James Leland Scroggins
Specialist Five
Army of the United States
Mulberry Grove, Illinois
November 23, 1947 to February 23, 1973
(Incident Date February 16, 1973)
JAMES L SCROGGINS is on the Wall at Panel W1, Line 116

James L Scroggins
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7 Feb 2005

My brother, Sp5 James L. Scroggins, 18th Avn Co, 164th Avn Grp, 1st Avn Bde, was shot down February 16, 1973 16 miles south of An Loc in his CH-47 Chinook helicopter. The chopper was on a supply mission for the peace-keeping Joint Military Commission. The chopper was not painted with the commission's distinguishing orange zebra stripes. Three other crewmen of the downed helicopter were taken to the United States for medical treatment and the pilot remained in Saigon. There was supposed to be an investigation into the downing, however we never heard anything about it. My parents are elderly and would like to get in touch with anyone who might have information about my brother. His two daughters are also interested in knowing the truth. If any of you have any information please contact me. Even though it has been over 25 years, we still miss him and think about him every day. Thank you!

Beverly Crandell


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Memorial Bulletin
24 Feb 1973

On 16 Feb 1973 a CH-47C (tail number 67-18529) was shot down as described above. The primary aircraft, which did carry the specified markings, had gone down on deck due to hydraulic system leaks, and an alternate - unmarked - aircraft was pressed into service. SP5 Scroggins died 7 days later of injuries received in the incident.

Shorty before his death SP5 Scroggins was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for deflecting an SA-7 heat-seeking missile fired at his helicopter; Scroggins was quick-witted enough to fire a flare, and the SA-7's seeker head acquired and tracked the flare instead of the helicopter's engines.

SP5 Scroggins also holds a much sadder distinction: He was the last Army aviation crew member killed in Vietnam.

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