Klaus Dieter Scholz
Klaus Dieter Scholz SFC, AUS

US Army Special Forces
5th Special Forces
Combat Infantry
Purple Heart, National Defense, VN Service, VN Campaign

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I wore a bracelet with Klaus Scholz's name on it in the early 1970's. I wore it constantly even though it rubbed my arm raw. I was young (11 or so years old) and only understood that the name on my bracelet was someone who was yet unaccounted for in Vietnam. I remember when the newspaper printed a list of the American Servicemen who had returned home from Vietnam. I anxiously looked through the list only to be disappointed that his name wasn't on that list. Through the years I saved the bracelet in a safe place and from time to time I would look at it and wonder about the man whose name was on it. It wasn't until July of 1996, when I went to Washington DC on vacation, that I looked up his name in the book at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, only to discover that we shared the same birthday! Granted, the years were different, his 1944 and mine 1960, but the same January 20th birthday! I went to where his name is engraved on the Wall and just stood there looking at it, not really knowing what else to do. My next endeavor was to go to Arlington National Cemetery to find his grave. Much to my dismay, I learned that he was not buried there.

In July of 1998, I again went to Washington DC on vacation and looked up his name in the book and found it on the Wall again and stood there awestruck, again, that so many young people gave their lives in this war.

I could not get Klaus out of my head. I had noted in 1998, that his home city of record was Amarillo, Texas. In January of this year, I called information and actually wound up talking to his brother in Amarillo. I learned some things from him about his oldest brother but not nearly enough to satisfy me. One thing that I did learn, however, is that he was finally laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery in 1997. I was very glad to know that. Arlington National Cemetery will be my first stop this December when I, again, visit Washington DC.

I have been seeking information about KLAUS DIETER SCHOLZ and anyone that knew him or served with him that would like to share any information they have, I would love to hear from you.

On a final note: To all of the families of Servicemen who haven't yet come home,
please know that they are not forgotten, they are appreciated and they are loved.

Very Sincerely,
Sue Morin
Oroville, CA.

A memorial from
Sue Morin

12 March 1999   15 June 2000

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