Leo Earl Seymour

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
14 May 1942 - 21 April 1976
Towanda, Pennsylvania
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Leo Seymour

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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19 Mar 2001

"We make a living by what we get,

but we make a life by what we give"
- Winston Churchill -

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Then-Staff Sergeant Leo E. Seymour spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps before joining the Army. He advanced in rank and training until 1967, when he was assigned to Command and Control Central, MACV-SOG.

United States Marine Corps United States Army On July 3, 1967, Seymour was a team leader of a joint U.S and indigenous reconnaissance patrol on a combat mission in Laos. The team was called Recon Team "Texas" and was operating about ten miles inside Laos in Attopeu Province.

During the mission, the patrol stopped on a small hill for a break. During this break, the patrol observed a number of enemy forces moving down a trail 25 meters from their position. SSGT Seymour directed an air strike on the enemy location. Following the air strike, Seymour set up an ambush on a small secondary trail.

While Seymour was readying the patrol for the ambush in the Dale Xow River Valley, two sizeable enemy columns converged at the trail junction and noticed a psywar propaganda poster which had been tacked on a tree by a member of the "Texas" patrol. Realizing the poster had not been there before, the enemy began searching and spotted the forward security man of the patrol. The security then opened fire and an intense firefight followed.

The patrol split into several elements and broke contact with the enemy. Upon rallying, the patrol could not locate SSGT Seymour. No team member could recall having seen Seymour after the initial contact, nor did they hear him at any time. It is not know n if he was wounded. If he departed the area, his direction of travel was unknown.

On May 28, 1974, a report indicated SSGT Seymour's last known location was in the vicinity of coordinates YB575326. Hostile threat in the area of loss precluded any on-ground inspections of the area while the U.S. maintained a presence in Southeast Asia.

SSGT Seymour's remains were never recovered.

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