Donald Monroe Shue
Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
Kannapolis, North Carolina
August 29, 1949 to January 15, 1979
(Incident Date November 03, 1969)
DONALD M SHUE is on the Wall at Panel W16, Line 24

Donald M Shue
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SFC Donald Shue is coming home.

On Saturday, April 30, 2011 Donald's remains will be buried in Kannapolis, North Carolina.
A procession to escort him from Charlotte to Kannapolis will begin at 8:30 AM.
See either of the web sites linked below for more details.
Patriot Guard Riders
Rolling Thunder

16 June 1998



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05 Jun 2001

I don't know Donald M. Shue, but I wear his MIA bracelet. He must have been a very brave man. He deserves this memorial ... I really hope he returns home one day.

Duane Henderson

14 Jun 2003

Simply put, I wear Donald Shue's bacelet because he is my hero! Just as are all the HEROS on the Wall!


Bobby J Boyles
844 Scotts Creek Road, Statesville N.C. 28625

11 Aug 2003

I am an Air Force veteran whose father is retired Air Force. My father was stationed in the Philippines 72-75. We were there when the POWs came out. That experience showed me the true meaning of the words hero, grace, and dignity.

We all had bracelets back then but we were kids and it did not mean what it means to me today. I was fortunate enough to visit the Wall in D.C. in 1989. It was a moving experience. I found a place to buy another bracelet and only asked that it bear the name of someone from my home state. I was handed a bracelet that had

Donald M. Shue

I had no idea who this was, only that he did his duty just as he was asked and was, in my eyes, a hero.

Well, I have not taken that bracelet off in all those years. I don't plan to do so until he comes home. It is very worn, faded, and scratched, but it tells the story. If someone asks what my bracelet says, I tell them what I know about Donald and what he did. I tell them it is my own personal soap box that I get up on from time to time.

Jeff G.

30 Jan 2004

I wear SFC Donald M. Shue's bracelet and have for many years. I got it at a bike show in the early 90's when I was in the Air Guard. I told the guy selling them I wanted someone from Noth Carolina, my home. I will not take it off til HE COMES HOME. I pray everyday that he will, and God Bless.

Eric Burks
Statesville NC

11 Feb 2004

I grew up with Donnie, we went to the same high school and graduated
in 1967, Concord High School. I will always miss his wit and humor.

SP/5 James E. Helms
1st Air Cav 69-70
3 Cimerron Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588-7012

31 May 2004

I received Donald Shue's bracelet from a VietNam Vet
at a Rolling Thunder Rally on Memorial Day weekend in 1991.
It was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received
and I wear the bracelet with pride and honor.

I pray each and every day that Donald will come
home. SFC Donald Shue, you will never be forgotten.

Paula Richardson

9 Aug 2004

There aren't enough words to comfort those who lost this man. I received his MIA bracelet the other day. I ordered it off the internet and all I asked was that it be Army. As soon as I got it I went on the internet and found out everything I could about him.

I enlisted in the Army two years ago after college, to serve my country. It hurts me so much to see my brothers still missing. I pray for his safe return.

Donald Shue, you will NEVER be forgotten.

Spc Cristine Lydon
Maple Shade, NJ

25 Sep 2004

At first I had no clue who Donald Shue was or what this bracelet meant. I got it as a gift because I stared at it on my cousin's wrist all through a party and he gave it to me. Now I know the true meaning of this bracelet and I will always be in memory of Donald.

Isabel Elliott

5 Apr 2005

I wore an MIA bracelet with SFC Shue's name on it. I received it in 9th grade, 1971. His mother and I sent a few letters back and forth, what I still remember is that he had just gotten married 6 weeks before leaving for Vietnam, and that his father's health deteriorated after he became missing in action. I have kept him in my thoughts all these years, and still have my bracelet. After reading the account of his last whereabouts, my heart finally believes he may not be alive. I think I just now realized I have been holding out hope all these years.

Cindy B Linn
E-mail address is not available.

09 May 2005

I wore Donald Shue's bracelet as a junior high student until it broke in half and was put away in a drawer. The bracelet is long gone but his name is forever in my thoughts and prayers.

Cyndy Russell

27 Jul 2005

I wear his MIA bracelet and just wanted to say hello. I haven't posted anything in a while. I think about Donald a lot and wish his family the best.


11 Oct 2005

I have had Donald Monroe Shue's MIA/POW bracelet since 1996.
I got it at "THE WALL" in Washington, D.C.
I have attempted on MANY occasions to contact ANY of the family and as of yet, no success.

If anyone can help
Mike Moore


02 Nov 2006

I wear SFC Shue's bracelet every day and have since I found it at "The Wall" in 1994. My current bracelet is the second one with his name on it. The first was lost in a river in Maine. I picked SFC Shue's bracelet because of the date he was lost. It was 6 days before I was born. I have honored his sacrifice, as well as those of his comrades, by serving my country for the past 18 years.

SFC Shue, you are gone but not forgotten.

Staff Sergeant Mark D. Jenkins
Colorado Springs, Co

22 Jan 2007

Don and I went through Special Forces training together and went to Vietnam about the same time. By the way, my name is Don as well. I made it back. Some day he will too, even if it is only in our memories.

From a fellow soldier,
Don Rorabaugh
SFC, USA (Ret)


A Note from The Virtual Wall

03 Nov 1969 SSGT William T. Brown , SST Gunther Wald, SP4 Donald Shue, and six Montagnards formed a patrol operating in Laos. The patrol team was attacked by a numerically superior force 30 miles inside Laos near Ban Chakevy Tai in Saravane Province. Four of the Montangards escaped and returned to camp to report the ambush and capture of their comrades.

When last seen, Brown had been wounded by a gunshot just below the rib cage. He was lying on the ground as the attackers shouted, "Capture the Americans". SSGT Wald and SP4 Shue were also seen to receive numerous shrapnel wounds from a fragmentation grenade. The other team members were forced to withdraw leaving them behind.

Bad weather precluded insertion of a recovery team until November 11. They searched the entire area, but could only find some web gear which was identified as belonging to three of the indigenous team members and SP4 Shue. There was no trace of any graves or of the three missing Americans. They were classified as Missing In Action.

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