Ernest William Swoner

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
24 March 1947 - 23 February 1969
Nashville, TN
Panel 31W Line 025

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Ernest W Swoner
Ernest Swoner, graduation

The database page for Ernest William Swoner

09 Nov 1999

Classmate, friend, and not to be forgotten!

A memorial initiated by
Larry Tucker
01 Feb 2003

Ernest W Swoner
Ernest Swoner, 23 Dec 1966, ROTC photo.

This page is in the honor of my father,
Ernest William Swoner.

I post this in his honor and memory as well as to provide a few notes of personal history for those who knew him. I never had the chance to know my father; he died three weeks prior to my birth. Throughout my life I have heard wonderful stories and have no doubts he was a wonderful man. Every person I come in contact with that knew him tells me he was the exception to the rule. I hope to hear from anyone who knew him.

I am told that at the time of his death his unit was in kind of a back laying rest area. The camp came under attack. He ran toward a machine gun nest of some type in efforts to defend the area. He never made it to the weapon. He died from rocket or mortar fire wounds he received as he ran.

The family he left behind has missed him deeply. My mother grieves his loss to this day. His mother, brothers, and sister speak of his memories frequently. They miss him. For me the only way to know my father is through the experiences of others that knew him. Each time I get to talk to someone who knew him, no matter the distance, I am able and privileged to learn a little more. Thanks to all that have contacted me and shared their memories.

Rest In Peace Dad, I love You.

06 Aug 2003

I did not have the honor of knowing my cousin Earnest Swoner, and only recently found him listed while I was doing some geneology research. My prayers are with him and his family who did not get to have the pleasure of his company in thier lives.

God Bless,

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