Bobby Horace Sorrells

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
13 May 1936 - 20 July 1967
East Point, Georgia
Panel 23E Line 095


Bobby H Sorrells

Combat Infantry

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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29 Jan 1999


by his sister,
Barbara Sorrells
26 May 2002

This is to my Dad.
It's Memorial Weekend and I found this site.
I'm not sure what I want to say, except that I am proud of you.
We lost Granny (your Mother) one year ago this month.
Granny sure was proud of everything her Bobby did.
Your two sons very much missed you and so did your two daughters.

We are all grown up now and have pretty much stayed strong and proud all our lives.
Mom and our Step Dad did a great job with five kids (one half sister).
You have 5 grandchildren, plus one adopted a year ago.
We also have 3 other grandchildren from our half sister. I couldn't imagine life without them or her.
Well, we are all doing as well as life could be without you in our lives.
I love you and will miss you all the time left in the world.

Love from your youngest daughter,

From his daughter,
Rose Doyle
E-mail address is not available.

24 Jul 2005

Hey there, dad. I've just recently turned 41. 10 years past your junior leaving this world at 31. So young. So strong. So courageous. Our country is now in an ongoing war with Iraq and terrorism. How proud I am of the men and women who are in our armed forces. How proud you must be looking down and seeing and knowing the courage it takes to put it out there. Life. I know you would be right in there or least wanting to, even at the age of 69. I know you must've been so excited to be with your mom once again. I'm sure your so proud of your kids and the families we now have. You would love your grandchildren so much. Your granddaughter and my daughter Carol Ann represent the Marines in the ROTC. She has made me proud. She has done so well. A medal recepient such as yourself. Your name lives on. Your family lives on. Your memory lives on. And the blessings of your fatherhood lives on. Missed by all. Your youngest son, Bobby.

From his son,
Bobby Sorrells

19 Sep 2005

Rose and Bobby have told you of the family you left behind and how it is growing! They've told of our pride in your service to us and this country. At 46 I wonder... I wonder, sometimes, what our lives would have been like had you made it back. I wonder what you would have been like. I wonder what it was like for you there. I wonder what you were like there. I wonder what you would think of my growing up. I wonder what you would think of me now. I wonder how you could have gone there leaving four kids and a young wife here. I wonder how different everything would have been had you not gone. I wonder how I am different because you went. I wonder if I have a right to wonder these things. I wonder why, after all these years, I still wonder these things. I wonder... I...just...wonder...

Your Eldest Son, Bill

28 Sep 2006


by his grandson,
Benjamin Sorrells

11 Feb 2007

Uncle Bobby, for some reason you have been on my mind. I went to East Point today where they have your name on a wall next to were granny used to stay. Names of men we lost in Vietnam.

I don't get to see my kin people any more. I wish I could have gotten to know my cousins and my aunts and uncles better.

I know you're in heaven with granny and I know you know the reason why. But I'm happy. I just miss hanging out with Barbara and listening to Jean and Jackie's funny humor.

Bobby, kiss granny for me and tell her I never stopped loving her.

From your niece,
Patricia Sorrells Figures

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