Marvin Leroy Shipman

Private First Class, Army of the United States


From Sullivan, Illinois

24 August 1943 - 20 December 1965

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Marvin Leroy Shipman is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 04E Line 031.

11 Nov 2003

Hey cowboy! Just lettin' you know that everthing is fine at home. Here it is VETERANS DAY and I just wanted to say thanks! We gave your cowboy hat to your Great-Nephew. It is on his headboard. To him and all of us you are a HERO!

02 Feb 2004

Hey Uncle!!!! I just wanted to let you that we will never forget you. I also want to THANK all of the other Veterans in the USA. I thought I might have found Leo Larrew's ex-wife but I was a day late and a dollar short as the old saying goes. The reason I'm trying is because I heard she has a lot of pictures of you and the "horse bunch" of Moultrie County, Illinois. There are not many pictures of you between the age of 18 to 22. I still would love to know more about the 220th. Maybe someday. Your mom is doing fine. Today is your brother-in-law's 70th birthday. He and your sis are doing fine also. LATER COWBOY!!!!!

31 May 2004

A big "THANK YOU" to you and every Veteran! Just letting you know, cowboy, that you are being thought of on this Memorial Day. You are so greatly missed.

21 Sep 2004

Hello LeRoy. Just a friendly "HOWDY, COWBOY"! Uncle Ron and Aunt Maryland just spent the week with your mom. Everybody is doing fine. You're so missed, LeRoy. My boy asks a lot of questions about you. I tell what little I know, since I never got to meet you. Take care.

30 Sep 2004

Hey Uncle. I just talked to Kenny V. Remember he was in the 220th with you in Vietnam. A real nice man. We talked about the day your plane crashed. He said a lot of nice things about you.You took that mission for him. He told me what happened. Uncle, WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. Take care and I'll talk to you later.

22 Nov 2004

HEY UNCLE!!!!! I am sorry I didn't write on VETERAN'S DAY. I am going to say thanks for the freedom. You and every veteran deserve a great big thank you. Your mom and family are doin' fine. You take care, cowboy.

19 Mar 2005

Just a friendly "HELLO". Wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. Take care, cowboy.

24 Aug 2007

Just a friendly hello, Uncle LeRoy. We miss you, so very much. I so wish I could have met you. Your mom is doing fine. She is living with your sister now. Your sister and brother-in-law are fine. Your brother and his family are doing well. Me and my two kids are doing well also. Sorry I have not written in such a long time. A lot has been going on in my life. I wanted you to know we have not forgotten you. We will always have you in our thoughts, LeRoy.

11 Nov 2007

Hey uncle, family is fine. Thank you and all the veterans on this Veteran's Day, for our freedom. You are missed and never forgotten.

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