John Michael Sroka, Jr

Corporal, United States Marine Corps


From Clark Mills, New York

11 December 1948 - 21 July 1969

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John Michael Sroka, Jr is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 20W Line 032 .

21 Feb 2005

Many years ago John and I were great friends, we grew up together, played together, were in the Boy Scouts and did all those wonderful and crazy things boys do when growing up.

John joined the Marine Corps and I went to school.

John came home after a tour of duty in VietNam and told me he was going back.

John came home, unfortunately not alive.

I still remember the happy, fun and alive John, and have missed him over the years as time has passed.....

Every time I hear of VietNam or see a war movie I think of him.

Thank you, John, for serving your country, at a very difficult time in our history. I hope time has healed all the wounds.

God Bless you and your family!

Alex Dydula

A Note from The Virtual Wall

B Company, 3rd Engineers, lost two men to an "explosive device" on 21 July 1969: Cpl John M. Sroka and Pfc William D. Lounsbury of Warren, Pennsylvania.

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           21 Feb 2005
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