Michael Gordon Tandy

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
03 September 1947 - 08 September 1966
Novato, California
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Michael G Tandy

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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19 Dec 2001

Mike Tandy and I (Mike Bradley) are cousins, but we are the same age (two weeks apart) and we grew up next door to each other. We both served in Vietnam, I with the Air Force and Mike with the Marines.

I came home and Mike did not.

Our family remembers Mike with love, and I remember him as a brother-in-arms as well. I carry you with me in my heart always and will never forget you.

Your Cousin, Mike

As long as we live
You will live.
As long as we live
You will be remembered.
As long as we live
You will be loved.

02 Mar 2003

I grew up with Mike in Novato. He was a year older than I was.

Recently, my son became a Marine. He is almost the same age that Mike was when he died.

Sometimes, when I think of the dangers that might befall my son, I think of Mike.

Always, when I think of the danger that befell Mike, I think of my son.

I feel honored to have known Mike.

From a friend,
Tommy Ryan Lee

26 Sep 2005

I am Mike's little sister, Sarah.
Thanks to all of you who come here and remember Mike.
All of our lives were changed and I thank you for not forgetting.

I've visited this site many times but with the changes taking place globally, this is truly the time to remember those who don't come home.

From his sister,
Sarah Tandy Scott

14 Nov 2007

As part of the recent 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall), a "Reading of the Names" took place. I was privileged to read your name Wednesday, November 7 at 11:18pm.

As a Nation we owe you and your fallen comrades a great debt of gratitude.

You are missed and will never be forgotten. May the good Lord bless you and keep you. Peace now and forever.

From your cousin,
Donald Saunders Adam

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 08 Sep 1966 Hotel 2/26 was conducting a search and clear operation in the area around Dong Lam (3), Ban Bo (1), and Ban Bo (2) in Quang Nam Province. The following entry is taken from the 2/26 Command Chronology for September 1966:
"081448H [2:48 PM 8 Sep] - Company H located an old uncovered punji pit, 2' by 2', on side of trail in vic (AT 954682). 2 men passed the side of pit with no incident, the third man detonated a mine of an unknown type. Results 1 US KIA, 1 US WIA, med evac requested."

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