Michael Anthony Seagroves, Sr

United States Air Force
29 September 1945 - 22 June 1969
Chicago, Illinois
Panel 22W Line 114


USAF Pilot

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Michael A. Seagroves

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7 Mar 2003

Mike Seagroves was a dear personal friend while he was going through pilot training at Moody AFB in Valdosta, Georgia. He was a special young man and everyone I know who knew him remembers him with great affection. I married Bud White (Mike's T-38 instructor) shortly after Mike left for Viet Nam and was heart broken when we heard that Mike had been listed as Missing in Action. I requested a MIA bracelet with Mike's name and was so pleased to see him listed as MICHAEL A. SEAGROVES SR. since I knew his son had not been born until after he was shot down. I am so very sure that would have made him happy. After years of wear my bracelet is now mostly copper colored but proudly displayed in my home. I believe that as long as someone remembers a person that person continues to live. So Michael, know that you are loved and remembered.

Viki C. White

Memorial Day 2004

Photo courtesy of his niece,
Jenny Seagroves Dunn
E-mail address is not available.

21 Aug 2004

Today, I found the picture of my dear friend Mike. I wasn't emotionally ready for that and it took a while to compose myself.

I was a classmate of Mike's at Moody, class 69-04. He and I became close friends there during pilot training. We played chess on a regular basis.

When we got our wings, we both went on to fly the O-2 and trained together at Hulbert Field in Florida. His assignment was in psych warfare and I was a FAC.

We both ended at Nha Trang for combat training. During the two weeks there, we shared supper, our memories of pilot training, lots of thoughts about our families and again, chess.

The night of June 21st Mike and I ate and watched "Camelot" together at the little outdoor theater there on base. He told me that "Camelot" was very special in that it was during that movie that he proposed to Fran. I don't believe he knew she was carrying his baby. We said goodnight and made plans to have lunch at the O-Club the next day.

His last flight was his combat check ride. Mike, you passed!

Mike, being a dear friend and one of the finest human beings I knew, has remained an important part of my life. He certainly lives on in my memories and in my heart. My children and my wife Kathy have heard me speak of him often and have shared my tears.

Mike, dear friend, you are a hero. Your country and your friends and family treasure your memory and will always be thankful for your sacrifice.

"Greater love hath no man than to give up his life for his country."

From your brother patriot and dear friend,
Paul R. Kelley, M. D.
2002 Northwood Drive, Johnson City, Tennessee, 37601

Mission Notes

The 9th Air Commando Squadron was activated in January 1967 and renamed in 1968 to the 9th Special Operations Squadron. The squadron flew out of various locations in Vietnam including Nha Trang, Pleiku Airport, DaNang and Bien Hoa with the primary mission of psychological operations. Squadron aircraft (0-2Bs at first, C-47s added later) accomplished leaflet drops and speaker broadcasts. The 9th SOS was deactivated in Vietnam in February 1972.

On 22 June 1969, Major Erich C. Engelhard and 1st Lt Michael A. Seagroves departed Nha Trang in an O-2B (tail number 67-21455), directed toward a group of enemy troops some 20 miles north of Nha Trang. The aircraft was shot down in the vicinity of Ninh Hoa, but the wreckage was not immediately located and both men were classed as missing in action. In 1973, following the US withdrawal, the Secretary of the Air Force approved Presumptive Findings of Death for both Engelhard and Seagroves, changing their status from Missing in Action to Died while Missing/Body not recovered. Both men were promoted while in MIA status, Engelhard to Colonel and Seagroves to Captain.

The wreckage of 67-21455 was located in 1974 and human remains recovered from the crash site. The remains were returned to US control on 01 April 1974; on 19 June 1974 the US government announced the positive identification of the remains as those of Colonel Engelhard and Captain Seagroves.

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