Hiram Dillard Strickland
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Graham, North Carolina
October 20, 1945 to February 01, 1966
HIRAM D STRICKLAND is on the Wall at Panel 4E, Line 131

Hiram D Strickland
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06 Jun 2006

Butch was a great brother and friend. He loved to play jokes on those he loved and he loved what he was doing with his life. He had always wanted to make the Army his career and he got to do that, even if it was a short career. He felt he might not make it back on his last assignment, and he wrote a letter to my parents and his sisters before he left on that fatal assignment. He said not to mourn him because he was doing what he had always dreamed of and that he was proud to die as a Soldier for the United States of America. He was doing this to keep America free! I can still see his smile when he left us. He has been missed by his family and friends dearly, and I'll always wonder what our family would have been like if he had lived.

I love him and miss him!
His little sister,

From his sister,
Gale Strickland
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10 Aug 2007

The loss of Butch was my first personal experience of what REAL WAR is as my brother and I would play Army like kids do and we always got to come home. I was only 10 years old when it happened and it was my wakeup call as to how politics can shape and possibly take the lives of those we care about. I lived 4 or 5 houses up the street from Butch and he would come over and give us, the neighborhood kids, tips on how to play football. I think he played at Southern High School and maybe wrestled too.

I always looked up to him, he was outgoing and impressed me as being a leader and if I remember correctly liked to experiment with fireworks occasionly. I was saddened even at the age of 10 years to realize the cost of war. It was a shock to my soul to know that he would not return. I do remember that our family prayed for him and all the soldiers during that era, even now. I still think of Butch and tell people about him when the opportunity presents itself. I just happened to think of him tonight. That's how I found this site.

Rickey Hardie
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