Walter Harris Sigafoos

421st Tac Fighter Sqdn
United States Air Force
29 August 1946 - 09 October 1973
Richboro, PA
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421st Tac Fighter Sqdn

Walt Sigafoos


Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service

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Like many of our classmates and service brethren, you gave your all for America -- for all of us.

We miss you, as we miss all our fallen heros ...

But we will not forget you!



Pilot CPT Jeffrey C. Lemon and weapons/systems operator 1LT Walter H. Sigafoos launched in an F-4D on a combat mission over Laos on 25 April 1971. During the mission, the aircraft was shot down about 15 miles northeast of the city of Ban Phone in Saravane Province, Laos. Both crewmen were declared missing in action.

As of 28 April 2001, the remains of Captain Lemon and 1LT Sigafoos have not been recovered.

The sponsor of this memorial wishes to remain anonymous.
E-mail address is not available. 28 Apr 2001

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