Thomas Arthur Ross

United States Marine Corps
23 April 1944 - 03 April 1969
Akron, Ohio
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Thomas A Ross

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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April 3, 2001


To the parents of the brave Marine,
gone off to serve and not again seen,
to the loving wife who waits no more
for a husband's return from a distant war,
to precious child that he never knew,
I dedicate these words to all of you:

It was a long time ago and lost in the past,
to a faraway land his young life was cast.
Serving his country with honor and pride,
an officer and gentleman, it can't be denied.
A life full of promise, a bright future at hand.
All await his return from that foreign land.
But what might have been was never to be.
For fate had another plan, you see.
His life was cut short, no more future to face,
the promise erased by death's early embrace.
How sudden and final the end when it came.
Fate is so cruel, but who is really to blame?
Over this query I've had much time to dwell,
but in the years since, there's no answer to tell.
So it is with his family these word I share,
that they may know from one who was there.

Know that he died in defense of other Marines,
that his unselfish act is what heroism means.
And just know me as one who still sheds a tear
for this man who gave all and everything dear.

Robert E. Walker

Thomas A. Ross,
Captain, United States Marine Corps,
is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery,
Akron, Ohio.

Photo courtesy of
David Schember

A memorial initiated by a comrade-in-arms
from Monkey Mountain, Vietnam,
Robert E. Walker
5622 Los Robles, La Verne, Ca 91750

Veterans' Day 2003


by Richard Baker
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12 Sep 2007

I was a Corpsman at MACS-4 at the time LT Ross was hit. I remember getting the call at sick bay that there was wounded at the staff hooches. It was a long time ago so some things are not real clear but I do remember Lt Ross was killed needlessly. As I remember Lt Ross was heck of a nice officer who worked well with the enlisted Marines. He never pushed his rank on his fellow Marines and seemed to get along with everyone. He was a officer and a gentleman. My name is Steve Kimpson. I was a 3rd class Corpsman with Bravo Battery, 1st LAAM and with MACS-4. My prayers are with Lt Ross's family.

Steve Kimoson
14924 A Circle, Omaha, Nebraska 68144

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who served with him on Monkey Mountain, Vietnam,
Robert E. Walker
5622 Los Robles, La Verne, Ca 91750

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 3 Apr 2001
Last updated 05/09/2008