Dan Rogers Shearin

Army of the United States
24 January 1946 - 31 January 1966
Norlina, NC
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Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2 awards), Air Medal (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Dan R Shearin

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In Remembrance of SGT Dan R. Shearin
5th Infantry Bobcat
Killed in Action
January 31, 1966 in Cu Chi, Viet Nam

Thirty six years have swiftly come and gone,
Since God pulled you from battle to carry you home.

A soldier who fought bravely in a land across the sea,
One who gave his life so that our country could be free.

We can not write you a letter or make a phone call,
But we can share our memories at the Viet Nam The Virtual Wall.

Your name is etched upon the granite wall for all the world to see,
To remind us of a soldier who died for liberty.

When we first got the message we could not understand,
Why God chose to take you in such a far off land.
We know He had His reasons which we could not comprehend,
But we remember Dan saying, "My country I will defend.

Dan was a brave soldier who fought for you and me,
A hero who gave his life to keep our country free.

Dan we speak of you often and share memories from the past,
Memories that don't fade away but are in our hearts to last.

We remember
Your sisters and brother
Hazel, Holly, and Earl
31 January 2002

11 Feb 2001


You were the first loss from our platoon, from our battalion, even, I believe, from the 25th Division. As a brand new 2nd Lieutenant you helped me when I arrived in the company just before the Division deployed. It was cruel fate that took you and I remember you often. You left many friends and soldiers that respect you still today.

Rest in Peace.

From his Platoon Leader,
Bob Whaley
E-Mail address not available

21 January 2002

Dan Shearin

Army Aircrewman

Dan served in Vietnam during the early part of 1965, flying as an aircrewman in the UH-1 helicopter. He received two Air Medals, the first one for Meritorous Achievement while participating in aerial flight in RVN during the period 2/23/65 to 3/6/65 and the second one was for Heroism while participating in aerial flight in RVN on 4/29/65. He received his first Purple Heart for wounds received in action on that date.

He received the Bronze Star and his second Purple Heart while serving with the 5th Infantry.

Dan's birthday is January 24th and it means a lot in remembering him on his birthday that I can go to the memorial pages and see what has been done.

From his sister,
Hazel Willis

Photographs courtesy of Mrs. Willis

26 May 2003

Time elapsed since you went away
The days are gone of the Viet Nam days,
But moments, months, and years never pass
It seems like yesterday we had to grasp,
The agony one feels at the loss of you
Lingers forever in the hearts that knew,
He is a son, a brother, and a soldier.

Each time we see a flag flutter in the wind,
Our hearts are overwhelmed with thoughts of him.
We are so proud that he gave his all,
No, he is not just a name on the wall,
He is a son, a brother, and a soldier.

Folded fitly and tucked away,
Is a blanket made from ribbons
From flowers on a grave
Made by a mother who once cradled her son,
He is not just a name for you to look upon,
He is a son, a brother, and a soldier.

Each time we gather for a family affair,
Where once he sat is an empty chair.
But a brother, and sisters walk down memory lane,
Where in their hearts he lives again.
He is not just a name on the Wall,
He is a young man who gave his all,
He is a son, a brother, and a soldier.

Written by his sister, Holly S. Prue

In memory of Sgt. Dan R. Shearin

It is with great honor that we remember you and all of the other great men and women whose names are engraved upon the Viet Nam The Virtual Wall on this Memorial Day, May 26, 2003.

With love and respect,
Holly, Hazel, and Earl


Sergeant Dan Shearin is remembered by his brothers in the
5th Infantry (Mech) - the Bobcats

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