Larry Paul Stotler

Army of the United States
04 November 1941 - 16 October 1967
Evansville, Indiana
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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03 Apr 2006

Captain Larry Paul Stotler, age 25, was the son of Mrs. Florence (Wibbeler) Stotler Trail and Dr. Paul Stotler (a chiropractor). He was the stepson of Marion Lloyd Trail. Larry entered the service after graduating from Bosse High School in June 1959, and was a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was married on June 5, 1959 to Janet Sue Norvell. They resided in Evansville, Indiana where they raised their family of three children. Larry was killed on October 16, 1967 when his Army jeep ran over a mine, which exploded at Bong Son, Vietnam. He left behind his wife and three young children. Gregory Paul was seven years old, Kelly Sue was five years old, and Rebecca Gay was three years old. His children are grown now, and Sue remarried in 1983, but none have ever forgotten Larry and remember him fondly.

From his cousin,
Lynn Gage Cunningham

04 Apr 2006

I arrived in VN in mid-March, 1967, and followed Larry around for several weeks learning the job I was to assume. He carried a sawed-off carbine, and we hit it off immediately. During the weeks Larry and I were together at LZ English, besides job related issues he coached me on really important stuff, like getting a thin aluminum wash bowl to carry along for shaving, etc., in the village of Bong Son, and what was safe to eat. Wish I'd kept that aluminum bowl, crumpled and leaky as it was after a year of moving all over the country. We both bought those small thin half-frame cameras which were popular because they were so small. Took some photos together, which I would love to see. He taught me a lot.

I moved on to other LZ's, but our paths crossed several more times until he was transferred to the 1st of the 9th Cav, which I had served with in Korea in '64. I was up in the I Corps in the Que Son Valley with the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cav, at LZ Baldy when I heard what happened. I still mark 16 Oct each year and will never forget him. I still have one photo which he took of me at LZ English with a new 16mm camera. I re-visited LZ English in Binh Dinh Province in 1994, and reflected a lot.

My spur of the moment decision to go back in 1994 came after 26 years of never even considering such, until one individual put together a trip for about 20 1st Cav vets. Much gut-wrenching went on until we arrived, and then it all went away - we were welcomed warmly everywhere, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. The airstrip at LZ English, near where Larry and I had our tents, is still intact, but only used for drying rice.

I have a close friend who I used to work with (red-haired), whose brother has always reminded me of Larry in appearance. Some things just never leave, and whenever I have a chance to visit the "Moving Wall". I get a rubbing of his and several others' names, and, of course, from the original in Washington.

Charles M. (Mike) Cassidy

05 Oct 2006

My name is Sue Stotler, the widow of Captain Larry Stotler. This web site was just brought to my attention this morning by our daughter.

It was such a wonderful feeling for us to know that someone else still thinks of Larry, as we all still miss him every day.

His children are all grown now: Greg is married with 2 daughters who are also grown. He has one grandaughter 9 years old. He and his wife share a house with me since their children grew up. He is very, very much like his father in looks and personality.

His oldest daughter is a 911 operator with the Indiana police department. She has 4 children, 3 of whom are grown now. She was only 5 years old when Larry was killed and doesn't really remember him, just what I supply (that is why I am so excited about this web-site, so they might read what someone else has to say).

His yougest daughter is an advertising art director, she was just 2 years old when he left for Vietnam. However, she keeps his memory alive. She has 2 children, one daughter and a son. Her daughter also has a baby girl.

Larry was a great Father, husband and friend. At times it still doesn't seem possible that he has been gone all of these years. I guess that I can hold on to the blessing that he was the father of my children. I am so looking forward to seeing him again one day.

From his wife,
Sue Stotler

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Three men were killed in the mine incident on 16 Oct 1967:
  • MAJ Michael F. Field, Arlington, VA, 1/9 Cavalry Executive Officer;
  • CPT Larry P. Stotler, Evansville, IN, "D" Troop Commander; and
  • MSG Evans S. Walker, Blacksburg, SC, "D" Troop First Sergeant.

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