George William Storz

United States Marine Corps
29 June 1944 - 08 March 1968
San Anselmo, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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30 Jan 1999

George's mother, a Gold Star Mother, is hoping to hear from anyone who knew George or know the details of his death.

I note that the official report here says it was small arms -- the family when notified was told the death was due to mortar, then later told death was caused by a sniper. So of course she does not trust the official information and wonders what really happened. Worse yet, he was literally about to board a chopper out of Khe Sanh to come home, he was helping to load some dead or wounded on that same chopper when he was killed (Khe Sanh base, near Charlie-Med). She has asked 1/9ers on their Webboard for information if anyone knew him or saw this. But of course, since he was at Khe Sanh base when it happened, guys from any of the several Marine units there might have witnessed, not necessarily 1/9ers. If you can think of some other places I might post her request, I'd appreciate it -- I am especially thinking you might be able to suggest any online sites for chopper pilots/crew in case it may be possible to locate the chopper pilot of that day. My 1/9er corpsman friend is going to call me with further information about how the base was set up, he may have some ideas.

I can forward the information to George's mother.

Barbara Piatt

October 9, 2005

Several years have passed since the first message was submitted by Barbara Piatt. I have since found much of the information I was seeking. I have located members of my son's platoon, the helicopter pilot and crew member and, most importantly, the corporal who was with him when he died. He confirmed that George was to board the waiting helicopter to start his homeward journey.

Able-bodied men had to help carry wounded to the helicopter. George and his corporal were pressed into service and it was while they were carrying a stretcher that George was hit and mortally wounded.

George's wife was expecting a baby (their third) when he was killed. That boy, born 6 weeks later, grew up to join the Marines, served in the Gulf War, married and now has two of George's four grandchildren.

His family still misses him.

His mother,
Betty Storz

19 Jul 2007

Sgt. George Storz's lovely wife passed away on June 17, 2007 and the memorial service was held at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Bolinas, California on his birthday, June 29. Carla (Kitty) never stopped loving George and is now with him in eternity.

"It is as simple and beautiful and complex as all that!
We are given but a moment on this earth
To glimpse the wonder of God
And for the most part
We are preoccupied
With the mundane business of day-to-day distractions.

But ... Grace! Ah
It comes like a gentle rain
On the parched desert of our souls;
Grace gathers us like lost children
Bringing us home to the heart,
the true heart of everything.

The Heart...
That is in each of us individually
And in all of us collectively!
Grace is the precious miracle formed from
The Heart of Universal Love...which is God!

This is beyond our understanding,
but understood in the end
by all in whose hearts grace truly lives."

From his mother,
Betty Storz
P O Box 542, Mendocino, Ca 95460

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