Albert Francis Sayer, Jr

United States Air Force
22 October 1936 - 08 September 1967
Fort Thomas, KY
Panel 26E Line 038


O-1 Birddog

USAF Pilot

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service

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30 May 2001

Al Sayer was a brave and exceptionally courageous man. He flew combat missions in support of the SIGMA team, where I first met him. When that unit was decimated, he was transferred to Vung Tau and flew combat missions in support of the 1st Australian Task Force.

One night flying a mission, he and a fellow pilot crashed and lay in the jungle all night. Although critically injured, Al remained quiet to avoid alerting the enemy searching for them. The other pilot reported that just before daybreak, Al said "I hope you make it", threw up and died. When daylight came, the other pilot was shocked to see that Al's face had been completely torn off and was on the top of his head. He could not believe that Al forced himself to bear such pain to save his friend's life.

Al, from one that knew first-hand of your bravery, I salute you and will always keep your memory with me. Rest in Peace.

Joe Potter
670 Sun Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, Co 80921

A note from The Virtual Wall

Captains Albert Sayer and J. J. Cappel, both of the 19th TASS, were conducting a visual recon mission in an O-1E Birddog (tail number 56-4177) when they were shot down by automatic weapons fire two miles south of Bien Hoa. Captain Sayer died of his injuries; Captain Cappel was rescued.

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