Charles Joseph Schultz

Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
30 September 1944 - 03 June 1967
Metuchen, New Jersey
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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24 Mar 2002

Charlie Schultz was the first casualty
that was a name I knew.
Every night while I was in high school
I watched the news with my family
and listened to the counts:
- So many wounded,
- So many dead.

It was never so real
as when I knew the name from my own hometown.
I remember crying in bed that night.
The war had become real.
I was 16.

A memorial from the sister of his brother's friend.
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17 Dec 2006

Charlie was president of my fraternity. Full of character and leadership, he truly epitomized the optimism and patriotism we all had in the early '60's. His red hair and lean figure gave a resemblance of Bobby Kennedy. He spoke with authority and had a dry sense of humor that would break into a delayed smile just in time to let you know this upper classman was your friend.

You never forget what you were doing when you learn a loved one has been killed. Two of my fraternity brothers showed up unexpectedly at my home in early summer, 1967, to let me know Charlie had been killed in action. I sunk to my knees and cried, and felt that virtue had been drained out of America. I remember thinking one of our finest has been taken.

As Vietnam was fought with so much human sacrifice, so is the Iraq war. Gone seems to be the understanding that absolute might from the air, like Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki should be used to decimate the enemy. Men like precious Charlie would all be alive today, if America could once again fight a war with both fists up.

Lord, embrace my friend Charlie and keep his soul eternally at peace.

From a fraternity brother,
Aaron Boxer

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 02 June 1967, during Operation Union II in the Que Son Valley, the Marines found the enemy entrenched in and around the Vinh Huy village complex. Heavy fighting on the 2nd and 3rd cost 67 American lives as the 2nd Bn, 5th Marines and elements of two other Marine battalions took on and decisively defeated the 3rd NVA Regiment. The 2/5 Marines lost 32 men over the two day period:
  • E Company:
    • Pfc Gerald L. Foell, Plymouth, IA

  • F Company:
    • Capt James A. Graham, Frostburg, MD (Medal of Honor)
    • 2ndLt Straughan D. Kelsey, Indialantic, FL
    • Sgt Gerald L. Ackley, Dunnigan, CA
    • LCpl Richard L. Blasen, Wheaton, IL
    • LCpl Arthur M. Byrd, Houston, TX
    • LCpl William S. Daugherty, Evansville, IN
    • LCpl Gary W. Kline, Lincoln Park, MI
    • LCpl John R. Painter, Palmdale, CA
    • LCpl Jereld E. Westphal, Bethel, KS
    • Pfc Larry N. Boatman, Caddo, OK
    • Pfc Jimmy R. Crook, Austell, GA
    • Pfc Lawson D. Gerard, Santa Monica, CA
    • Pfc Michael D. Mc Candless, Columbus, OH
    • Pfc Dennis E. Monfils, Riverside, CA
    • Pfc Keith M. Moser, Lowell, MI (Silver Star)
    • Pfc Robert Richardson, Augusta, GA
    • Pfc Clifford Shepherd, Dayton, OH

  • H&S Company:
    • 2ndLt Charles J. Schultz, Metuchen, NJ
    • Cpl Marion L. Dirickson, Tonkawa, OK
    • HM3 Thomas S. Donovan, Natick, MA (Silver Star)
    • Cpl Victor M. Driscoll, Bellaire, TX
    • Cpl John P. Francis, Reese, MI
    • Cpl Gary M. O Brien, Orlando, FL
    • Cpl Karl B. Rische, Milwaukee, WI
    • LCpl Stephen A. Balters, San Jose, CA
    • HN Billy R. Boyd, San Bernardino, CA
    • LCpl James J. Deasel, Baltimore, MD
    • LCpl Robert R. Hernandez, San Antonio, TX
    • LCpl Benjamin F. Pelzer, Columbia, SC
    • Pfc Steven E. Scharlach, New York, NY
    • Pfc James A. Weed, Tacoma, WA

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