Sheldon Duane Schultz

Chief Warrant Officer, Army of the United States


From Altoona, Pennsylvania

19 April 1948 - 02 April 1979

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Sheldon Duane Schultz is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 33E Line 053.

02 Apr 2008

Remains returned March 2002, identified November 2006

Welcome home, hero.

I went to the Wall because I care.
The black panels loomed tall and smooth,
reflecting my tears back to me.
I stepped back and looked at the names...
The names! Each name a memory, sorrow, and pain.
I went to the Wall and wondered;
I wondered what life could have been for you
and the others
who did not survive.
I went to the Wall to find you.
I wanted to reach out and touch your name.
I did not want to walk away.
I did not want to leave.
I just stood and stared
at your name.
I went to the Wall to bring your name home with me.
And I went to the Wall and cried.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
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Keri Leaman

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