Harry James Stone

Army of the United States
30 July 1948 - 18 May 1970
Anaheim, CA
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 Oct 2001

We were asked for two volunteers from our unit to fly out to the field that day and repair radios in the field. Lt. Darling said he was going and asked for one more man. Harry and I both offered and the LT tossed a coin and Harry won and went with him. Harry and I shared a bunker and that's how I ended up with his dogtags. Harry had a pregnant wife at home - he called her "watermelon" and she called him "pumpkin". I would like to find out if his wife and child are still alive and I would be glad to give them his pictures and dog tags for keepsakes if they would like.

On 18 May 1970 a UH-1H HUEY (hull number 68-16375) from Company C, 158th Aviation Battalion, 101st Abn Division, was lost during
"a re-supply mission in the Ripcord area and had made a radio transmission to an infantry unit after dropping supplies. They had a pay officer and his sergeant with them. Easterling, the crew-chief, jumped from the aircraft prior to impact and was found on an adjacent ridge several days later."
From "A History of Company C, 158th Avn Bn"
The "pay officer and his sergeant" actually were 1LT John Darling and SGT Harry Stone. In addition to 1LT Darling and SGT Stone, three men of C/158 Avn Bn died in the crash:
  • WO1 Nicholas Gabriel Saunders, aircraft commander
  • WO1 Robert Kenneth Cole, copilot
  • SGT Carlton Coe Gray, gunner

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