Edward Michael Sullivan

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
22 November 1948 - 09 June 1968
South Boston, Massachusetts
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 Jul 2001

My brother, CPL Rodney ("Hot Rod") Cavaliere, served with Edward in DaNang. Fortunately, Rod made it home. Edward didn't. I have visited the Wall a couple of times with my brother and we took a rubbing of Edward's name.

Edward Sullivan

I truly appreciate the sacrifice made by the men and women who died in Vietnam as well as the other wars we have fought as a nation. Although I never met Mr. Sullivan (I was only 8 years old when he died), I will always keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I will also make sure that my children (ages 4 and 2) will learn about and appreciate these things as I do. The Wall is very high on my list of places to visit with my children. I will show them Edward Sullivan's name and explain that he was a friend of their Uncle Rod's during the war.

Thanks Ed. Rest in Peace. Semper Fi.

Charles E. Cavaliere

24 Oct 2003

A Thought for my friend Sully..

I was still in-country when we lost you and I felt so lousy not being there when they brought you home ... yet my Dad, God Rest His Soul, attended every wake in Southie on my behalf ... miss you my friend,

Till once again we're all together .. Semper Fi

Joe Clougherty
SBHS ... Class Of "66"
U. S. Army Vietnam ... Class of 67-68-69
Dept of Veterans Svcs, 43 S Washington St, N Attleborough, Ma. 02760


05 Nov 2003


by a friend,
Jim Colton
520 Pinehurst Circle T-4, Westminster, MD 21158

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Service Company, Headquarters Battalion, 1st Marine Division, lost two men on 09 June 1968, Cpl John C. Pennington of Roy, Utah, and PFC Edward M. Sullivan.

The June 1968 Command Chronology for the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines contains the following description of a convoy ambush which occurred approximately 5 miles east of the Khe Sanh Combat Base, near Checkpoint #3 on Route 9 between KSCB and Ca Lu to the east:

"09 Jun 68 - 1st Marines Logistical Convoy, with Company F providing security was taken under fire in vicinity XD924404 and XD926404 by an unknown size NVA unit. Fire, consisting of intense small arms followed by satchel charges, grenades, and B-40 rockets, was taken from both sides of the road and was concentrated on the second security truck. One platoon was deployed to high ground on left side of road and conducted a thorough sweep of the area making additional light contact. After a thorough search was conducted all dead and wounded were placed on a vehicle. The convoy was then turned around and returned to Khe Sanh Combat Base. Medevacs were delivered to both LZ Ziegler and Khe Sanh Combat Base for evacuation. This contact resulted in one truck and one mighty-mite being destroyed. Casualties consisted of 8 friendly KIAs, 9 friendly WIAs and 11 enemy KIAs."

The 3rd Marine Division's Operations Log for 09 June contains additional information, saying 12 Marines were killed - "(7 from F/2/1, 1 from Tanks, 2 Motor Trans, 2 from 1st MarDiv photo units)" - and that one was missing in action. The 1st Motor Transport Battalion and 3rd Tanks Command Chronologies also address the ambush; 3rd MT says they lost three men, not two, in the ambush. The MIA Marine's body was recovered on 10 June, and one of the Fox 2/1 WIA died of his wounds.

Overall, the ambush is known to have resulted in the deaths of fifteen Marines:

  • 1st Motor Trans Bn
    • Cpl Donnie H. Little, Atlanta, GA, Company "A"
    • Cpl Richard L. Nowry, Plymouth, MI, Company "B"
    • LCpl Clifford E. Ford, Jacksonville, AL, Company unknown

  • B Co, 3rd Tank Bn
    • Sgt Cliffred M. Evans, Shelton, WA

  • Svc Co, HQ Bn, 1st MarDiv
  • F Co, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines
    • Sgt David E. Nash, National City, CA (body recovered 10 June)
    • LCpl Donald Baker, Philadelphia, PA
    • LCpl Marvin L. Houston, Little Rock, AR
    • LCpl Robert L. Polk, Sherman, TX
    • Pfc Melton L. Kidd, Chesapeake, VA
    • Pfc Barry Lowe, Framingham, MA
    • Pfc Darrell C. Mizner, Akron, OH
    • Pfc William A. Patterson, Superior, WI
    • Pfc August Romano, New York, NY

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