Ruben Rivera

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
22 March 1949 - 26 August 1969
Weslaco, Texas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 Aug 2006

The years have slowly passed and today marks the 37th anniversary of your death, Ruben. I have thought of you often over the years, remembering what a good friend and fellow squad mate you were, but especially each August as yet another anniversary approaches. We never got to go on R&R as we had planned. What a shame! We would have had a terrific time.

That day and the week were devastating for our company and the entire battalion and we lost a lot of men who died or who were wounded and never returned. Your death came in the first attack. Rest in peace, my friend; I will never forget you.

From a friend and squad-mate,
Danny Bradley

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In the middle of August 1969 the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines moved from Danang to Hiep Duc Valley (known as "Happy Valley") in Que Son District, Quang Nam Province, to join in the search for a North Vietnamese regimental headquarters. The NVA were there, occupying the mountains bordering the valley, and made their presence known by mortaring the 2/7 command post at FSB ROSS on a daily basis between 20 and 24 August. During the period 21-25 Aug the Marines conducted sweeps of the valley and the hillsides with sporadic contacts, but on the 26th they came across an estimated two regiments of NVA troops, well dug in and prepared to fight.

The three 2/7 companies involved in the fighting lost eight men before nightfall. As additional Marines and soldiers from the Army's 196th Infantry Brigade converged on the area of contact the NVA slowly withdrew further into the mountains, ending another inconclusive fight. The eight dead were

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and squad-mate,
Danny Bradley

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 26 Aug 2006
Last updated 08/28/2006