Steven Lee Seigler

Army of the United States
22 September 1950 - 13 February 1971
Plainview, Texas
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Army Aircrew

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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09 Nov 2007

On this day of remembrance of the many hardships endured by our veterans, we must remember Steven Lee Seigler. Our hearts ache as we recall Steve's courage and his sacrifice. I am very proud to have known this young air cavalryman. Steve was the kind of man who stood for freedom from tyranny. His comrades remember Steve as a patriot who could be counted on to lead from the front. The shared time that Steve spent with friends and brothers-in-arms will never be forgotten.

An air cavalryman is a special breed of soldier who functions under very dangerous flight conditions. A "low bird" light observation helicopter (LOH) typically flies at slow speed just above the treetops in the hope that the enemy will reveal their location. To stay alive, these aerial scouts had to react instantly with deadly firepower against our foe. Steve was such a gunner on our OH-6A helicopter. Once we were over our target search area, he would hang out the rear of the LOH just behind the pilot. This bold cavalryman would stand on the right rear skid outside the aircraft, tethered to the aircraft by only a seat belt anchored to the rear floor area in the LOH.

Each year on Veteran's Day, I think of him and the many other fine Americans who perished in Vietnam. They all make me proud that I had the honor to serve with such heroes. I will always be grateful for his bravery and sacrifice as well as his kindness and humor. I would have flown anywhere with Steve. I trusted him with my life and he trusted me with his. Steve shared that fundamental quality that true warrior aviators have in common. You could look him in the eyes and know without a doubt that if your bird was shot down, he was one of those brave airmen that would come, and get you out "no matter what." I hope these thoughts and recollections help us all to pause, reflect and honor noble air cavalrymen such as my friend, Steve Lee Seigler. We pray these thoughts bring honor and respect to Steve and his great sacrifice.

As so poignantly stated in 1943 by a young American stretcher bearer in his final letter home from Africa, "How often you will have me near you when wood smoke drifts across the wind, or the sky darkens in a summer storm - think of me in the days to come, as I am thinking of you this minute, not gone or alone or dead, but part of the earth beneath you, part of the air around you, part of the heart that must not be lonely."

We can take comfort in knowing that Steve loved America and all that it stands for as he served in Vietnam.

God Bless Sergeant Steve Lee Seigler.

From a comrade,
John Nichols
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