriguez

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The MACV Summary for May 1969 contains the following entry:
"(PLEIKU PROV) - At approx 0910, an infantry element of the 2nd Brigade, US 4th Inf Div, engaged an unknown size North Vietnamese Army force while sweeping an area about 6 miles northwest of Plei Mrong. Contact was lost at about 2100. As the troops swept the area. there were repeated sporadic contacts as well as some intense firefights. The troops, in addition to their organic small arms, automatic weapons, and grenade launchers, were supported by artillery, helicopter gunships, and tactical air. US losses were 10 KIA and 21 WIA. The bodies of 88 NVA soldiers were found on the battlefield."
The engagement described occurred along Highway TL-3B, about 25 kilometers southwest of Kontum City, and actually cost the lives of 12 US soldiers:
  • 1LT Kenneth W. Scurr, Grass Valley, CA, B Company
  • SSG William J. Sewell, Baltimore, MD, B Company
  • SP5 Byron T. Calkins, Denver, CO, HQ Company (medic)
  • SGT Prentiss Harris, Champaign, IL, B Company
  • SGT James M. Leonard, Edmond, OK, B Company
  • SGT Philip G. Weir, Du Bois, PA, B Company
  • SGT Ralph H. Zeringue, Raceland, LA, A Company
  • SP4 Joaquin R. Tello, San Antonio, TX, A Company
  • SP4 Stephen E. Turzilli, New York, NY, B Company
  • PFC Michael F. Heath, Miami, FL, B Company
  • PVT Patrick M. Hagerty, Youngstown, OH, B Company

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