Rene Javier Salazar

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
01 December 1949 - 19 December 1968
Del Rio, Texas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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21 Nov 2005

I walked side by side with Rene. My first hand experience with him was he is what a hero is made of.

He never wanted the new guy to walk point, he always did.

He was the best. I could never forget such a man mostly because of his selflessness. All his friends and family need to hear this - I'm just an old boy from New York on whom he made this impression.

Darrel (Buzzy) LaClair

Rene with his squad - he is second from left in the top row.

With his closest friends - Rene is top row center.

03 Dec 2005

Rene, you were the best, and one of my best friends, "Que Pasa" my friend, we have never forgotten about you, we talk about you, and Ernie, Mac, Lupe, Jeff, Bernie (until he died), Gen. Downs, and myself (Brad) all raise a toast to you at every reunion. May GOD watch over you til we all meet on GOD'S parade deck in the sky.

Semper Fi.

From his squad radioman,
Cpl Brad Devitt

25 Jan 2007

My name is Benito Almaguer III and I recently came across this web site. Rene Salazar was my father's best friend and they joined the Marine Corps together. My father always spoke highly of Rene so when I read what Mr. LaClair wrote I was able to see that all the things my father had said about him were true. I know that Rene's spirit and life are carried inside my father. I write this in hope that my father will read this and find some encouragement to write about Rene. Rene is survived by a lot of family that are really good people so it's no surprise that Rene was a great man. Thank you for this page not only for Rene but for my father and everyone else that carries the memories of loved ones lost.

Benito Almaguer III

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Fox 2/5 lost two men on 19 December 1968 - LCpl Rene J. Salazar and Pfc Sherl K. Bonnett of Windham, Ohio.

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